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September 30, 2009

American is Committing Suicide/ Gov Dick Lamm Colorado

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American Suicide – A Warning By Former Colorado Gov Dick Lamm 14-09-2009 Wherever you stand, please take the time to read this; it ought to scare the beejeebers out of you. We know Dick Lamm as the former Governor of Colorado. In that context, his thoughts are particularly poignant. Last week, there was an immigration overpopulation conference in Washington, DC, filled to capacity by many of America’s finest minds and leaders. A brilliant college professor by the name of Victor Hansen Davis talked about his latest book, ‘Mexifornia,’ explaining how immigration – both legal and illegal was destroying the entire state of California. He said it would march across the country until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream. Moments after that, former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm stood up and gave a stunning speech on how to destroy America The audience sat spellbound as he described eight methods for the destruction of the United States… He said, “If you believe that America is too smug, too self-satisfied, too rich, then let’s destroy America. It is not that hard to do. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall and that ‘An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.” “Here is how they do it,” Lamm said… “First, to destroy America, turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bi-cultural country. History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar, Seymour Lipset, put it this way: ‘The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy.’ Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, and Lebanon all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, Corsicans and now Muslims.” Lamm went on: “Second, to destroy America, invent ‘multiculturalism’ and encourage immigrants to maintain their culture. Make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal; that there are ‘no’ cultural differences. Make it an article of faith that the Black and Hispanic dropout rates are due solely to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out of bounds.” “Third, we could make the United States an ‘Hispanic Quebec ‘ without much effort. The key is to celebrate diversity rather than unity. As Benjamin Schwarz said in the Atlantic Monthly recently: ‘The apparent success of our own multi-ethnic and multicultural experiment might have been achieved not by tolerance but by hegemony. Without the dominance that once dictated ethnocentricy and what it meant to be an American, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.’ Lamm said, ‘I would encourage all immigrants to keep their own language and culture. I would replace the melting pot metaphor with the salad bowl metaphor. It is important to ensure that we have various cultural subgroups living in America enforcing their differences rather than as Americans, emphasizing their similarities.'” “Fourth, I would make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated. I would add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated, and antagonistic to our population. I would have this second underclass have a 50% dropout rate from high school.” (mission accomplished. -ed) “My fifth point for destroying America would be to get big foundations and business to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity, and I would establish the cult of ‘Victimology’. I would get all minorities to think that their lack of success was/is the fault of the majority. I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failure on the majority platform.” “My sixth step for America’s downfall would include dual citizenship, and promote divided loyalties. I would celebrate diversity over unity. I would stress differences rather than similarities. Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other – that is, when they are not killing each other. A diverse, peaceful, or stable society is against most historical precept. People undervalue the unity it takes to keep a nation together. Look at the ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that they belonged to the same race; they possessed a common language and literature; and they worshipped the same gods. All Greece took part in the Olympic Games. A common enemy, Persia, threatened their liberty. Yet all these bonds were not strong enough to overcome two factors: local patriotism and geographical conditions that nurtured political divisions. Greece fell. ‘E. Pluribus Unum’ — From many, one. In that historical reality, if we put the emphasis on the ‘pluribus’ instead of the ‘Unum,’ we will ‘Balkanize America as surely as Kosovo.” “Next to last, I would place all subjects off-limits (for discussion). Make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of ‘diversity.’ I would find a word similar to ‘heretic’ in the 16th century – that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking. Words like ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ halt discussion and debate. Having made America a bilingual/bicultural country, having established multi-culturalism, having the large foundations fund the doctrine of ‘Victimology,’ I would next make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop a mantra: That because immigration has been good for America, it must always be good. I would make every individual immigrant symmetric and ignore the cumulative impact of millions of them.” In the last minute of his speech, Governor Lamm wiped his brow. Profound silence followed. Finally, he said, “Lastly, I would censor Victor Hanson Davis’s book ‘Mexifornia.’ His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don’t read that book.” (This last point can be generalised: Control the mass media. Stop people from educating themselves outside of the school- and tertiary educational system, by banning or denigrating literature that add value to a culture and as a counterpoint inundate society with politically-correct literature and propagandised viewpoints. Rather keep them occupied and peaceful by means of visual entertainment that will assist in the re-educational process by means of subliminal indoctrination and propagation, as well as developing a sport culture to keep them blissfully happy and unaware of what is happening around them! ) There was no applause. A chilling fear quietly rose like an ominous cloud above every attendee at the conference. Every American in that room knew that everything Lamm enumerated was proceeding methodically, quietly, darkly, yet pervasively across the United States today. Discussion is being suppressed. Over 100 languages are ripping the foundation of our educational system and national cohesiveness. Even barbaric cultures that practice female genital mutilation are growing as we celebrate ‘diversity.’ American jobs are vanishing into the Third World as corporations create a Third World in America. Take note of California and other states. To date, ten million illegal aliens are present and growing fast. It is reminiscent of George Orwell’s book ‘1984’. In that story, three slogans are engraved in the Ministry of Truth building: ‘War is peace’, ‘Freedom is slavery’, and ‘Ignorance is strength’. Governor Lamm walked back to his seat. It dawned on everyone at the conference that our nation and the future of this great democracy is deeply in trouble and worsening fast. If we don’t get this immigration monster stopped within three years, it will rage like a California wildfire and destroy everything in its path, especially The American Dream.

September 26, 2009

A Call For Action by the United States of America

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A Call To Action by the States

Well folks , it is happening, exactly as the founders feared would happen over 200 years ago. Americans have elected a majority of public officials, that have as their agenda. The destruction of the United States of America.

We have elected Presidents, that have been nothing more than puppets for groups hell-bent on unwinding 200 plus years of the greatest country on the planet.

We all know the problems. Washington DC and indeed many state Governments starting at the Top Job on down . Have worked their way into the political power structures. They have created systems, laws, bureaucracies, agencies, and regulations, at the county, state and federal level, that fly in the face of a Republic.

