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October 14, 2009

Your Bank>ACORN>The Federal Government

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This morning we received confirmation, regarding the relationship between these nationally chartered banks-ACORN-and the Federal Government. This relationship has been going on since Carter signed the Community Reinvestment ACT into law in 1977. And was accelerated when the banks crossed state lines establishing branch banks all over the country,. Like Bank of America, Chase , and others.   The federal government said to banks , you will finance homes for high risk borrowers or we will close you down. However if you contribute to ACORN. We will look the other way. This is your federal government, directly involved in criminal extortion.

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We are all throwing rocks at obama, and for good cause, but the problem goes way back to Jimmy Carter. And in the meantime , the weasels that we have sent to Washington have all been complicit in this enterprise for 4 decades. Republicans, Democrats, and a couple of self declared socialist have all been involved in this shake down of banks and bankers,.. , Now we know precisely why these bankers made all of these sub prime loans, that were turned into derivatives, then sold all over the world as having some value when in fact they were worthless. They were told you either make the loans, contribute to ACORN or we will shut you down. What really ticks me off is that these banks were being shook down, not unlike the schemes, that Jesse Jackson used to shake down Corporations.

Hannity, Rush, and Beck, even Savage have all been hammering obama, for his plans to redistribute American wealth. No question that is what he is doing. But wake up folks, he is only doing what you and the rest of America have allowed government city,county,state and federal to do for almost a century. Redistribute your wealth. Where were all these Republicans when Iowa’s Senator Grassley was giving all those subsidies to Corporate Farms, wasn’t he spreading the wealth around, what was the results of that? The family farm, could not compete and went away,. Now we have 10’s of thousands of steers, in feed lots, sucking up antibiotics. You want to know why your sick, go visit a commercial hog, or beef feed lot. How many of you know someone that is raising chickens on the farm,..

We all have seen the list of taxes we pay , but let me bring it home for you. Lets just look at your Property taxes. Have you looked at the itemized list on your property tax bill. If you haven’t you should , and if that bill isn’t redistribution of wealth, then I’m an idiot. In our county , some are all gaga over the building of a brand new Country Health Building. I guarantee you that , the funds for that building came from some federal grant or another, given as the result of a bunch of county supervisors going to Washington and getting brainwashed into accepting money from my grand kids and yours,. So they can build a monument to themselves and put their pictures on the wall in the hall. Here is the question. Where will the health directives for the citizens of this county come from . The Federal Government. And when its all said and done it will be the taxpayers that will be funding a building that 99.9 percent of county residents will never see the inside of.  Watch your property taxes go up.

We are governed by stupid people. Pelosi for example, a trust fund baby. She’s never worked a day in her sorry life. People with their hand out. People that have never owned or operated a business. People that because they could not get a real job, ran for some high paying office to suck off the taxpayers. Never looking down the road. Never asking the big question. What will the long term affects of accepting bribes from Washington have on my community?

We can all sit here and bad mouth obama. Obama is just a piss ant in the over all scheme of things that are planned for us. Someone else is pulling the strings , driving the plan,. Its not obama, he’s just the poor SOB out in front. He was perfect for the job, he hates himself, his past, his present, his mom, his dad, his homeland, his brother,. He has no American roots, Why should he give a dam about America,. It means nothing to him, he was born in Kenya. Besides he’s been on vacation or riding around in my 747 .  Has anyone noticed how since obama, took the oath on the Koran, how no one is interested in the open border issue ,. When’s the last time Fox , Hannity, Beck, Dobbs, even mentioned it,.. The only talking head that I have heard mention it in recent months is Michael Savage. By the way , if I get elected, I have the perfect plan for illegals. It will make Joe , Nappy , the ACLU and LaRAZA all will be happy.

The bottom line, obama is only doing what , Americans have accepted for decades. The Federal government is corrupt. It wont matter who you send out there in 2010 or 2012. There are only a hand full of members of the house or senate that are not corrupt. The socialist of the Democrat and Republican party will undermine any and all Conservative candidates that attempt to run in 2010. There  is only one solution to the problems caused by the Federal Government. Those solutions lie with in the States. The States must step up and take the steps necessary to declare their sovereignty.  And some have got the message and are taking steps to make the moves necessary to save their states.

In the mean time they must stop accepting foreign loans in the form of U.S. Dollars. They must get their fiscal house in order, balance their budgets, shrink the size and scope of state government. And end the social taxpayer giveaways of the past. Terminate legacy costs going forward driven by unions, and past legislatures.

America you are broke. Arizona you are Broke. Arizona you have a 12 billion dollar budget with 7 billion dollar revenue. You need a 5 billion dollar budget with a 6 billion dollars of revenue. Cuts including tax cuts is the only way you will save this state from a Chinese foreclosure.

The FDIC is broke also. Stay alert America, we are down to the short rows.

Here is your reward America:  if you dont think its time for dramatic action, you must be living in California.

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