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September 18, 2009

Todays been a long time a comin!

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Today we received word that the Arizona Sec of State has accepted my application to run for a Legislative House seat here in AZ. I was torn between a fed run or a state run. I settled on a state run because I am convinced that we are going to have to sever state ties with the District of Columbia, and I want to work with Arizona and the 35 other states that have already produced resolutions or bills that tell the district of Columbia to back off. Also I have 4 different bills of my own that I want to introduce with the help of several friends in the legislature as cosponsors.
Our Campaign Blog Site is : www.arizonan’   that will change to just www.arizonan’ in about 30 days.  Our campaign web site will go up also in a couple of weeks, We will have a platform statement there. You will be able to schedule townhalls and meetups on the site.
Now here’s the uncomfortable part of this.  The election is in November 2010. And the Primary is in Sept. That means that Im going to be running around the district between now and then selling my plan. Im not going to go into that here so if you want to know the plan, schedule a meet up or a townhall.  But here is the kicker, I m a Conservative, Im very conservative. I know how to cut the fat when things get tough. I will make waves. If you put me down there, you will know that Im there, To win its going to take money,. your money, I can only spend by law, $640.00 of my own money. So if you want me to spend my time, and my time away from family, I need to know that you want someone down there with solutions to the problems. And solutions and plans to bring an economy back to Arizona and specifically District 5. Then your going to have to be a part of the solution. And I should say at this juncture that my plan also involves Conservative Legislators at state level and the federal level going forward. Those plans are being worked on as we speak.
So, I can accept up to $3800 dollars in donations, individually they cannot exceed $140.00 per person. And they can come from anywhere in the country.  So give it up folks, I need 125 donations of $30.00.  If I get your support, I go to work, if I dont, then I know, that over the years, you have not agreed with my writings and ideas.  And I wont waste my time, my families time or yours. And this is important, if its a two party check both must sign, its the law.  You should know, Im not looking for a job, I dont need the lousy 24 thousand that legislatures are paid here in AZ,,, Im doing this for you , this state, my country, and most of all my Grand kids.   
Once the web site is up we will link to it from and www.arizonan’
Let roll Arizona, we have a shot a totally changing the dynamics of the Arizona State legislature. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Lets balance the budget, cut spending and the size of government, lets seal the borders, lets tell the feds to stick to the Constitution or we will get rid of them. Lets make English the state language period.  Like Willie says,, “We’ve got to draw a hard line”.  And Toby’s great line” We will rasie up our flag against evil forces”
“Lets Roll”
Send your checks to   Committee to Elect Bruce Olsen
                                           Box 2774
                                            Overgaard Arizona 85933
and they should be made to:  Committee to Elect Bruce Olsen

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