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October 3, 2009

Why was Jesse Crying?

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Has anyone noticed lately. That the FBI has been spending a lot of money blowing their horn either about someone, they’re looking for or someone they have nailed for one crime or another.  Recently they have been going on about this Lawyer down in Florida, that came up with this novel idea of taking money from one set of people, then giving some of it to another set of people, while keeping a bunch of it for them selves. Apparently some of the people this Lawyer was taking money from complained to someone in the FBI and well they jumped right on it and nailed the guy. The FBI calls this type of crime a Ponzi Scheme.
I got to thinking, You know there are a bunch of them there Lawyers in Washington, DC.  And they’ve been a taking a bunch of money from me and a lot of folks I know around here.  And well they have been giving a bunch of that money to illegal aliens, union leaders, the National Endowment of the Arts, the Teachers Union, ACLU, Planned Parent HOOD, ACORN, LaRaza, and every other left wing socialist, group you can imagine, and all they want in return is their votes to keep them in power. There is a word for that but it escapes me, I think its also a crime. hmmm. We then we find out that they have  been keeping most of that money for themselves.  I know Im just a Red Neck from Oklahoma, but this sounds like a Ponzi Scheme to me.  Would someone please call the FBI, I know they will just jump on this deal and put the perps in jail.
While I was running around collecting signatures today. I got to thinking about poor ole Jesse Jackson.  What reminded me of him was a commercial I heard about an Apple IPOD or some new widget they had come up with.  You see years ago, I wound up with one of Apples turboprops in my inventory. That aircraft had all the colors of the rainbow painted on the sides of the aircraft. I know its a round about way of getting there but here we are.  I got to thinking about poor ole Jesse Jackson and his rainbow coalition, that night in Chicago. This fella obama , was standing up in front of every man,woman, and child in Chicago that was on welfare, going on about how he was going to fundementally going to transform America.  The camera found Jesse and he was in tears, he was actually sobbing, and for the likes of me I could not figure out why. 
You see Jesse Jackson, and his Rainbow Coalition, have made a fortune off of Capitalism. They have literally extorted millions of dollars from Rich White Folks. And then supposedly given some of that money to other poo folks, while more than likely keeping most of those millions for him self.  Im just guess here but would this also be called not only extortion but a ponzi scheme of sort,”does the RICO act ring any bells?? So why was he crying. Well, that’s not hard to figure out now after we have watched this fraud in the White House in action.  Obama is destroying Capitalism. Rich White folks are going to be a thing of the past.  By the time obama is thru if he isnt stopped, “Pay attention Jesse” Obama will have either destroyed every major corporation in America, or they will just up and leave for China, Bangladesh, or India. Who knows, but somewhere just to stay alive.  So who will Jesse extort money from then. Can you imagine Jesse going to China, and trying to extort money from a company in China, or Russia.  Jesse must have figured it all out that night in Chicago.
And now a brief intermission with entertainment by : obama himself:
Look at this fool Michael Moore, he hates America, he hates Capitalism. Yet he wants people to go buy a ticket to see him trash America. But Michael is smarter than Jessie, he dont give any money to anyone, but himself. Have you seen the Private Jet that he runs around in, spending those ticket dollars. Now that’s no ponzi scheme, that’s Capitalism.
Now I understand why Jesse was crying.
Oh and just one more thought, Apparently the FBI is good at finding Criminals.  Is it a crime to represent yourself as a U.S.Citizen then run for the United States Senate, get away with that deal, and then run for the highest office in what used to be the most powerful nation in the world.  Just asking but is this fella a criminal??
Seems like when I was in elementary school there was something about that in my civic class. I wonder, I know they dont teach civics in public schools anymore. Does anyone know if they teach it at the FBI academy?
To my friends at the Bureau I apologize.
Remember  Oct 5th, Monday morning , obama has to present legal documents to the court, Will he , or will he be in contempt of court?  Im just wondering here , but has Sarah started packing ?  You know what, Im betting that she will bring her own Bible.
Smile Michelle, your sacrificing is about over.
Is it any wonder that the French, Russian,German, and now the Polish leaders think that obama is a fool, and worse yet that the American people are fools for allowing him anywhere near the White House.  
Ronnie told us this would happen:
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