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September 9, 2009

Gov Brewer is no Manager, shes only making matters worse!!!

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Arizona voters in LD-5,,,, if you want more proof that the Conservatives need my help , here it is::::


(This was originally sent out on Sept. 4th but, due a computer issue, some people apparently didn’t receive it.  So, I’m resending it.  S.A.)    

Governor Raises Taxes & Increases State Deficit





Today Governor Brewer passed four of the budget bills but vetoed the Revenue Bill and parts of the Education and DES (Dept. of Economic Security) bills.


The Revenue Bill contained the repeal of the “Property Equalization Tax.”  That the Governor vetoed this repeal means that property taxes will go up, and tax revenues to the state will be an additional $250 million dollars this year.  This repeal was lobbied hard for by the Democrats.  In fact, it looks like the Governor (with this and by her actions of putting money back into education and DES) has granted them what they wanted.


The only problem is that this increases our state deficit and makes our finacinal situation more difficult. 


Senate President Bob Burns reported the following in a letter sent to me this afternoon:


Dear Members:


Today the Governor took action on the remaining budget bills. As we understand the details currently (and this is subject to change), her actions are as follows:


 – Veto of HB 2007 (General Revenues) which included the repeal of state equalization tax, reduced assessment ratio for business property, sweep of VLT monies from the cities, Rio Nuevo modifications, and approximately $200 million in a various non-tax revenue enhancement (i.e. accelerated unclaimed property).


Line item veto of HB 2006 (General Appropriations Act):

 – Entire DES budget. This restores the DES Budget to the line-itemed budget as of 7/1/09.  The impact is that the FY09 and FY10 cuts to the agency are restored.

 – Basic State Aid line for K-12.  This action restores the K-12 budget back to the 7/6 budget. The impact is $100 million in new spending above FY2009 levels and no reductions in FY2010.

 – Line item vetoes of HB2011 (K-12 BRB) — allows the 2% inflation for education to be funded in FY 2010 and restores the $180 million in reductions to school districts and charters.





Million of dollars in reductions we made to state government in order to bring down our state deficit will be put back in.  We have now gone backwards.  Governor Brewer will use the $250 million in new property taxes to cover some of this, but it won’t cover all and so, my dear friends, we are in one big mess. 


Jan Brewer has always claimed she is a conservative, but her actions show she is not.  She has done the worst thing she could to our state and to our hard-working families. 


Where will we get the money to maintain this level of spending?  Oh, by the way, can you believe this?  She stills wants her tax referral to go the ballot for the sales tax increase!!




Last night I went to Congresswoman Kirkpatrick’s town hall.  She controlled the crowd  by only allowing written questions. 


I was curious to understand the spin she would put on it and here it is.


  • You are responsible for your health – you must eat right, etc… However, healthcare is a “right,” so Government must provide healthcare.  This is “Social Justice.”
  • She couldn’t answer the question on how we will pay for it, but said she was worried about that.
  • Insurance companies need competition, so Public Options will be good.  In other words government will compete for your business. 
  • She said that there is NO rationing of care outlined in the bill, even though right now in Medicare and AHCCCS there is already rationing of care going on.
  • She kept saying that people need to solve the problems, but said the government was the only way to solve healthcare problem.


We can’t afford our government healthcare programs in Arizona right now, so what makes us think we can afford a national healthcare program?  The way they will have to fund it is through higher taxes – there is no other way.

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