We all know that the Constitution is being unraveled everyday, by this administration. And let us not forget the position the bush administration held towards the Constitution.

We all know that the Radicals have taken over. They are creating and producing radical policies and agendas that will no doubt destroy America.

So what is the solution?

In my mind short of going to war. We have but one alternative. the following.

We create four to five groups of states. I have a link posted to a page that shows a suggested grouping.

Each of those Regional Groups will have a quasi government body. The Governors of those states will elect a Chairman to head the Region of States each year.

Now before I go any further. I know there will be folks on both sides of the aisle, and down the middle that will buck up against this. Both in and out of politics. Here is what I say to you: You have had your shot and you either screwed it up , or sat back and did nothing. To put it bluntly: Either lead, follow, or get out-of-the-way.

The idea is to have legislation drafted , and introduced into each states legislature, on the same day, with the same title, and the same language that says in a nut shell the following.

 “ We the Sovereign States of Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, effective January 1, 2012. Do hereby divest our lands, our citizens, our treasure of any relationship with any agency, department, political leader, legal or illegally elected , or with any body of previously recognized government such as would be located inside the District of Columbia.” We the afore-mentioned Sovereign States effective Jan 1 2012 , do hereby exercise our 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Whereby we sever all , political, and civil ties,with what was previously known as the Federal Government of the United States of America.

( The lawyers can work out the proper language)

Each state will bring to the table their respective Constitution, they then will be required to retake their oath of office. The Constitution of the United States will be placed on top of the State Constitutions . And each Governor of the member states will be required to take the following oath of office with their right hand on the Judea Christian Bible.

“I do solemnly swear, that I will  faithfully serve and defend the Constitution of the United States to the best of my ability, Against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me God”


The founders of this great Christian nation knew that at some point in time in the future. That it would be necessary to bring to an end the political power structure otherwise known as the Federal Government of the United States. It has failed in every imaginable way.

Note: We have already developed a plan to see to it that this legislation be drafted and introduced in the , what we will call for the immediate future “ The Sovereign Mountain States of the West” Otherwise known as Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Alaska.

It is time for strong , deliberate action,. We can no longer sit back and allow corrupt politicians, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Federal Reserve, to manipulate and destroy our country.

Like Tom Tancredo said: “This is our culture, we need fight for it. This is our flag , we need to pick it up. This is your country , we need to take it back.”

Will it be a lot of work, Like Sarah says,

 “You Betcha”

go to :   FMI

September 24, 2009

Wake Up America the Bush/Obama Nation is coming to your back yard!!!

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America you better wake up,,,, these boys with toys are not playing around,.. If you dont stop obama, the international bankers, the amnesty lovers like mccain and bush,.. these shooting will move to every community in the United States,… You have got to get on board with the rest of us that are fighting this problem everyday.  We are now playing hard ball in the final stages of the destruction of this country,.. For Gods Sakes Wake UP!!!!!!..Dont keep telling your self that things are going to get better, because unless you take  action, you , the individual, its only going to get worse. 


From: Subject: Matamoros Shooting 090409 – Very Graphic



Subject: Matamoros Shooting 090409 – Very Graphic


Matamoros gun battle spills across rio; UTB campus closed

September 05, 2009 7:49 AM

ILDEFONSO ORTIZ and LAURA TILLMAN/ Valley Freedom Newspapers

The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College is closed for the weekend after officials said bullets from a shootout in Mexico hit a building and a car on campus.

University police on Friday asked students and faculty to leave campus after bullets were found to have struck the Recreation, Education and Kinesiology building, also known as the REK building, and a car at the Life and Health Sciences building. UTB-TSC police Lt. Armando Pullido said students on Friday were being asked to avoid buildings on the south side of the university campus. “We’re closing down the campus at 5 p.m.,” Pullido said. “Students are being asked to leave.” The school will be closed until Tuesday. Also, soccer games scheduled on the campus for Friday night and Saturday were moved to the Brownsville Sports Park because of the shootout.

UTB-TSC Public Information Director Letty Fernandez confirmed bullets struck the building and car. The shooting reportedly began around 1:30 p.m. near Calle Primera and Calle Canales. Neighbors in the area said they heard gunshots and loud explosions for more than an hour. The shooting was said to have continued to the intersection of Calle Nicaragua and Calle Acapulco in Colonia Delicias. It was there that the Mexican Army seized a refrigerator from a home in the area. It was unclear why the refrigerator was seized.

The Mexican Army declined to comment about the shooting or whether there were any injuries. As the shooting continued, Mexican soldiers with the 10th Motorized Cavalry Regiment closed off main streets in Matamoros to keep the public from carelessly driving into the area were the shooting was taking place. “We are sorry ma’am, but for your safety we are asking you to back up your car and leave the area,” a masked soldier said to an elderly woman who drove toward a military Humvee that closed off Calle Primera.

A white SUV was left riddled with bullet holes along one of the side streets in the colonia. More than 20 military Humvees and almost a dozen federal police trucks with .50-caliber machineguns and automatic grenade launchers attached to the roofs left toward the army station at Calle 8 and Gonzalez. Soldiers walked on foot and escorted the convoy down Calle Gonzalez.

Passersby curiously pointed at a large white refrigerator that was being transported to the military installation under heavy guard. At offices of the El Bravo newspaper on Calle Primera, a maroon automobile with bullet holes was abandoned during the shooting. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Field Supervisor Eddie Perez said there were no plans to close any of the international bridges between Brownsville and Matamoros .

In response to the shooting in Mexico , Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said he mobilized his deputies to the bridges and to the river levees to prevent any violence from spilling over to the American side. “They (Mexican Army) are doing a very good job in their fight on drugs,” Lucio said. “We mobilized our manpower just as a precaution. The problem is that when a bullet exits the barrel its direction is anyone’s guess. That’s why we need to take precautions. “




What will America look like in 2020

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What will America look like in 2020?


