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September 6, 2009

Van Jones is gone, 32 more Czars to go!

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Inch by Inch everything is a cinch. America, you owe several great Americans a major vote of thanks to,  Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Rusty Humphries,Michelle Malkin, and hundreds of Great Americans. They along with hundreds of bloggers getting Van Jones’s communist, marxist philosophy out there, took him down. 
So just 32 more to go, We do not need CZARS in the American form of Government, I know bush had one and several others have had them, That dont make it right, We have had a number of Socialist Presidents, Going forward, Americans are going to have to pay attention to who they are voting for,  When you are warned that a Candidate for President was not born here,  we must pay attention. When you are warned that a Candidate for President worked for Communist organizations such as AKORN, you must pay attention.  When you are warned that a Candidate for President has been preached to by a man that hates America, you must pay attention.
We have 32 more Socialist Czars to get rid of Starting with John Podesta.
Soetore AKA obama, is loosing ground every day, This morning on Meet the Press and Chris Wallace, The talking heads all avoided the real issue with the Soetoro AKA obama administration.  And that is that he is not an American born Citizen, He is an African born Citizen, If he wants to be president of a country, move to your country of origin and run.
In the months ahead the eligibility issue will continue to grow in the public sector, The socialist media even fox will stay clear, but the country, the anger of the actual owners of this country will continue to escalate. 
Ive said it before, Soetoro aka obama, polls will drop to 35% by Christmas, Professional Pollsters are predicting 15%, by Christmas, His Government health care, add to that his plans for a Civilian Security Force, Are two issues that are going to end his political career, and return the country to Conservative Values.
No segment of the economy in real terms is recovering, Unemployment numbers are staying at wildly high numbers, Because no one has any confidence in this president that ran as a moderate and is governing as a Marxist.
Soetoro AKA obama is planing on speaking to students, Now not only parents are refusing to allow their kids to listen to this fella, Even school administrations are speaking out against his socialist words. 
By the end of the first quarter in 2010. If as expected obama’s polls are down to 10-15%, The democrats in Congress will start the process of asking for obama’s resignation, unless the FBI steps up and does its job.  The mid term 2010 elections will see every democrat and Rino Republican and Bernie Sanders the Socialist from Vermont. Will be replaced with Conservative Libertarians and Republicans.
The only thing that will save Soetoro AKA obama, is if he can produce an original birth certificate proving that he was born in America. He cant do that because he was born in Kenya.
Inch by Inch everything is a cinch.
As time goes on, the Belt Way will continue to drive a wedge between it and the States,…

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