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October 22, 2009

La Raza ACORN, our dollars are funding our demise.

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If it isn’t ACORN, it is La Raza (Tax payor funded La Raza) Are we at war here in the United States of America?? Are we kissing the butt of a Latin Trojan Horse??? If the answered to these two simple questions is “Yes”, then why are we setting back and tolerating it??? Answer-because we the American public are supposed to pay for all the wrongs done to the so called minorities; including those wrongs as orchestrated by those within the minority groups themselves. We Americans, being those Americans of many ethnicities who hold allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights; to the nation of the United States of America and not a country of our ancestry. OF COURSE, WE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL PERSUASION ARE TOLD BY THE FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES THAT THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN MEDIA HYPE! After reading the following article, go to the link listed below. A typical Communist ploy is to enlist or include all of the good points of an organization in order to make it palatable and able to hide the insidious, Communist, Satanic side of the real issue or intent or deployment of the subversive foundation of a given organization. In these days of rhetorical transfer, there is much to be concerned about with respect to the sovereignty of the United States of America and the freedom of our generations to come. For La Raza to embed the charitable organizations/groups within the confines of the real mission of the organization is not unlike the congress embedding none related issues or give away, or take away of freedoms in any newly introduced bill i.e. the government sponsored/mandated health bill or perhaps funding of our military for that matter. Communists are professionals at hiding lies and deceit with in the framework of their chosen organization. Now we can whitewash the term La Raza as meaning multi ethnic, not just Latino. But, using the translator, La Raza means-“The Race”. (“Oh yes, La Raza could mean just Spanish Speaking people but in our language, the language of “National Council of La Raza” it means the people. But of course, the people, meaning of course multi ethnicity.” My thought-Anglo) NOW, THE REST OF THE STORY: American taxpayers being forced to support Latino separatist group October 13, 2009 In 2006 and again in 2008, the Latino group known as La Raza (The Race) was given $15 million in U.S. federal grants. La Raza also received an additional $4 million in so-called ‘earmarks’ tucked into the 2005 Housing Bill, which our Congress passed and President Bush signed. Considering the ethnocentric agenda of La Raza, in giving federal funds to this group, the American taxpayer is being forced to support a race-based separatist organization. La Raza openly supports pushing all but Latino Americans out of a portion of the United States (i.e. ethnic cleansing), they call for ‘Reconquista’ or the re-conquest of the American Southwest by Mexico, and the establishment of ‘Atzlan’ which is the utopian all-Latino version of the American Southwestern states. La Raza’s motto is “For the Race, everything, outside the Race…Nothing!” Past keynote speakers at the annual National Council of La Raza Conference have included George Bush, Karl Rove, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Bill Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama. The fact that U.S. Senators and Presidents have addressed the group, is a strong indication that this nation is being subverted at the very highest levels. If La Raza was a white supremacist group with equally deep pockets, the U.S. government would place them on a terrorist watch list, infiltrate them with undercover FBI agents, and subject them to constant harassment by the IRS. Eventually, the group’s leaders would be jailed and the group itself would be rendered irrelevant. However, because La Raza is a Latino supremacist group, Congress offers them financial support. One of La Raza’s biggest supporters is Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV). In 2001, Reid asked the Senate Appropriations Committee for $5 million to help further their goals. That same year, La Raza gave Sen. Reid their Capital Award for “his commitment to advance legislation priorities of the Latino community.” Reid in turn praised La Raza by saying: “La Raza is like the biblical David, fighting all these Goliaths.” Taxpayer funds are also funneled to La Raza through the Department of Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency, and even NASA. Tax dollars are hidden in these government agencies, earmarked to be specifically given away to La Raza. Inside the halls of Congress, the practice is known as discretionary funding…In the real world it is known as money laundering. In 2008, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) earmarked an additional $20 million for La Raza. He hid the appropriation in the FHA Housing Stabilization and Homeowners Retentions Act of 2008. In 2005, $7.9 million was stolen from the American taxpayers and given out to Latino-only charter schools in the form of U.S. Department of Education grants. La Raza operates 100 such schools across the country. The following is a list of a few of those schools: -La Academia Semillas del Pueblo (Los Angeles) -Aztlan Academy (Tucson, AZ) -Mexicayotl Academy (Nogales, AZ) -The Dolores Huerta Prepatory High School (Pueblo, CO) -Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School (St. Paul, MN) These schools teach Latino culture only, the Spanish language, the re-conquest of the American Southwest, ethnic cleansing and the establishment of the mythical Aztlan, and even Aztec math…Again, all taught on your dime! According to the Capital Research Center, La Raza has assets well in excess of $50 million. This same group reports that La Raza spends about $1 million annually on lobbying and fundraising. Can you imagine the Congress appropriating money to the Ku Klux Klan? While those scenarios both sound absurd, the support that our elected officials are giving to the racist group known as La Raza is no different. One has to wonder, if the KKK offered extremely cheap labor to unscrupulous American businesses and potential votes to equally unscrupulous politicians…Would Congress fund whites-only charter schools? — Illegal Immigration is broken only legal immigration works Save a American job Deport a Illegal alien Americans First in American Sharmaine Lopez A.F.I.A.

And this , if his mouth is moving he’s lying:

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