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September 2, 2009

“Courtesy of the Red White and Blue”, Today has been a long time com’n

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Happy Wednesday Everyone: Today, Im am going to announce that we are Exploring the idea of running for elected office.  This idea has been in the works for over 20 years, But finally I am convinced that the American people are ready to turn our ship around and head up stream.  I am convinced that with the election of this fella in the WH, that the American people are finally afraid of their federal government, enough that they will fight to save it.
Up until yesterday the plan was to start looking at the idea of running for a Congressional Seat in Washington, However after several phone calls from friends here in Arizona and Oklahoma. I have decided to Explore the idea of running for an Arizona State Seat in the House,… 
And here are the reasons: First I know that for the first 2 terms as a House member in Washington, You are assigned to the most meaningless committees on the books, The Speaker in this cases Nancy will look at your Campaign, and if your a true conservative they will put you in a closet somewhere, turn off the lights and lock the door.  Until they know, that you can be bought, you are sent to the back of the bus,
So: My major issues, politically are, budgets,borders,national security, entitlements, state lands currently managed by the forest service, the 2nd amendment, property taxes, income taxes and all those idiotic taxes and fees that states require to establish a business, and under the last 3 administrations, STATES RIGHTS, We will never solve or settle any of the above issues until States step up and say to the Federal government , WE are DONE.  
I have written for years, about this problem of illegal aliens coming into our country. And the societal and fiscal destruction that it is doing to our country.  
The Federal Government and the politics of the Federal Government are gone.  The strong voices of Freedom, and Pursuit of Private Property are too few to overcome the Unions,Socialist,Marxist,and Fascist that plague the Belt Way. 
I hope to with all of your help , to play a roll,  in making Arizona a leader in the States Rights Revolution.  There are 39-43 states currently working on 10th Amendment issues.  So the iron is hot, and its time to stand up as states , declare our individual sovereignty. And either as a State or a Region of States, send the message back to Washington, that either they resume their original Constitutional Roll or we will eliminate them and form Regional State Confederations, and move on. 
In the next few weeks we will be scheduling, meet ups, town halls, and work shops, We are looking for team leaders in every community in LD-5.   We will be contacting like minded possible candidates to work towards one goal, To make certain that we elect solid Conservative Arizonans for the Republic to office in every precinct, every district, and at the state.
And here is my pledge should I decide to formally announce in September.   If it does not pass the test of the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Arizona, It is DOA.
I have taken the oath twice in my life, if I get the chance to take it one more time , I will never fail to live up to that oath.
Turn up your volume:
This song will be our theme song going forward.  Toby is a true patriot from Oklahoma.
Oh’ just one more item: , I have the my original Birth Certificate , if any one should be interested.
Note:   We are  having a Tea Party in Overgaard today at 2 at Mountain Java, then I will be speaking at a White Mountains Conservative meeting tonight at 6 at the Showlow library, be there:

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