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September 15, 2009

Thanks Glenn , your getting there, & Pelosi goes to court

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A Proud America Is Once Again! Thanks Glenn!!
And today on Glenn Beck, Glenn, went where Ive been for over a year.  Thats right, here is what he said and I quote ” What we need to do is quarantine Washington, DC, Nothing goes in and nothing comes out, until we clean up the infection.”  I hope you all watched his show this Monday.
I have been saying for months, no years that we the states are going to have to sever our ties with the District of Columbia,. Thats right, go back and check, Cut them off at the knees, How do you control one’s behavior, Control their money,,, why do you think the last two administrations have done everything they could to run up debt, and drive down the dollar, Look at what Obama has done just in 7 months,
But Americans you are waking up, But you need a solution, Here it is, It is right in your back yards, The States,… One by one they are standing up, Just last week Governor Perry of Texas put the Texas Rangers on the Border, Whats wrong with you Governor Brewer, why haven’t you put the Arizona Rangers on the Border or the State Police or the Dept. of Public Safety.  If anyone should be down there its the Dept of Public Safety, think of the millions of dollars Arizona would save each month if they sealed that border, When is the last time you heard that fool Neapolitano talk about border security, obama, Trust me National Security or Homeland Germany Security is not at the top of their to do list.  What is, its the destruction of Free Enterprise, Capitalism, Freedom, that is what is on their front burner?
Now back to my point, we as states must sever our ties with the District of Columbia, Its starts with legislation, we need to kill every bill that every Congressman, regardless of party, and in the Senate, come up with.  We need to stop sending 4 dollars to get 3 back, We have got to shut down the District of Columbia, And we can do it in less than 30 days, this will be my primary agenda if Im sent to the Arizona legislature in 2010.   I just hope our country can hang in there,until then. 
But it is going to take some people down at our state house’s that have some cahunes’ .  Its going to take people that arn’t so wrapped up in their positions that they can put their country and state ahead of personal position or power, I know your not doing it for money, because I was looking the other day at what your paid, its no wonder you cant get people with business experience to run for public office, you treat them like paupers. You have a dental hygienist for a governor,,, knock knock , the lights are on is anyone at home.
Anyway, today was great day, for me, Glenn is coming around to the only way we will fix Washington, DC,…
Here is another way to look and DC,… Lets say your diabetic, you like sugar,(my tax dollars) and the more you get the more your condition grows, until finally you find that your extremities have got gangrene(all those bloated agencies and tax funded community organizers).  Exactly, that is where we are as a nation. Our federal government has chronic diabetes , and its has developed gangrene.  So what should we do, well we do the only thing possible, We cut off the dam gangrene, such as the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Justice, what joke that is, the department of energy. I could go on and on, but my fingers are cramping… Bottom line, cut , cut , cut , cut, until all the gangrene is gone, Not only to we have to do that at the fed level, we have to do the same thing at the state level.  Its time folks, the honeymoon is over. And now you have to wake up, roll over and look at what you have done.
We have a lot to do America , so lets keepup the momentum.
Nancy needs a lawyer,,,maybe she will retain BHO, I understand he’s a great litigator.
Pelosi and the DNC lied via omission back there in August 2008 regarding the omission of verbiage from the certification docs.

This may be news to some in cyberspace and some media reporters now just picking up on this, but this information about the flaw and omission of verbiage on eligibility in the DNC form provided to most of the states is a part of the Kerchner v Obama & Congress lawsuit. See paragraph 89-91 on pages 19 & 20 and End Note 16 on page 78. Pelosi is a named defendant in this lawsuit, both in her official capacities and personally. Anyone bringing this DNC doc omission and flaw issue to the attention of government officials now should point out that it is part of a federal lawsuit in the Camden NJ courts to point to the seriousness of the charges against Pelosi and others. This is not just blog chatter. She has been charged in a federal lawsuit.


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