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August 20, 2021

He Warned us!

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Remember Khrushchev’s Prediction

THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE: A sobering reminder. It’s been almost sixty one years since Russia’s Khrushchev delivered this.Do you remember September 29, 1959?THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE:“Your children’s children will live under communism, You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you; We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”Do you remember what Russia’s Khrushchev said in 1959?Remember, socialism leads to Communism. So, how do you create a Socialistic State?There are 8 levels of control; read the following recipe:1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them.3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government That way you are able to create a police state.5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government.6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to and take control of what children learn in school.7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools because the people need to believe in ONLY the government knowing what is best for the people.8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Eliminate the middle class This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the wealthy with the support of the poorA perfect parallel to the Democrat\LIBERAL agenda!!!!!
Sounds like Joe Biden’s agenda to me, so far, what do you think ????

Let me see your VAC card, !

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I didn’t write this but for real…lol

VACCINATION CARDSWelcome.-Hi, table for two, please.-Sure, and your name?-Bill-Great. And do you and your guest have your Vaccination Cards?-Hmmm well first . . Can you tell us who our server will be?-Um, looks like Sue will be your server tonight.-Great. Can you show us Sue’s Vaccination Card?-Um…-And also, can you provide me with proof that Sue is not a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis A or B, or any other communicable diseases? Same for you and the kitchen staff. -Um . . .-Also, we would prefer not to be served by someone who is on or uses recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, fentanyl, etc, so if you could provide us with Sue’s most recent tox screen, that would be great. As a matter of fact, I’m going to need to see all of your employees’ medical history. -Um . . . Let me get the Manager for you.-That would be great, thanks. Make sure they have their Vax Card and medical records please. Here’s the thing, nobody needs restaurants, gyms and other places. They need us.Start standing your ground and stop giving up your Freedoms.

Medical Mal practice on steroids!

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Effects of the Spike Protein

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Dr. Ryan Cole - What Does the Spike Protein Found Within the COVID-19 Vaccines Do to the Human Body?

August 19, 2021

Dont forget your eyes !

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August 12, 2021

Its not all bad news !

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1. Tel Aviv University is developing a nasal vaccine that will protect people from Alzheimer’s and stroke.

2. The Technion, Institute of Technology (Haifa), has developed a simple blood test capable of detecting different types of cancer.

3. The Ichlov Center (Tel Aviv) isolated a protein that makes colonoscopy unnecessary to detect colon cancer, with a simple blood test.  Colon cancer kills about 500,000 people annually.

4. Acne doesn’t kill, but does cause anxiety in teens.  The Curlight Laboratory has created a cure. Emitting UV rays at high intensity, kills the bacteria that cause acne.

 5. The Given Imaging Laboratory has developed a tiny camera in the form of swallowed pills and transmits thousands of photos of the digestive tract.  These high-quality photos (2 per second for 8 hours) can detect polyps, cancers, and sources of bleeding.  The photos are sent to a chip that stores them and sends them to a computer.  At the end of the process, the chamber is eliminated via the rectum.

 6. The Hebrew University (Jerusalem) developed an electrical neurostimulator (batteries) that is implanted in the chest of Parkinson’s patients, similar to the pacemaker.  The emissions from this device block the nerve signals that cause tremors.

7. The simple smell of a patient’s breath can detect if a patient has lung cancer.  The Russell Berrie Institute for Nanotechnology has created sensors capable of sensing and registering 42 biological markers that indicate the presence of lung cancer without the need for a biopsy.

8. Catheterization can be dispensed with in many cases.  Endopat is a device placed between the indicator fingers, which can measure the state of the arteries and predict the possibility of a heart attack in the next 7 years.

9. The University of Bar Ilan studies a new drug that fights viruses through the bloodstream.  It is called Vecoy Trap, as it tricks a virus into self-destruction.  Very useful to combat hepatitis, and in the future Aids and Ebola.

10. Israeli scientists at Hadassah Medical Center (Jerusalem) may have discovered the first cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehring’s disease, in an Orthodox rabbi.                            Stephen Hawking, a famous British scientist, suffered from this disease and used methods invented by Israeli scientists to communicate.

 The world shouldn’t live on bad news alone…. so spread this good news. 

This movie should set your hair on fire!

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How much do you owe?

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The Global Elite’s Plan to take your Property (revealed)

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Fauci moves from a needle to a pill. Again follow the money!

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August 11, 2021

School board get a heads up on a man made virus.

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August 10, 2021

Ivermectin the Therapy of Choice, but no money for government or fauci .

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August 9, 2021

Whoops, did they see this coming?

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the warning has come true:\MAJOR WARNING: Vax Data Alerts To Massive Problem “Vaccinologist worst nightmare”If you love news, you’ll love our homepage!August 8, 2021 Click here to read the full articleDr. Kobi Haviv, Director of Jerusalem HospitalWatch in full screen so you can read the subtitles.‘Vaccinated account for 95% of severe Covid hospitalizations. Vaccine effectiveness is fading.’Vaccine data goes from bad to worse…Dr. Robert Malone stated that “Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is a worse case scenario for virologists as the vaccine is causing the virus to be more infectious than in the absence of the unvaccinated and would cause the virus to replicate at higher levels. This is the vaccinologist worst nightmare”“This happened with the Respiratory syncytial virus in the 1960’s and caused more child deaths with vaccine recipients than the unvaccinated and its happened with pretty much every other coronavirus vaccine development program, certainly we know the history and its what vaccinologist like myself have been warning about.”

August 8, 2021

Tucker Carlson with the PM of Hungary! Great interview. I hope the leaders of my home country are watching .

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Ireland is forced to admit that the socalled virus has never been isolated.

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Ireland is forced to admit that the covie 19 virus has never been isolated. There for there is no way a socalled vaccine could have been created to kill it. click on the link below.

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August 7, 2021

A awesome to the point presentation of the lie given to the world By. Dr. Dan Stoke

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One man ,exposes the truth over a $1200 fine. You must watch this!

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August 3, 2021

More Data on Terminal Jabs

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Whoops, people are dying after the jabs1

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What are they putting in your blood?

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