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October 16, 2009

Do we have enough time?

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The future is rapidly becoming the present. Time is not on our side. I keep repeating this but its crucial. Obama said ” In 5 days we are going to fundamentally transform America”. he was not kidding folks.
Every day, the government, obama and his marxist regime are putting forth programs, agendas and events that are aimed at one target and one target only.
That is :
To completely destroy individual freedom, capitalism, our Republic, and throwing the Constitution out the window. He single handedly has set racism back 60 years.. He is pitting blacks, against whites, whites against hispanics even more so that bush did. He is creating a culture of racial division that we thought was history. One thing is certain, if we make it to another presidential election. There will never be another black president. He has seen to that. The left and even the religious left are running from him because they now see obama’s true agenda. All these social liberal groups that have been siphoning money off of larger corporations see their revenue streams getting shut down.
Just this past week, obama had a tent constructed on the White House lawn, for one purpose. To bribe the hispanic vote. He brought in, on our dime, mexican entertainers, musicians under the umbrella of diversity. I watched it but didn’t understand one word or note of it.  The plan is to shove amnesty for 40 million illegal aliens down our throats. Do the math folks they been talking about 12 million for over a decade. 1500 to 5000 per day are crossing our borders somewhere illegally. You want to know where the Swine Flu came from , look no further than your southern border.
America, and yes Arizona, will never see a debt free nation or state, until we stop immigration. Its no longer enough to say “stop illegal immigration, we must stop all of it.” We need a 10 year moratorium on immigration period.
We have an election coming next year , it will be here before you know it,.. We must stop electing, smooth talkers, $400.00 suits, lawyers, ” I will make one exception, with ” Brad Beauchamp” from Globe Arizona, we need to send him to Washington,. I don’t think he can be bought by the leadership on either side of the isle. 
We must elect, people with business experience. We need to stay clear of anyone that has ever been a member of a union. Especially the teachers union. All we ever hear from them is we need to spend more money on education,. Well that dog just don’t hunt anymore.
We need folks with common sense,. A little rough around the edges. Constitutional Libertarians. I can tell you from first hand experience the Independents are fed up with the Democrats and Republicans.
I think we can all agree that our enemy is inside the beltway.  Short of going to war and getting a lot of folks hurt or worse. We must have a plan. I have one and will be pushing it again once I’m back on the campaign trail.  Is Arizona ready for a Conservative Libertarian?
The question is though, do we have enough time?

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