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October 7, 2009

States must step up to Save our Country

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Required Action by the States to save America.  Time is not on our side !!
Well folks , it is happening, exactly as the founders feared it would over 200 years ago. Americans have elected a majority of public officials, that have as their agenda. The destruction of the united states and  America. (There is a way to end this)
We have elected Presidents, that have been nothing more than puppets for groups hell-bent on unwinding 200 plus years of the greatest country on the planet.
We all know the problems. Washington DC and indeed many state Governments starting at the Top Job on down . Have worked their way into the political power structures.  They have created systems, laws, bureaucracies, agencies, and regulations, at the county, state and federal level, that fly in the face of a Republic. They have created this trillions of dollars of debt,so  let them pay it off, tell China to call bush,carter,clinton,bush,paulson,geitner,and bernanke.  Because we have had enough.
We all  know that the Constitution is being unraveled everyday, by this administration. And let us not forget the position the bush administration held towards the Constitution.
We all know that the Radicals have taken over. They are creating and producing radical policies and agendas that are destroying America. War mongers, people that cant mind their own business.  Gotta prove how smart they are by meddling in other countries business.
So what is the solution?  In my mind short of going to war. We have but one alternative. And that is this.  Now keep in mind, we want this current federal corporate government to remain in place.  We’re not suggesting that we replace anything inside the corporate belt way.  That realm can stay right where it is, they can continue doing exactly what they’re doing. Only they will be doing it to each other instead of the 50 Sovereign Nation States. We’re just not going to have anything to do with them.
We create four to five groups of states.  See the map below.
Each of those Regional Groups will have a  governmental body. We’ll call them “The Regional Board of Governors” or something to that affect.  The Governors of each region will elect a Chairman to head the Region of their respective states each year.
Now before I go any further. I know there will be folks on both sides of the aisle, and down the middle that will buck up against this. Both in and out of politics. Here is what I say to you:  You have had your shot and  you either screwed it up , or sat back and did nothing. To put it bluntly:
Either lead, follow, or get the hell  out-of-the-way.
The idea is to have legislation drafted , and introduced into each states legislature, on the same day, with the same title, and the same language that says in a nut shell the following.” We the Sovereign States of Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Alaska, effective January 1, 2012. Do hereby divest our lands, our citizens, our treasure of any relationship with any agency, department, political leader, legal or illegally elected , or with any body of previously recognized government such as would be located inside the District of Columbia.”
We the a fore mentioned Sovereign States effective Jan 1 2012 , do hereby exercise our 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the united states. Or short of that, either in or out of the realm of the Constitution.  Whereby we sever all , political, and civil ties with what was previously referred to as the Federal Government of the United States. If the federal government can function outside of the Constitution,. So can the States. Until the deed is finished.
( The lawyers can work out the proper language)
The Governor of each state will bring to the table their respective Constitution.  The Constitution of each state will be placed on top of the Constitution of the united states. Each Governor of the member states will then be required to take the following oath of office with their right hand on the Judea Christian Bible.
” I solemnly swear that I will serve and defend the Constitution of  (members state) and the Constitution of the united states. Against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me God”
 The founders of this great Christian nation knew that at some point in time in the future. That it would be necessary to bring to an end the political power structure otherwise  known as the Federal Government of the United States. It has failed in every imaginable way. And they are working everyday to destroy the dollar. Will we need a new currency, probably. But when we design it , you will not be able to fold it in such a way as to see two towers burning. Or other nefarious symbols. Each state could create its own Fort Knox, hold gold and silver and back a new U.S. Currency or maybe a Currency defined by the individual Zone, but is tender across regional states line.  We shall have “In God We Trust” on all currency, if the muslims and the atheist don’t like it they can go back to where ever they came from.
Note:  We have developed this plan to bring the power back to the States and to the people.  ,  ”  Mountain States of the West”
Otherwise known as Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico,Alaska.
It is time for strong , deliberate action,. We can no longer sit back and allow corrupt politicians, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Federal Reserve, to manipulate and destroy our country. Bush and Obama have created this 20 trillion dollars of debt,. Tell the Chinese to get it from them. it’s a new day, and a new deal.  B\O Bush\Obama
Like Tom Tancredo said:  “This is our culture, we need fight for it.  This is our flag , we need to pick it up. This is your country , we need to take it back.”
Will it be a lot of work, Like Sarah says,
“You Betcha”
See Map Below,…
Zone One   Pacific West States
Zone Two,  Mountain West States
Zone Three  Midwest Plains States
Zone Four   Mideast            States
Zone Five    Atlantic Eastern States
Here’s the questions. Can this happen? yes. Will this happen?, yes , In my life time? Yes. If we want personal freedom,and prosperity, this is a must. We must lead by example, not with bullets. Centralized Federal Governments do not work. They are to easily corrupted. And there is to much power in one room.

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