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September 3, 2009

Yesterday’s Tea Party in Arizona

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Yesterday, some great Americans put together a Tea Party in Overgaard Arizona, We had over 200 Americans there, Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians.
We had several speakers, Current Senator Sylvia Allen, talked about the budget battle that the legislature is having with Governor Brewer, in short Brewer wants to raise taxes in a recession to fund a bloated government brought on by 6 years of a phony economy.
My words to the Governor” Wake up, its a new world out here.”
I spoke next, and announce my intentions to explore the idea of running for a State House seat in LD-5. The wife said I did a good, job, She may be biased, not sure.
A young attorney, Brad Beauchamp, from Globe, running for U.S. Congress, against Ann KirpatricK, spoke next and was super, He knows the issues and being an attorney he is used to being in front of folks, speaking is second nature to him, He is young so its obvious that he is looking to build a career in politics, I had several chances to talk to him, At one point I baited him, but he didnt take the bait, Im impressed,  I was honored that his campaign aid asked me for my endorsement, I told him I was going to have to wait until further down the road.  One thing is certain, Nancy would have her hands full with this fella.
Another Speaker was  Russell “Rusty ” Bowers. From Mesa, This fella has a boat load of legislative experience, He is a strong Conservative and also is on top of the issues. Great Speaker, one thing is certain, Nancy Pelisse wont be able to run rough shod over Russell Bowers.  His credentials alone will prevent that from happening.  Im sure Rusty will have a web site soon and as soon as we get it we will link it to our web site,
The last speaker was a young man from Phoenix Robert Graham, who will be running for Governor, Knew the issues, had a plan, understands budgets and budget discipline, I was impressed with this young man and could support him.  His web site is  
As for me, I have backed off of any interest in a Congressional seat, at the advise of friends in the political arena, I am looking a State House seat, And frankly that fits better because I am convinced that the only way we are going to turn this country around is to convince the District of Columbia that we are prepared to walk away from this tyrannical government and shut off the flow of money from the states to the U.S. Treasury.  The 10th Amendment, stands, The Citizens of each state are going to have to stand up and demand that their state legislatures apply some tough love to Washington, DC.  I believe I can be more affective working with the Conservatives in the Arizona legislature. For those of you that read my blog, you know the issues that have my blood pressure up.  So I wont, go into that now.
Now, by the end of next week we plan to have our paperwork filed with the state, Then we will be off and running, We will be creating a campaign web site, email address, and phone numbers.
Our Banner for this effort will be:
Arizonans for the Republic
For those of you in Arizona LD 5, We will be wheels up
and available after the 16th of September, for Meetups,
 Townhalls,Home Groups and so On,
We have a long ways to go and a short time to get there,
so lets get started.
For all you Conservative Americans around the country,
find out who your Conservative Candidates are, and go to work.
If you ever had any confidence in taxpayers funding,
 bureaucrats in Washington,. This video below should
 confirm  your concerns.,, This is why Ron Pauls bill
HB 1207 should get a up or down by Pelosi yesterday.

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