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September 11, 2009

Congressman Joe Wilson, a Great American steps up

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Congressman Joe Wilson a great American, steps up. Well maybe, not so fast, it turns out that he voted to give taxpayer funds to illegal aliens for health care,…

Finally frustration over truth , respect for the American people, anger over the fraud put over on the American people , erupted Wednesday night in the House of Representatives Chambers.

When Congressman Joe Wilson, could no longer contain himself, he shouted out “You Lie”. Over comments made by Soetoro regarding the health care of illegal aliens,.. The truth is the bill gives health care to illegal aliens,. Just on of the 5 lies Soetoro made in his speech to the Joint Session of Congress. Congressman Joe Wilson displayed the anger, the frustration that 10’s of millions of Americans were feeling as Barry Soetoro, AKA Barak obama, was reading his teleprompter. Spewing complete fabrications and utter lies related to the Governments plan to control health care. Face it folks the guy is a liar.

Congressman Wilson is being criticized for showing a lack of respect of a President and the House of Representatives as a Body of Government,. The truth is the House of Representatives is the perpetrator of a lack of respect for the American People and this Country. They the House of Representatives as a Body of Government and the Senate have allowed a illegal alien to occupy the White House under false representation. Both of these bodies are a joke. Congressman Wilson knows it.

When Congressman Joe Wilson, blurted out “ YOU LIE” my reaction was that it is about time that someone stood up to this fraud. No one not even a President should be allowed to address the House , the Senate, and the American people and intentionally lie ,mislead, and infact promote an agenda completely at odds with the American values. He, Congressman Joe Wilson should have never apologized. Although I understand politically why he did so. Sometimes the truth hurts, but America, the truth is going to set us free of this fraud on our country.

As for Respect for the institution of the House of Representatives. They have lost the respect of the American people. With out question the American People have lost any respect for the House of Representatives, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi.

The problems facing America are all the result of the Federal Government and administrations over the past 50 years,. Every administration brings forth more and more issues that are to the decline of our country,. As States we must get a handle on this.

If we want to control the behavior of the Federal Government and administrations, we have the power to do just that. But we will need strong leadership in the individual states.

Today is 9/11. Like all of you , I remember where and what I was doing when it happened. I was sitting in a restaurant in Oklahoma having breakfast with the morning crew,.. I remember the thoughts that were going thru my mind. Americans are standing up today like those on Flight 93 to save the institution we call America. God Bless America!

 Congressman Mike Rogers on idiotic health care reform:

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