Imagine; the year is 2020, in the month of November. The location is Anytown, USA. The players in this scene include your typical family. Mother, Father, Son and Daughter.


The sun rises on a cold winter day. This future family begins their day with the search for fuel to heat their home. In the preceding months they were faced with difficult choices. The parents chose to purchase rice, beans and water, as their budget could no longer sustain the high cost of Russian natural gas being sold across America. Food became the priority.


This was a special week it was Thanksgiving. The men planned to walk back into the Wilderness Zone in an attempt to find a bird that could serve as the traditional turkey. This might prove to be difficult. All animal and bird species were greatly reduced after intense forest fires spread across the USA during the preceding ten years destroying habitats. The women were gathering their resources to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. It would not include the luxuries like Pumpkin Pie and Cranberries. Farmers had long since stopped producing extravagant crops with the limited resources they had available.


Conspirators, foreign governments and enemies of America manipulated federal laws, including the endangered species act. They had diligently worked to lock up the resource base, forcing America to import all coal, oil, natural gas, lumber, water, minerals and agricultural commodities. As all natural resource based industries shut down, unemployment skyrocketed and the economy plummeted. 


Radical environmental groups were successful in their campaign to end ranching on public lands. The consequence of this action placed the cost of beef out of the average Americans reach. In 2020 only the elite Ruling Class could afford a steak. Vegetables were expensive when they were available.


Americans faced dark days. The electric companies had closed one by one as the cost of compliance with regulations overtook the income necessary to operate. Coal and water had become inaccessible under environmental gridlock and prohibited the production of electricity.


Automobile ownership was not for the average American. Gas imported from the Mid-east was far too costly for these struggling citizens of this new America.


Families watched their loved ones health decline and frustrations mounted. Overzealous attorneys litigated the majority of doctors to bankruptcy. Inadequate income to buy the basic necessities was a common problem for Anytown residents; the luxury of a doctor’s visit was only practical for the very rich. Malnourished children and adults were seen panhandling on corners.


A quiet rebellion was beginning. Underground newspapers were being secretly shared among the disadvantaged. The people of Anytown and communities across the country chose to take up arms in the second civil war to darken America’s history. The citizens chose to pool their scant resources and fight back against the corruption and powers that destroyed their previous lifestyle.


They could no longer survive without their publicly owned resource base. Private Property rights had been severely limited and restrictive regulations gradually destroyed the Free Market of the Capitalistic Society. Starvation was staring at American Citizens. Freedom had become more of a distant memory than part of the life they were living.  America had gradually changed from the free nation once respected around the World. The citizens of the world had witnessed the loss of freedom, one erosion at a time.


A situation reminiscent of many troubled domestic relationships had risen in America. Victims of domestic abuse are not usually punched in the nose during the first month of their troubled relationship. Americans were as naïve as the newlyweds and were virtually unaware of the crisis unfolding before their eyes. Slowly but surely, their free market and liberty had been stripped away. They had been desensitized through propaganda not realizing what was happening until it was almost too late. In order to continue to exist they chose to fight for their basic human liberties.


The Question is, do we choose to fight back now, or in 2020?


Kathy Gibson Boatman

Feel free to use the “Fiction” article on your website. Maybe it will wake some people up. We are headed there at break neck speed under the current administration. Please add my contact info-pasted below for you.

September 23, 2009

Arizonan’s 4 The Republic

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  Bruce Olsen for State House

This is an example of the First Page of the Campaign Web site , that is waiting for Domain Name Authorization. So standby.



We have two themes for this Campaign

Arizonan’s 4 The Republic

We Raise Up Our Flag Against Evil Forces   Ref: Toby Kieth, “Courtsey of the Red White and Blue”

Since the 1970’s there has been a consistant effort on the part of the left wings of the Democrat and Republican Bird to take our country, deeper and deeper in the direction of socialism. A major percentage of Americans today , have no interest in personal responsibility,or accountability.  Over the recent years the ideals of competition in our education system,has and is being destroyed. The competitive spirit that built this country has been turned upside down.  Governments, City, County , State and Federal have created legacy costs that are unsustainable.  Government, City,County,State and Federal are 40-50% larger than they should be. They have adopted rules and regulations that have bloated government and stifiled ,business investment and free enterprise. In other words they tax , fee, permit, you to death.  Which has driven business after business out of our states and our country. I know I was one of them.  We will never return to the prosperity this country has enjoyed unless we unwind the majority of these bureaucratic regulations. I have a personal story regarding the Department of DEQ that you may someday hear . It is redicules. Our biggest threat to Arizona and our United 50 States is the Federal Reserve and the Federal Governmnt.  We must work to put a check on Washington DC,. That will be my primary legislative agenda. But I will need all of you to become active, take part, be a sponge for information, decide what is real and what is a lie. We must not fail the challenges that lie ahead. If we do , the Greatest Country on the face of the planet will be destroyed.  We must look carefully at smooth talkers, in $400.00 dollar suits, pay attention to where they have been , where they were BORN, and who they associate with.  We all have got to be involved.

