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September 24, 2009

Wake Up America the Bush/Obama Nation is coming to your back yard!!!

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America you better wake up,,,, these boys with toys are not playing around,.. If you dont stop obama, the international bankers, the amnesty lovers like mccain and bush,.. these shooting will move to every community in the United States,… You have got to get on board with the rest of us that are fighting this problem everyday.  We are now playing hard ball in the final stages of the destruction of this country,.. For Gods Sakes Wake UP!!!!!!..Dont keep telling your self that things are going to get better, because unless you take  action, you , the individual, its only going to get worse. 


From: Subject: Matamoros Shooting 090409 – Very Graphic



Subject: Matamoros Shooting 090409 – Very Graphic


Matamoros gun battle spills across rio; UTB campus closed

September 05, 2009 7:49 AM

ILDEFONSO ORTIZ and LAURA TILLMAN/ Valley Freedom Newspapers

The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College is closed for the weekend after officials said bullets from a shootout in Mexico hit a building and a car on campus.

University police on Friday asked students and faculty to leave campus after bullets were found to have struck the Recreation, Education and Kinesiology building, also known as the REK building, and a car at the Life and Health Sciences building. UTB-TSC police Lt. Armando Pullido said students on Friday were being asked to avoid buildings on the south side of the university campus. “We’re closing down the campus at 5 p.m.,” Pullido said. “Students are being asked to leave.” The school will be closed until Tuesday. Also, soccer games scheduled on the campus for Friday night and Saturday were moved to the Brownsville Sports Park because of the shootout.

UTB-TSC Public Information Director Letty Fernandez confirmed bullets struck the building and car. The shooting reportedly began around 1:30 p.m. near Calle Primera and Calle Canales. Neighbors in the area said they heard gunshots and loud explosions for more than an hour. The shooting was said to have continued to the intersection of Calle Nicaragua and Calle Acapulco in Colonia Delicias. It was there that the Mexican Army seized a refrigerator from a home in the area. It was unclear why the refrigerator was seized.

The Mexican Army declined to comment about the shooting or whether there were any injuries. As the shooting continued, Mexican soldiers with the 10th Motorized Cavalry Regiment closed off main streets in Matamoros to keep the public from carelessly driving into the area were the shooting was taking place. “We are sorry ma’am, but for your safety we are asking you to back up your car and leave the area,” a masked soldier said to an elderly woman who drove toward a military Humvee that closed off Calle Primera.

A white SUV was left riddled with bullet holes along one of the side streets in the colonia. More than 20 military Humvees and almost a dozen federal police trucks with .50-caliber machineguns and automatic grenade launchers attached to the roofs left toward the army station at Calle 8 and Gonzalez. Soldiers walked on foot and escorted the convoy down Calle Gonzalez.

Passersby curiously pointed at a large white refrigerator that was being transported to the military installation under heavy guard. At offices of the El Bravo newspaper on Calle Primera, a maroon automobile with bullet holes was abandoned during the shooting. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Field Supervisor Eddie Perez said there were no plans to close any of the international bridges between Brownsville and Matamoros .

In response to the shooting in Mexico , Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said he mobilized his deputies to the bridges and to the river levees to prevent any violence from spilling over to the American side. “They (Mexican Army) are doing a very good job in their fight on drugs,” Lucio said. “We mobilized our manpower just as a precaution. The problem is that when a bullet exits the barrel its direction is anyone’s guess. That’s why we need to take precautions. “




What will America look like in 2020

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What will America look like in 2020?


Imagine; the year is 2020, in the month of November. The location is Anytown, USA. The players in this scene include your typical family. Mother, Father, Son and Daughter.


The sun rises on a cold winter day. This future family begins their day with the search for fuel to heat their home. In the preceding months they were faced with difficult choices. The parents chose to purchase rice, beans and water, as their budget could no longer sustain the high cost of Russian natural gas being sold across America. Food became the priority.


This was a special week it was Thanksgiving. The men planned to walk back into the Wilderness Zone in an attempt to find a bird that could serve as the traditional turkey. This might prove to be difficult. All animal and bird species were greatly reduced after intense forest fires spread across the USA during the preceding ten years destroying habitats. The women were gathering their resources to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. It would not include the luxuries like Pumpkin Pie and Cranberries. Farmers had long since stopped producing extravagant crops with the limited resources they had available.


Conspirators, foreign governments and enemies of America manipulated federal laws, including the endangered species act. They had diligently worked to lock up the resource base, forcing America to import all coal, oil, natural gas, lumber, water, minerals and agricultural commodities. As all natural resource based industries shut down, unemployment skyrocketed and the economy plummeted. 


Radical environmental groups were successful in their campaign to end ranching on public lands. The consequence of this action placed the cost of beef out of the average Americans reach. In 2020 only the elite Ruling Class could afford a steak. Vegetables were expensive when they were available.


Americans faced dark days. The electric companies had closed one by one as the cost of compliance with regulations overtook the income necessary to operate. Coal and water had become inaccessible under environmental gridlock and prohibited the production of electricity.


Automobile ownership was not for the average American. Gas imported from the Mid-east was far too costly for these struggling citizens of this new America.


Families watched their loved ones health decline and frustrations mounted. Overzealous attorneys litigated the majority of doctors to bankruptcy. Inadequate income to buy the basic necessities was a common problem for Anytown residents; the luxury of a doctor’s visit was only practical for the very rich. Malnourished children and adults were seen panhandling on corners.


A quiet rebellion was beginning. Underground newspapers were being secretly shared among the disadvantaged. The people of Anytown and communities across the country chose to take up arms in the second civil war to darken America’s history. The citizens chose to pool their scant resources and fight back against the corruption and powers that destroyed their previous lifestyle.


They could no longer survive without their publicly owned resource base. Private Property rights had been severely limited and restrictive regulations gradually destroyed the Free Market of the Capitalistic Society. Starvation was staring at American Citizens. Freedom had become more of a distant memory than part of the life they were living.  America had gradually changed from the free nation once respected around the World. The citizens of the world had witnessed the loss of freedom, one erosion at a time.


A situation reminiscent of many troubled domestic relationships had risen in America. Victims of domestic abuse are not usually punched in the nose during the first month of their troubled relationship. Americans were as naïve as the newlyweds and were virtually unaware of the crisis unfolding before their eyes. Slowly but surely, their free market and liberty had been stripped away. They had been desensitized through propaganda not realizing what was happening until it was almost too late. In order to continue to exist they chose to fight for their basic human liberties.


The Question is, do we choose to fight back now, or in 2020?


Kathy Gibson Boatman

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