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October 6, 2009

America its time to step up,

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Recently Fox reported that tax revenues are down to 1913 levels. For months I have been advocating that Americans need to stop spending. Stop Traveling. Stop spending on anything that generates revenue for the federal government,.. And its working, We can bankrupt the Fed and the Treasury. Yes, they can keep printing money, but the more they print the worse they make matters worse for the Federal Government,
Another result of this non spending, will be the reluctance of China to buy more of our so called Government Backed Securities, why, because they are worthless.  There are 55 million Americans over the age of 50.  We are a sector of the economy that they must take seriously.  Obama , plans to lower the life expectancy of all Americans by reducing the health care of Americans that built this country. By refusing care. In other words, government assisted euthanasia.  Bottom line, Government created these programs,pensions,benifits,union BS, and, 20-25 year work retirement plans, that have and are bankrupting the country. 
How do we get these costs off the back of the taxpayer, Simple, kill them, force all Americans to purchase private insurance? Created laws that prevent an insurance company from refusing care for preexistence illnesses, And raise the deductibles for catastrophic conditions, And finally, reduce the numbers of government employees federal state and county by 60%, Terminate the Teachers Union, and force teachers to work until they are 62-62 like the rest of us. Cops and Firefighters must work until they are 62-65, All Government workers, should be responsible for their own retirements, not subsidized by the taxpayers, The Department of Education should be terminated, And education issues returned to the states where they belong.
We have people living off of pensions, for more years than they worked. Obama sees the problem, his solution though is dead wrong. Stop growing the size of government.
Government workers should be required to provide for retirement the same way we in the private sector do. They should be taught how to invest in America, A major way to do this would be the elimination of Capital Gains for folks over the age of 55.
Due to the discovery of obama’s birth certificate, chances are obama will be gone by the end of the year, Question is it a felony to represent your self as a citizen, win an election by withholding facts relevant to the office your running for, Just asking.  That said, its time to start making these changes to govenment policies going forward. The power of Unions has got to be squelched. The only way we will get this done will be by electing, Conservative Libertarians at every level of government.  its time folks, lets not miss this envelop in time to fix our country.  If we are still a voting nation in 2010 , we must vote out every incumbent regardless of party in Washington DC.. No Exceptions.
Today, we learned the foreign central banks are rasing interest rates.  How will Benanke react,. Word is he has two maybe three choices,.. Since he,paulson,Geitner,bush and obama have, shoved the American dollar into a tank,.. The question is will Bernanke raise interest rates,.. Well, I have been screaming since 1993 that Greenspan and now Bernanke are killing the dollar with these low interest rates,.. Now that they have put us in a box , if they raise rates,  we wind up paying more money on the interest on our debt with china and russia.  And the other red herring here is that banks need to be replacing cash that they lost due to these foreclosures that the government caused to happen.  So what do we , you, do.
Buy foreign currency.  The U.S. Dollar is rapidly becoming like a junk bond.
If Obama is not removed and soon,. We will see civil unrest in this county , that will make Temmimin Square look like a cake walk.
America you have been had,.. I dont care if you are a multi millionair or living on 8 thousand per year.  You are in deep dodo.
Its too late now but if you ever see another Ross Perot, you had better listen.

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