Here is just a few target issues on my plate:

First: Smaller government, State and Federal

Second: Balanced Budget State and Federal

Third: Secure Borders

Fourth: Return all Federally managed lands in all Western States to State Control,

Fifth: Eliminate Property Taxes for Elderly and Retired

Sixth: States Rights & Sovereignty

Seventh: The Constitution Stands as written










 Paid for by the Committee to Elect Bruce Olsen

September 21, 2009

Marking time with a puppet= Obama

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Whats the problem America? why is it that nothing is happening? Oh! sure the stock market is up a bit, but hey, that is just a bunch of Wall Streeters, throwing money at a market hoping that you will jump in and follow them in to the abyss. And besides, buying wall street stock is really nothing more than gambling,
Do you know the difference between Wall Street and Las Vegas.  “In Las Vegas people gamble with their own money.”  In Wall Street they gamble with someone else’s. Looking back, how’s that been working for you.
Here is the real deal, America is Marking Time, remember guys Marking Time in the service, High Stepping, but going nowhere. Thats America today, High Stepping with borrowed money, but going no where.
Whats the problem America? I’ll tell you in case your spending a lot of time watching CBS.  Its obama., There is no question, every financial sector, in the country is scared to death of this fraud, liar, phony, fella and his wife in the White House.  Nobody with a dimes worth of brains believes a word that comes out of his mouth.
Just examine the ACORN deal, now he denies knowing about the 8-5 billion that was slated to go to this 100 year old, corrupt taxpayer funded,criminal enterprise, which was nothing more corporate scam or ponzie scheme, that obviously was supported by many members of both the House and Senate for the last 4 decades, where were they???????
Yesterday I was out collecting signatures for an up coming campaign. People were asking me why interest rates were so low.
Here’s is why, First Bernanke has flooded the financial system with an excess of 1+trillion dollars.  That move has driven the the dollar down to an actual worth , of around 37cents in real value,. One economist said the other day that it was really down to 27cents. (Is your property taxes being adjusted???). Folks this was intentional, to create fear in Americans.
So what has that done, first is has destroyed the confidence of the American people, and more importantly right now is driving the Chinese out of the Treasuries Market, Frankly thats good, they should have stopped buying our debt the day George Bush took office. 
So what we have is no demand for money. People are rat holing money in their mattress because there is no incentive to put into a bank, And rumors are that there are around 1000 more banks to fail over the next 12 months. 
So then they ask what should we be doing, Well I said” untll obama’s court case comes up, and he is removed from office. I suggest you starting buying canned goods, stock pile drinking water, Because if Bernanke, Geitner, and obama are allowed to continue, this country is in for some serious times.  The reason you want to stock up is because if inflation hits here like it has in the Myanmar Republic, It will cost you a trillion dollars for a can of dog food, Pedigree is the best my dog loves it. It smells good too.   The question then becomes, who eats first her or me?
America you cannot tolerate another 3-1/2 years of Bernanke,Geitner,and obama,… And I think the majority of Democrats know it. They are going to have to remove him from office. If they dont he is going to do to the Democratic party, what George bush and John Mccain did to the republican party.
And I can tell you I got an ear full about that yesterday.
There is only one solution, States have got to sever their ties, with Washington DC.  There are  50 Stars on our Flag, and the District of Columbia is not one of them.
There will be a lot of , Oh no we cant do that, Hang on America, because if Obama , Geitner, and Bernanke are not removed, and threatened with prison, if they dont give up the whereabouts of some 9-6 trillion dollars, that is missing. That is exactly where we are headed.  Ron Pauls HR1207 must see a up or down.  Pelosi is a CFR puppet just like obama, so its not likely. However if we dont get to the bottom of this ,
 you all had better learn to eat with Chop Sticks.
If states fail to bind together and develop a plan, We are going to see soup lines that will stretch from here to Bejing.
May be all those college students, rankinfile union members, and government employees and Iowan’s, that voted for this fraud, can be put to work serving soup. If you want to get a real picture of what Im talking about, go to this web site  and talk about it over a big mac, while you can still buy them.
I just finished watching Glenns and Hour with Obama,.. Is it just me or is listening to Obama, like listening to a 6th grader.. I hope i didnt offend any sixth graders.  He wakes up with a new story every day.  I think the word Im looking for is Phsycotic. His words are like his suit, EMPTY!!!
Ask your self this question:  Who is obama really working for, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission?  The reason he has to use a teleprompter is because he does not write his own speeches , someone else is.  WHO?
Obama is accelerating the bush agenda: 

September 19, 2009

What goes around comes around

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I cant help but wonder if Al Gore, still takes credit for the “Information Highway” or as we like to refer to it as the ” Internet”. He must be simply beside himself. And can you imagine all the left wing socialist of the democratic party must be furious. I cant even contemplate the frustration , of the Communist media, CBS,ABC,NBC,MSNBC. If the majority of America is like myself, those networks, arent even on the radar. Fact is I dont remember the last time I watch one of them.

But here’s the real deal. This soetoro/obama administration,its corupt organization, Americorp,ACORN,George Soros,all these CZARS, and tax evader appointees’ like Geitner,. They are all going to be taken down with Al’s tool , the internet. How Ironic is that. I would have never dreamed in 1988, somewhere around there that this fantastic new informational source would ultimately expose the corruption in politics on both sides of the isle. And now we are going to see the complete destruction of the democratic party with the same tool that helped usher soetoro/obama into the White House. What goes around comes around.

Im convinced that there was some devine intervention going on here, how about you.

Have a great weekend , Im going politicin!!! Ive got to collect 1100 signatures by Jan 1 2010. For my run for the State House.   XXXXX

September 18, 2009

Todays been a long time a comin!

