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September 23, 2009

Arizonan’s 4 The Republic

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  Bruce Olsen for State House

This is an example of the First Page of the Campaign Web site , that is waiting for Domain Name Authorization. So standby.



We have two themes for this Campaign

Arizonan’s 4 The Republic

We Raise Up Our Flag Against Evil Forces   Ref: Toby Kieth, “Courtsey of the Red White and Blue”

Since the 1970’s there has been a consistant effort on the part of the left wings of the Democrat and Republican Bird to take our country, deeper and deeper in the direction of socialism. A major percentage of Americans today , have no interest in personal responsibility,or accountability.  Over the recent years the ideals of competition in our education system,has and is being destroyed. The competitive spirit that built this country has been turned upside down.  Governments, City, County , State and Federal have created legacy costs that are unsustainable.  Government, City,County,State and Federal are 40-50% larger than they should be. They have adopted rules and regulations that have bloated government and stifiled ,business investment and free enterprise. In other words they tax , fee, permit, you to death.  Which has driven business after business out of our states and our country. I know I was one of them.  We will never return to the prosperity this country has enjoyed unless we unwind the majority of these bureaucratic regulations. I have a personal story regarding the Department of DEQ that you may someday hear . It is redicules. Our biggest threat to Arizona and our United 50 States is the Federal Reserve and the Federal Governmnt.  We must work to put a check on Washington DC,. That will be my primary legislative agenda. But I will need all of you to become active, take part, be a sponge for information, decide what is real and what is a lie. We must not fail the challenges that lie ahead. If we do , the Greatest Country on the face of the planet will be destroyed.  We must look carefully at smooth talkers, in $400.00 dollar suits, pay attention to where they have been , where they were BORN, and who they associate with.  We all have got to be involved.

Here is just a few target issues on my plate:

First: Smaller government, State and Federal

Second: Balanced Budget State and Federal

Third: Secure Borders

Fourth: Return all Federally managed lands in all Western States to State Control,

Fifth: Eliminate Property Taxes for Elderly and Retired

Sixth: States Rights & Sovereignty

Seventh: The Constitution Stands as written










 Paid for by the Committee to Elect Bruce Olsen

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