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October 26, 2009

I had a Dream

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One week ago, this Wednesday night I had a dream. Im not one to talk about my dreams but this one , will not leave my head.

I dreamt that I had died, and I knew it. I found myself in my dream in a large very large hall. There were these giant granite pillars around the room, separated by large white painted panels, or slabs. I was standing at the end of this very long table. Seated around the table were these men of all ages. I don’t remember counting them, but somehow I knew that there were 56 men at the table.

I remember them asking me questions. Questions like. What happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen? Who was responsible. Most of the questions came from three or four of the men. I soon realized who I was facing, although I did not physically recognize any of them it was obvious who these men were. I could tell they were extremely angry.

Finally after all the rapid fire questions, A tall man, stately stood up and asked me. ” What did you do to stop it?” I knew right away who he was,.. He was the Father of America. He was George Washington. There I was standing at the opposite end of the table from George Washington. I remember telling them what I had been doing,  what I had recently done to find a vehicle to try to make people listen and to right the ship of state.  That before I died I was waiting on the state of Arizona, so I could start the effort. ” He asked me why people refused to listen?”   I just shook my head.

Suddenly I realize that there was someone standing behind and to the left of me. I noticed that some of the men at the table would from time to time glance in that direction. I turned and looked over my left shoulder and there stood a man, medium build, clothed in a white robe. He was staring at me,. I knew instantly who he was. He raised his right hand as if to recognize me. And then he smiled at me!

When I turned my head back towards the table the chairs were all empty. And I was standing there alone. I woke up in a sweat,.. woke my wife and told her about the dream.

Well , I didnt die, Im still here,and after this past weekend,and meeting the next Governor  of California,. Im more determined than ever to do everything I can to be the next Governor of  Arizona. I just receive the email from the Arizona Secretary of State Ive been waiting on. I am as of this minute offically a candidate for the office of  Governor in the State of Arizona.  The next time I face those 56 men, maybe they will be smiling.  And to the fella standing behind and to my left. I got the message.

my temporary web site for the campaign is :

The Arizona Sentinel If anyone is getting this twice, let us know. Or if you wish to remain on the left and be removed, again let us now.

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