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Today we received word that the Arizona Sec of State has accepted my application to run for a Legislative House seat here in AZ. I was torn between a fed run or a state run. I settled on a state run because I am convinced that we are going to have to sever state ties with the District of Columbia, and I want to work with Arizona and the 35 other states that have already produced resolutions or bills that tell the district of Columbia to back off. Also I have 4 different bills of my own that I want to introduce with the help of several friends in the legislature as cosponsors.
Our Campaign Blog Site is : www.arizonan’   that will change to just www.arizonan’ in about 30 days.  Our campaign web site will go up also in a couple of weeks, We will have a platform statement there. You will be able to schedule townhalls and meetups on the site.
Now here’s the uncomfortable part of this.  The election is in November 2010. And the Primary is in Sept. That means that Im going to be running around the district between now and then selling my plan. Im not going to go into that here so if you want to know the plan, schedule a meet up or a townhall.  But here is the kicker, I m a Conservative, Im very conservative. I know how to cut the fat when things get tough. I will make waves. If you put me down there, you will know that Im there, To win its going to take money,. your money, I can only spend by law, $640.00 of my own money. So if you want me to spend my time, and my time away from family, I need to know that you want someone down there with solutions to the problems. And solutions and plans to bring an economy back to Arizona and specifically District 5. Then your going to have to be a part of the solution. And I should say at this juncture that my plan also involves Conservative Legislators at state level and the federal level going forward. Those plans are being worked on as we speak.
So, I can accept up to $3800 dollars in donations, individually they cannot exceed $140.00 per person. And they can come from anywhere in the country.  So give it up folks, I need 125 donations of $30.00.  If I get your support, I go to work, if I dont, then I know, that over the years, you have not agreed with my writings and ideas.  And I wont waste my time, my families time or yours. And this is important, if its a two party check both must sign, its the law.  You should know, Im not looking for a job, I dont need the lousy 24 thousand that legislatures are paid here in AZ,,, Im doing this for you , this state, my country, and most of all my Grand kids.   
Once the web site is up we will link to it from and www.arizonan’
Let roll Arizona, we have a shot a totally changing the dynamics of the Arizona State legislature. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Lets balance the budget, cut spending and the size of government, lets seal the borders, lets tell the feds to stick to the Constitution or we will get rid of them. Lets make English the state language period.  Like Willie says,, “We’ve got to draw a hard line”.  And Toby’s great line” We will rasie up our flag against evil forces”
“Lets Roll”
Send your checks to   Committee to Elect Bruce Olsen
                                           Box 2774
                                            Overgaard Arizona 85933
and they should be made to:  Committee to Elect Bruce Olsen

September 17, 2009

A New Web site for Conservatives

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This morning I received an email from a great friend of mine in Florida.  She sent me the following link:
This web site is a 527 that was put together by one of my Conservative Heros, former Congressman Tom Tancredo. Heres a thought: Just think what America would look like if we were talking about President Tom Tancredo, Would we be all up in lather over Government take over of health care? NO.  Would we all be frustrated over Toms birth Certificate? NO!. Would I be working everyday, preparing for a run for a House seat here in Arizona. NO! Would all freedom loving ,Americans be loading up on Ammo, like there is no tomorrow?.Dont think so. We would be half way done with the border fence that Congress funded in 07.  We would have good Mexican workers coming thru the gates, doing the jobs that American teen agers wont due , because they are to busy playing video games.  We would stop the gang bangers and OTM from around the world bringing in drugs,explosives, and dieases’ that we iradicated decades ago. 
Our national security would be working for the security of all Americans,.. There would be no Janet Napolitano in Homeland Security. Walking around calling veterans terrorist. There would be no Van Jones, Not Cas Sunstine, no John Holgren.. We would be moving out of the United Nations, we would be auditing the fed, we wouldnt owe 16 trillion dollars to China,. We would be witnessing the end of the IRS,. We would see Capital Gains gone.  There would be no AKORN issues, SEIU would have dried up and gone away,. We would not have given 8.5 billion dollars to GM and Chrysler,… Eventually they will run out of Government employees as buyers for their Government Motors units. 
We would not be working on 10th amendment legislation to shed our states from the District of Columbia. Unemployment would be back down to to 5-6% and declining.  Manufacturing would be r to the U.S. We wouldnt have a tax cheat running the IRS and the Federal Reserve.   The left socialist, and their mouthpiece MSNBC.CBS,NBC,ABC, would all be in a cave, wondering what happened to them.
And I would not be running for a political office. I would be spending time with my grand kids teaching them how to bait a hook.

September 16, 2009

Its time to cut the cord!!!!!!

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Im really getting tired of this racial bull crap! Starting with this idiot professor gates , then a bunch of black dumb ass elites, keep blaming whitey because their black,.  And now this dam fool Jimmy Carter.  This idiot has done as much if not more to damage the United States image around the world and between the races here at home, than even Obama. Now he’s out there shooting his mouth off, the next thing you know we will be in another decade of race riots because this stupid SOB , is still a live. God I beg you , take this sucker out of here. He is the Racist. He’s an Anti Semite. Carter says obama is a African American,, he’s even wrong about that .  Why would anyone put a microphone in front of this idiot. Somebody hand this fool a nail gun.
We allowed this fool to give away our Panama Canel,.. He should have been taken out then,.. and Hung for treason.  If I sound ticked off its because I am frankly thats an understatement . I lived thru the empty headed Carter Administration,.  And now we have this copy cat obama,….. When , When are we going to pull our heads out of our back sides,..
When I heard Carter make his dumb ass comments today , I was ready to take a hammer to the radio. If Martin Luther King were alive today, he would grab Carter by the ears and shake the _ _ _ _ out of him.  And then send him on his way,… Carter , obama’s Akorn , his minions are doing everything they can to restart a racially divided America all over again.
obama needs to make up his mind is he black or white or both,.. Personally I could not care less,.. Except to say that he is using his black half to keep the race issue on the front burner. He’s obviously mad about something,, is it because he’s a half breed,. Or is it because he is only half white , or only half black. 
Once again, Im going to tell you this , American time is wasting ,. We have got to cut out the cancer , the gangerine from the United States.  We need to completly shut them down.  Send no money,,.. We need to call everyone of these weasles in the House and Senate and tell them that we are going to do the following:
First we are never going to call or email their office again. And we are going to vote everyone of them out of office. White,Black,Green,Yellow,Brown.
Second: We are never going to file another 1040. 
We are through,    Done,,, Dont call us, write us , email us,  we have blocked your calls and sent your dam emails to spam.  The federal government its former, and present employees can eat cake.  Those fools in DC created all this debt,  you created it, you fix it.  go after bush, take his pension and everymember of his cabinet that supported his spending habits,..
We are never going to have peace in this country again until we shed our selves of this nightmare in DC.
Remember this , the Constitution was written for the United States of America,.. There is no mention of the District of Columbia,.. So kiss off.

