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September 5, 2009

Soetoro,AkA Barack Obama’s Birth Cert goes to Court

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Ok , enough is enough, Its now time for every law enforcement agency , fed, state and county , step up and demand that this fraud in the White House either step down until this matter is resolved in a Court ,. Or he be physically removed from the Peoples House, placed under arrest and held under suspision treason, pending trial.  Joe Biden should immediately assume all powers as Commander In Chief until the matter is resolved.  Its is now a matter for the FBI, the Pentagon, and the Congressional Sargent of Arms,.. The leadership on both sides of the isle, and all the above have taken an oath to Serve and Defend the Constitution from its enemies both foreign and domestic. The American people regardless of political or religious persuasion must stand up and demand, that Taxpayer Funded Agencies, Charged with the Security of United States of America and its Government , honor their sworn duty to same.  This is a National Security condition RED.

Lucas Smith Affidavit now filed with the US District Court – Obama Kenyan BC

September 4th, 2009

As of today, September 4, 2009, this Affidavit has been filed with the United States District Court in Southern California ~ represented by Orly Taitz.

This is a legal affidavit that declares Lucas Smith to be of sound mind and judgement. Lucas can go to jail if he lied on this affidavit.

The document (Certified COPY of Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate) you see here, once it is validated by the court, is pretty much the proverbial “smoking gun.”







For more details …

STOP SPP is a non-partisan group of citizens concerned over …
the creation of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION.
This will dismantle USA as we know it today.

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