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September 15, 2009

Paul Revere Rides Again

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What a great time to be an American,.. I never thought I would live to see whats happening in America. Look at all the people that are standing up, Millions of Americans, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and even the politically disenchanted are finally waking up and rallying together for the principals of Freedom.
Everyday, now, a new Paul Revere, steps forward and joins the long list of Freedom fighters that have been out there for years warning of the coming tyranny, that has been systematically been in the works for years.
We now have , Congressman Joe Wilson, James O’Keefe, and  Hanna Giles’s video exposing the truth regarding AKORN, a corrupt taxpayer funded nightmare.  It has to be completely taken down. These three Americans are truly the latest in a long line of Paul Revere’s.
AKORN and SEIU , are exposing obama for what he is.  Birds of a feather flock together. I am convinced that as these anti American groups including the Clintons have peaked and are on their way down. The left wing socialist power hungry elements of our country are drowning in their own, sludge. 
Some time ago I wrote about the power of our County Sheriffs. A friend sent me a video of a former Sheriff, Sheriff Mack from Arizona.  He has been out there for years, working, telling us that our last line of defense against a tyrannical federal or state government is our County Sheriff.  Go to
Then call your County Sheriff, ask him or her, where she stands regarding her oath.  As communities you need to have meetings with your local Sheriff, and let them know that if they stand for the Constitution, that you as citizens will stand with them, They need your support, Because the feds over the past 30 years has been trying to brain wash the most powerful Law Enforcement agency in the United States of America.   
To wind up, the left wing of the radical left wing politicians otherwise knows as CBS,NBC,ABC is crumbling, how they are managing to attract advertisers is unbelievable.  Can you imagine the angnst that exists today in the obama,kerry,clinton,sorros,akorn,seiu camps,… They are about to follow each other in to a giant hole.  
Now more than ever, we need everyone to get your friends, neighbors, and families involved,… Lets keep up the pressure, Lets support those out there on the front lines.
obama, go on another vacation, because your getting closer and closer to the end of you and your minions tyranny in America.  Your just a puppet that has been gromed for this time in our history,. It took you and your minions to wake up America. And fella , wake up Americans is exactly what you have done,. thanks , now go away.

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