Obama put tarrif of 35% on Chinese Tires, its about time.

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WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will put steep import duties of 35% in the first year on Chinese passenger and light truck tires, responding to what the U.S. International Trade Commission determined to be a surge of Chinese tire exports that has rocked the domestic U.S. tire industry and displaced thousands of jobs, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced Friday night.

Associated PressA Chinese worker moves large tires at an assembly line in Beijing, China, Friday, Sept. 11, 2009.

China’s government responded quickly to the announcement, saying in a statement that it “strongly opposes” what it called “a serious act of trade protectionism.” China “reserves the right to make further response,” the Ministry of Commerce statement said.

President Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency using tough trade rhetoric and appealing to union workers. He said he would renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement to incorporate stricter labor and environmental standards. And he said China must abide by the rules of the WTO or face consequences.

Since Inauguration Day, however, the president has toned down his stand. At the April G20 meeting in London and the July G8 meeting in Italy, he led leaders pledging to resist protectionism as a global recession led to rising worker anger. But administration officials have indicated they were taking a stern look at the ITC’s findings of an unfair Chinese export surge in the tire market. Mr. Obama announced last night he was instructing the secretaries of commerce and labor to expedite consideration of additional tire worker assistance under the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which offers education, retraining and other aid to workers whose lives were disrupted by trade agreements and unfair trade practices.

The case was originally brought by the United Steelworkers. Notably, the tire industry didn’t join the case — tacit recognition that it has long ago left the US market for the low-end tires at issue.

President Obama’s action stands in contrast to that of his predecessor. President George W. Bush rejected four ITC recommendations for tariffs against China.

The U.S. announcement of 35% import tariffs, which would decline to 30% in the second year and 25% in the third, comes at a sensitive time. The heads of state of the 20 largest economies arrive in Pittsburgh in less than two weeks for a summit of the Group of 20, amid rising trade tensions and looming economic disputes. The United States needs China to help float a U.S. deficit expected to reach $1.56 trillion this year. Mr. Obama is also likely to seek new sanctions against Iran to combat its nuclear program, and China’s vote on the United Nations Security Council is pivotal.

But administration officials said the president couldn’t ignore findings that they said were violations of China’s obligations under the rules of the World Trade Organization.

“The President decided to remedy the clear disruption to the U.S. tire industry based on the facts and the law in this case,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement.

United Steelworkers backed the Obama administration’s decision to impose tariffs on Chinese tires. “The President sent the message that we expect others to live by the rules, just as we do,” USW International President Leo W. Gerard said in a statement.

Vic DeIorio, Executive Vice President at GITI Tire, the largest manufacturer of tires in China, said he was “deeply disappointed” by the decision.

“By taking this unprecedented action, the Obama administration is now at odds with its own public statements about refraining from increasing tariffs above current levels,” Mr. DeIorio said. “This decision will cost many more American jobs than it will create. It will also increase costs for, and take away choices from, American consumers.”

The Chinese government’s statement, issued by commerce ministry spokesman Yao Jian on the ministry’s Web site, said the U.S. decision “not only violates WTO rules, but also runs against U.S. pledges at the G-20 summits, constitutes an abuse of trade remedy measures, and sets an extremely bad precedent in the current backdrop of a world economy in crisis.” China could refer the case to the WTO, the statement said.

With its massive export sector battered by the global recession this year, China’s government has repeatedly voiced concern about protectionism. Premier Wen Jiabao called attention to this issue Thursday at a speech to the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China, saying “we must be on guard against, and act to correct, all kinds of hidden protectionist activity.” Critics have accused China of itself making protectionist moves, such as the government’s rejection earlier this year of a bid by Coca Cola Co. to buy a Chinese juice maker.

Between 2004 and 2008, China’s tire production capacity surged by 152% and is projected to jump an additional 16% by 2010. At 235.2 million tires, China’s production capacity in 2008 was more than three times greater than its shipments to its home market. U.S. imports of tires from 2004 to 2008 jumped from 14.6 million to 46 million. China’s share of the U.S. tire market surged 255% in that time, to 16.7% from 4.7%.

Meanwhile, four U.S. tire plants closed in 2006 and 2007. Three more are planned for closure this year. There were 5,168 fewer workers in the U.S. tire industry in 2008 than there were in 2004.

“When China came in to the WTO, the U.S. negotiated the ability to impose remedies in situations just like this one,” Mr. Kirk said. “This Administration is doing what is necessary to enforce trade agreements on behalf of American workers and manufacturers. Enforcing trade laws is key to maintaining an open and free trading system.”

Mr. Kirk said U.S. trade negotiators consulted with China and timed the release for the start of the Chinese business day. The first tariffs should take effect in 15 days. The tariffs would come on top of 4% tariffs already levied on all passenger and light-truck tires imported into the U.S. market.

Trade lawyers said the decision could invite a raft of similar petitions for temporary protection from Chinese imports. Such so-called safeguards — meant to give U.S. industry a breather in the event of a sudden surge of Chinese products — were negotiated as part of China’s accession the World Trade Organization at the beginning of this decade. U.S. businesses won’t be able to seek such safeguards after 2013.

—Peter Fritsch and Jason Dean contributed to this article.Write to Jonathan Weisman at

Copyright 2009 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved

September 15, 2009

Obama could be gone in 30 days!!! see video

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Subj: HUGE NEWS…New VIDEO Atty.Orly Taitz — We can have him {Obama} out of office in 30 days 
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This is huge!  This is the furthest any case has gotten!  Not only is there a trial set, the Judge has ordered Discovery where Obama MUST produce his records!!!


Subj: Orly Taitz at D.C. Rally VIDEO — “we can have him [Obama] out of office in 30 days!” as Judge Carter orders Discovery of Obama Records



Sheriff Mack Web Site, stay tuned busy day

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Yes, that’s the plan. Make sure that every sheriff in the country has received a copy of the new book. We’re not going to force them — er, excuse me… withhold federal money from them — but we are going to give them an opportunity to read it. With your donations, we can make it happen. When every sheriff understands his duty and functions with the support of those whom he serves, then not only will there be “no sheriff left behind” but we, the people will not be left behind!


