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September 16, 2009

Its time to cut the cord!!!!!!

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Im really getting tired of this racial bull crap! Starting with this idiot professor gates , then a bunch of black dumb ass elites, keep blaming whitey because their black,.  And now this dam fool Jimmy Carter.  This idiot has done as much if not more to damage the United States image around the world and between the races here at home, than even Obama. Now he’s out there shooting his mouth off, the next thing you know we will be in another decade of race riots because this stupid SOB , is still a live. God I beg you , take this sucker out of here. He is the Racist. He’s an Anti Semite. Carter says obama is a African American,, he’s even wrong about that .  Why would anyone put a microphone in front of this idiot. Somebody hand this fool a nail gun.
We allowed this fool to give away our Panama Canel,.. He should have been taken out then,.. and Hung for treason.  If I sound ticked off its because I am frankly thats an understatement . I lived thru the empty headed Carter Administration,.  And now we have this copy cat obama,….. When , When are we going to pull our heads out of our back sides,..
When I heard Carter make his dumb ass comments today , I was ready to take a hammer to the radio. If Martin Luther King were alive today, he would grab Carter by the ears and shake the _ _ _ _ out of him.  And then send him on his way,… Carter , obama’s Akorn , his minions are doing everything they can to restart a racially divided America all over again.
obama needs to make up his mind is he black or white or both,.. Personally I could not care less,.. Except to say that he is using his black half to keep the race issue on the front burner. He’s obviously mad about something,, is it because he’s a half breed,. Or is it because he is only half white , or only half black. 
Once again, Im going to tell you this , American time is wasting ,. We have got to cut out the cancer , the gangerine from the United States.  We need to completly shut them down.  Send no money,,.. We need to call everyone of these weasles in the House and Senate and tell them that we are going to do the following:
First we are never going to call or email their office again. And we are going to vote everyone of them out of office. White,Black,Green,Yellow,Brown.
Second: We are never going to file another 1040. 
We are through,    Done,,, Dont call us, write us , email us,  we have blocked your calls and sent your dam emails to spam.  The federal government its former, and present employees can eat cake.  Those fools in DC created all this debt,  you created it, you fix it.  go after bush, take his pension and everymember of his cabinet that supported his spending habits,..
We are never going to have peace in this country again until we shed our selves of this nightmare in DC.
Remember this , the Constitution was written for the United States of America,.. There is no mention of the District of Columbia,.. So kiss off.

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