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September 21, 2009

Marking time with a puppet= Obama

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Whats the problem America? why is it that nothing is happening? Oh! sure the stock market is up a bit, but hey, that is just a bunch of Wall Streeters, throwing money at a market hoping that you will jump in and follow them in to the abyss. And besides, buying wall street stock is really nothing more than gambling,
Do you know the difference between Wall Street and Las Vegas.  “In Las Vegas people gamble with their own money.”  In Wall Street they gamble with someone else’s. Looking back, how’s that been working for you.
Here is the real deal, America is Marking Time, remember guys Marking Time in the service, High Stepping, but going nowhere. Thats America today, High Stepping with borrowed money, but going no where.
Whats the problem America? I’ll tell you in case your spending a lot of time watching CBS.  Its obama., There is no question, every financial sector, in the country is scared to death of this fraud, liar, phony, fella and his wife in the White House.  Nobody with a dimes worth of brains believes a word that comes out of his mouth.
Just examine the ACORN deal, now he denies knowing about the 8-5 billion that was slated to go to this 100 year old, corrupt taxpayer funded,criminal enterprise, which was nothing more corporate scam or ponzie scheme, that obviously was supported by many members of both the House and Senate for the last 4 decades, where were they???????
Yesterday I was out collecting signatures for an up coming campaign. People were asking me why interest rates were so low.
Here’s is why, First Bernanke has flooded the financial system with an excess of 1+trillion dollars.  That move has driven the the dollar down to an actual worth , of around 37cents in real value,. One economist said the other day that it was really down to 27cents. (Is your property taxes being adjusted???). Folks this was intentional, to create fear in Americans.
So what has that done, first is has destroyed the confidence of the American people, and more importantly right now is driving the Chinese out of the Treasuries Market, Frankly thats good, they should have stopped buying our debt the day George Bush took office. 
So what we have is no demand for money. People are rat holing money in their mattress because there is no incentive to put into a bank, And rumors are that there are around 1000 more banks to fail over the next 12 months. 
So then they ask what should we be doing, Well I said” untll obama’s court case comes up, and he is removed from office. I suggest you starting buying canned goods, stock pile drinking water, Because if Bernanke, Geitner, and obama are allowed to continue, this country is in for some serious times.  The reason you want to stock up is because if inflation hits here like it has in the Myanmar Republic, It will cost you a trillion dollars for a can of dog food, Pedigree is the best my dog loves it. It smells good too.   The question then becomes, who eats first her or me?
America you cannot tolerate another 3-1/2 years of Bernanke,Geitner,and obama,… And I think the majority of Democrats know it. They are going to have to remove him from office. If they dont he is going to do to the Democratic party, what George bush and John Mccain did to the republican party.
And I can tell you I got an ear full about that yesterday.
There is only one solution, States have got to sever their ties, with Washington DC.  There are  50 Stars on our Flag, and the District of Columbia is not one of them.
There will be a lot of , Oh no we cant do that, Hang on America, because if Obama , Geitner, and Bernanke are not removed, and threatened with prison, if they dont give up the whereabouts of some 9-6 trillion dollars, that is missing. That is exactly where we are headed.  Ron Pauls HR1207 must see a up or down.  Pelosi is a CFR puppet just like obama, so its not likely. However if we dont get to the bottom of this ,
 you all had better learn to eat with Chop Sticks.
If states fail to bind together and develop a plan, We are going to see soup lines that will stretch from here to Bejing.
May be all those college students, rankinfile union members, and government employees and Iowan’s, that voted for this fraud, can be put to work serving soup. If you want to get a real picture of what Im talking about, go to this web site  and talk about it over a big mac, while you can still buy them.
I just finished watching Glenns and Hour with Obama,.. Is it just me or is listening to Obama, like listening to a 6th grader.. I hope i didnt offend any sixth graders.  He wakes up with a new story every day.  I think the word Im looking for is Phsycotic. His words are like his suit, EMPTY!!!
Ask your self this question:  Who is obama really working for, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission?  The reason he has to use a teleprompter is because he does not write his own speeches , someone else is.  WHO?
Obama is accelerating the bush agenda: 

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