You may donate any amount you choose to this cause… all donations are appreciated and will go towards the printing and delivery of a copy of “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope” to every county sheriff in America. You may specify the state or county where we should send the books. If you do so, please provide us with the addresses where we should send them.If you purchased books yourself to give to your local sheriff, please send us an email so we can keep track.
Get an autographed copy! Recently I caught up with Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a meeting in Phoenix. At 77 years old, he is still going strong and planning on running for Sheriff again! Sheriff Joe is a strong supporter of freedom and the constitution, and at the meeting he was gracious enough to autograph 10 copies of ‘The County Sheriff’. I’m also autographing these 10 copies, and we’re giving them away to the next 10 people to donate $100 or more towards our “No Sheriff Left Behind” project! If you’ve been waiting around for a good excuse to donate, this could be it!

April 2009: THERE ARE NO SHERIFFS LEFT BEHIND IN MINNESOTA! Many people have written in telling us that they have given a copy of “The County Sheriff” to their own county sheriff… and that’s awesome! Every bit is appreciated, and we can only hope it will make a difference. Now here’s something a little extra special: A woman in Minnesota bought a copy of the book for all 87 county Sheriffs in her state, hand-addressed them and mailed them along with an introductory letter. Click here to see her letter.
UPDATE: Here are written responses from some of the sheriffs who have received the book: 1 2 3

June 2009: THERE ARE NO SHERIFFS LEFT BEHIND IN Ohio, Montana, Idaho or Arizona!



Hi, I’m Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and long-time crusader for freedom and individual rights. Right now, it is vital that we restore the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The greatest threat we face today is not terrorists; it is our own federal government. If America is conquered or ruined it will be from within, not a foreign enemy.

In 1994 I filed a lawsuit challenging the Brady bill to stop the federal government from forcing another unfunded mandate down our throats. I won a decision at the US Supreme Court on the issue of States’ rights. This suit catapulted me to national attention, with television appearances on the Donahue Show, Good Morning America, Crossfire, Nightline, CNBC, and SHOWTIME’S the AMERICAN CANDIDATE. I’ve been on over 500 radio talk shows nationwide, ranging from G. Gordon Liddy and Charles Goyette to Derry Brownfield and Pat Buchannan. I have traveled the country extensively and I’ve seen first hand the horrible side effects from politicians who have replaced our Constitution with their own political agendas and party platforms.

I lecture and give seminars on constitutional issues relating to gun control, law enforcement, States’ rights, the farce, otherwise known as the drug war, and the oath of office. I have also been a consultant for lawyers, and people in general helping them with cases of unlawful arrests and police misconduct. I have stood for “the little guy” against “big brother” government.

On this site you’ll find many articles and extracts from books I’ve written on many subjects related to maintaining our freedom as a people. I am deeply committed to the belief that government should exist to protect the freedoms of the individuals whom it serves. We must return to those principles that our country was founded upon!

The founders of our nation were afraid of one thing more than any other… government having too much power! Remember, they escaped from the tyranny of an oppressive and controlling government when they established this nation. They fought and died for it, and now we are letting these same freedoms they fought for slip away little by little, without a second thought.

Please join me in the fight to regain our rights, while the price to pay is less than death. I am committed to doing all we can peacefully to get our country back.

In order to succeed, we must first make ourselves aware of the problem. We must educate ourselves, and then we can know what action to take. One of the best and easiest solutions is to depend on local officials, especially the sheriff, to stand against federal intervention and federal criminality.

And this is the purpose of my work: I write and speak so that others will become educated and free.

  • What rights does the constitution actually guarantee?
  • Why is it important that we not allow our means of self-defense to be taken from us?
  • What are the dangers of giving government too much power?
  • What can we do to remain strong as individuals and families, so that we can remain strong as a nation?
  • How do we win the war on illegal drugs?
  • What can the sheriff do to protect us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic?

Please take a few moments to read and think about these things. It really may be a life or death situation!

Paul Revere Rides Again

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What a great time to be an American,.. I never thought I would live to see whats happening in America. Look at all the people that are standing up, Millions of Americans, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and even the politically disenchanted are finally waking up and rallying together for the principals of Freedom.
Everyday, now, a new Paul Revere, steps forward and joins the long list of Freedom fighters that have been out there for years warning of the coming tyranny, that has been systematically been in the works for years.
We now have , Congressman Joe Wilson, James O’Keefe, and  Hanna Giles’s video exposing the truth regarding AKORN, a corrupt taxpayer funded nightmare.  It has to be completely taken down. These three Americans are truly the latest in a long line of Paul Revere’s.
AKORN and SEIU , are exposing obama for what he is.  Birds of a feather flock together. I am convinced that as these anti American groups including the Clintons have peaked and are on their way down. The left wing socialist power hungry elements of our country are drowning in their own, sludge. 
Some time ago I wrote about the power of our County Sheriffs. A friend sent me a video of a former Sheriff, Sheriff Mack from Arizona.  He has been out there for years, working, telling us that our last line of defense against a tyrannical federal or state government is our County Sheriff.  Go to
Then call your County Sheriff, ask him or her, where she stands regarding her oath.  As communities you need to have meetings with your local Sheriff, and let them know that if they stand for the Constitution, that you as citizens will stand with them, They need your support, Because the feds over the past 30 years has been trying to brain wash the most powerful Law Enforcement agency in the United States of America.   
To wind up, the left wing of the radical left wing politicians otherwise knows as CBS,NBC,ABC is crumbling, how they are managing to attract advertisers is unbelievable.  Can you imagine the angnst that exists today in the obama,kerry,clinton,sorros,akorn,seiu camps,… They are about to follow each other in to a giant hole.  
Now more than ever, we need everyone to get your friends, neighbors, and families involved,… Lets keep up the pressure, Lets support those out there on the front lines.
obama, go on another vacation, because your getting closer and closer to the end of you and your minions tyranny in America.  Your just a puppet that has been gromed for this time in our history,. It took you and your minions to wake up America. And fella , wake up Americans is exactly what you have done,. thanks , now go away.

