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September 4, 2009

Obama , skip school day, parents wake up

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Obama , has finally found an audience that will listen to his Government Health Reform plan.  No thats not right, there is no plan, there is just a lot of smooth telepromper blather.  Will he really use a teleprompter to talk to a bunch of grade school kids?  Will there be a test after obama gives his elementary speech., well no we dont want to do any thing to create competition in the school. 
I cant wait to hear the questions after the speech, You know like, “When can we have recess?” .
Or “I have two daddies, will they both be covered?”.
If there was ever a day for parents to keep their kids home from school, its when this phony empty suit comes to your school !!
Bottom line, is this, this empty suit in the White House is completely inept. He is a fraud, When your convictions go against the history and traditions of your country, your like an “Idiot Out Wondering Around”. 
I cant help but wonder how IOWA feels about their going for obama now!!
On the Economy,  its just more bad news,.. 6.9 million unemployed since this started in the bush administration,… Roughly a half a million per month since Barry took over.  The only sector of the economy growing is the federal government, Naturally these Communist CZARs need staffers.  Heres the real question , how many of those unemployed are back in mexico drawing unemployement checks????????
There are so many solutions, standing out there right in the noses of these idiots, But no, lets press on with our agenda to destroy capital, lets keep the interest rates low so more unqualified home buyers can buy homes and start this phony market all over again.
Lets be sure, and continue to create uncertainty in the market, This morning the FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION is in danger of falling below its financial reserve requirements, Guess what, they are setting us up for another taxpayer bailout.   Well DUH!!!!  How could this agency possible expect anything else considering the stupid underwriting policies that its had for decades,… Over the years especially in the last three years they have been taking on more and more loan guarantees, Of, high risk, low or no equity, loans, How could you possibly expect any other result
Example, in 2006 they guaranteed 2.7 % of all loans, now they are up to 23%. And the Economy because of a fraudulent based housing economy is in the tank, and now the tank is sinking.
The only way to possibly turn this around is for the Federal Government or this idiot obama , to get out of the way, Let nature or the market solve the issue, The Fed should either leave town or, raise interest rates back up to where they belong, When Greenspan started lowering rates back in 1993 , we steadily headed for this economic disaster. Low Interest rates bring in speculators,  and poor quality loans, Which is why we have all these foreclosures and houses sitting around the country growing mold.  Bernanke will not raise interest rates because, lower interest rates, in their fool mind sends more money to the treasury, when exactly the opposite happens because we then have a stronger economy.  People have money to save and to use on downpayments.  “Its elementary WATSON” 
 We have all heard now that countries around the world are developing Capitalist economies, Added to that they dont have the idiotic agencies drafting rules and regulation at state and federal level, that plague existing business’s, not to mention start ups.  I would not start up a business in this country today if my life depended on it.
I heard a State senator this past week saying how she just couldn’t bring her self to cut education, I could not help but feel sorry for her, I know she is working her heart out, But there are to many elected socialist in the way. Thats got to change in the next election cycle. 
 The problems with education will never be resolved until we remove the federal government from the picture, and shut down the teachers unions. Colleges and Universities must be self supporting, if they were, we would not have these Communist and Socialist teachers and professors, Why should my dollars support teachers that are undermining my country.  If parents and students want to learn about these failed systems, let the students and parents pay for it.  Not ME.  However in short order Its not really going to matter Senator whether you cut education or not, Because more and more business’s are leaving the country and your tax base is leaving town.  And while Im at it, every state in the union should kill this fool program that bush put in place called, no child left behind. The tax revenue is going to continue to decline until our economies bottom and flatten out, and when they flatten out, they will remain there at those levels for years. Even if we could move all of the obstacles out of the way. Like the Sierra Club and Center for Bio Diversity, and Nature Conservancy. We will be so far in debt that its going to  take decades to return to a decent balance sheet.
If we are going to subsidize any form of Secondary Education it should only be Trade or Vocational Schools,.. If you want to learn a agenda, phlosophy or culture, , pay for it yourself.
So what is the answer, there is only one, We as states must step up and sever our financial ties with the District of Columbia, Again its elementary,..Instead of sending 4 and getting 3 back, we stop sending the $4.00 and we do that until the federal government gets it act together, Until all states not just Arizona , have in excess of 5 billion dollars in reserves.  But in addition those reserves cannot be touched under any circumstance’s except for natural disaster funds such as in our case fire suppression.
Its time for radical changes in the ways our states relate to Washington, DC.  Washington DC was designed to manage affairs that the states allowed it to manage, Washington, DC has no business dictating to STATES, mandates or requirements of any kind, Its the other way around, 
Heres the question going forward, Will the people, elect, people with the guts to draft and create radical legislation in 2010, that will change the relationship between the federal government and the states. Or better yet do we collapse this federal government by with holding revenue, and move our Central government to say,Guthrie Oklahoma. or maybe Minot North Dakota,. After all, Al Gore says Washington, DC, is going to be under water if I dont stop driving my Dodge Defile.  
Someone once said,  ” the only time my education was interupted , was when I went to school”. 

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