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September 17, 2009

A New Web site for Conservatives

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This morning I received an email from a great friend of mine in Florida.  She sent me the following link:
This web site is a 527 that was put together by one of my Conservative Heros, former Congressman Tom Tancredo. Heres a thought: Just think what America would look like if we were talking about President Tom Tancredo, Would we be all up in lather over Government take over of health care? NO.  Would we all be frustrated over Toms birth Certificate? NO!. Would I be working everyday, preparing for a run for a House seat here in Arizona. NO! Would all freedom loving ,Americans be loading up on Ammo, like there is no tomorrow?.Dont think so. We would be half way done with the border fence that Congress funded in 07.  We would have good Mexican workers coming thru the gates, doing the jobs that American teen agers wont due , because they are to busy playing video games.  We would stop the gang bangers and OTM from around the world bringing in drugs,explosives, and dieases’ that we iradicated decades ago. 
Our national security would be working for the security of all Americans,.. There would be no Janet Napolitano in Homeland Security. Walking around calling veterans terrorist. There would be no Van Jones, Not Cas Sunstine, no John Holgren.. We would be moving out of the United Nations, we would be auditing the fed, we wouldnt owe 16 trillion dollars to China,. We would be witnessing the end of the IRS,. We would see Capital Gains gone.  There would be no AKORN issues, SEIU would have dried up and gone away,. We would not have given 8.5 billion dollars to GM and Chrysler,… Eventually they will run out of Government employees as buyers for their Government Motors units. 
We would not be working on 10th amendment legislation to shed our states from the District of Columbia. Unemployment would be back down to to 5-6% and declining.  Manufacturing would be r to the U.S. We wouldnt have a tax cheat running the IRS and the Federal Reserve.   The left socialist, and their mouthpiece MSNBC.CBS,NBC,ABC, would all be in a cave, wondering what happened to them.
And I would not be running for a political office. I would be spending time with my grand kids teaching them how to bait a hook.

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