Thanks Glenn , your getting there, & Pelosi goes to court

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A Proud America Is Once Again! Thanks Glenn!!
And today on Glenn Beck, Glenn, went where Ive been for over a year.  Thats right, here is what he said and I quote ” What we need to do is quarantine Washington, DC, Nothing goes in and nothing comes out, until we clean up the infection.”  I hope you all watched his show this Monday.
I have been saying for months, no years that we the states are going to have to sever our ties with the District of Columbia,. Thats right, go back and check, Cut them off at the knees, How do you control one’s behavior, Control their money,,, why do you think the last two administrations have done everything they could to run up debt, and drive down the dollar, Look at what Obama has done just in 7 months,
But Americans you are waking up, But you need a solution, Here it is, It is right in your back yards, The States,… One by one they are standing up, Just last week Governor Perry of Texas put the Texas Rangers on the Border, Whats wrong with you Governor Brewer, why haven’t you put the Arizona Rangers on the Border or the State Police or the Dept. of Public Safety.  If anyone should be down there its the Dept of Public Safety, think of the millions of dollars Arizona would save each month if they sealed that border, When is the last time you heard that fool Neapolitano talk about border security, obama, Trust me National Security or Homeland Germany Security is not at the top of their to do list.  What is, its the destruction of Free Enterprise, Capitalism, Freedom, that is what is on their front burner?
Now back to my point, we as states must sever our ties with the District of Columbia, Its starts with legislation, we need to kill every bill that every Congressman, regardless of party, and in the Senate, come up with.  We need to stop sending 4 dollars to get 3 back, We have got to shut down the District of Columbia, And we can do it in less than 30 days, this will be my primary agenda if Im sent to the Arizona legislature in 2010.   I just hope our country can hang in there,until then. 
But it is going to take some people down at our state house’s that have some cahunes’ .  Its going to take people that arn’t so wrapped up in their positions that they can put their country and state ahead of personal position or power, I know your not doing it for money, because I was looking the other day at what your paid, its no wonder you cant get people with business experience to run for public office, you treat them like paupers. You have a dental hygienist for a governor,,, knock knock , the lights are on is anyone at home.
Anyway, today was great day, for me, Glenn is coming around to the only way we will fix Washington, DC,…
Here is another way to look and DC,… Lets say your diabetic, you like sugar,(my tax dollars) and the more you get the more your condition grows, until finally you find that your extremities have got gangrene(all those bloated agencies and tax funded community organizers).  Exactly, that is where we are as a nation. Our federal government has chronic diabetes , and its has developed gangrene.  So what should we do, well we do the only thing possible, We cut off the dam gangrene, such as the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Justice, what joke that is, the department of energy. I could go on and on, but my fingers are cramping… Bottom line, cut , cut , cut , cut, until all the gangrene is gone, Not only to we have to do that at the fed level, we have to do the same thing at the state level.  Its time folks, the honeymoon is over. And now you have to wake up, roll over and look at what you have done.
We have a lot to do America , so lets keepup the momentum.
Nancy needs a lawyer,,,maybe she will retain BHO, I understand he’s a great litigator.
Pelosi and the DNC lied via omission back there in August 2008 regarding the omission of verbiage from the certification docs.

This may be news to some in cyberspace and some media reporters now just picking up on this, but this information about the flaw and omission of verbiage on eligibility in the DNC form provided to most of the states is a part of the Kerchner v Obama & Congress lawsuit. See paragraph 89-91 on pages 19 & 20 and End Note 16 on page 78. Pelosi is a named defendant in this lawsuit, both in her official capacities and personally. Anyone bringing this DNC doc omission and flaw issue to the attention of government officials now should point out that it is part of a federal lawsuit in the Camden NJ courts to point to the seriousness of the charges against Pelosi and others. This is not just blog chatter. She has been charged in a federal lawsuit.


September 13, 2009

Charlie Scheen,,, questions Mr. President,

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Charlie Sheen – Good afternoon Mr. President, thank you so much for taking time out of your demanding schedule.

President Barack Obama – My pleasure, the content of your request seemed like something I should carve out a few minutes for.

CS – I should point out that I voted for you, as your promises of hope and change, transparency and accountability, as well as putting government back into the hands of the American people, struck an emotional chord in me that I hadn’t felt in quite some time, perhaps ever.

PBO – And I appreciate that Charlie. Big fan of the show, by the way.

CS – Sir, I can’t imagine when you might find the time to actually watch my show given the measure of what you inherited.

PBO – I have it Tivo’d on Air Force One. Nice break from the traveling press corps. (He glances at his watch) not to be abrupt or to rush you, but you have 19 minutes left.

CS – I’ll take that as an invitation to cut to the chase.

PBO – I’m all ears. Or so I’ve been told.

CS – Sir, in the very near future we will be experiencing our first 9/11 anniversary with you as Commander in Chief.

PBO – Yes. A very solemn day for our Nation. A day of reflection and yet a day of historical consciousness as well.

CS – Very much so sir, very much so indeed…. Now; In researching your position regarding the events of 9/11 and the subsequent investigation that followed, am I correct to understand that you fully support and endorse the findings of the commission report otherwise known as the ‘official story’?

PBO – Do I have any reason not to? Given that most of us are presumably in touch with similar evidence.

CS – I really wish that were the case, sir. Are you aware, Mr. President, of the recent stunning revelations that sixty percent of the 9/11 commissioners have publicly stated that the government agreed not to tell the truth about 9/11 and that the Pentagon was engaged in deliberate deception about their response to the attack?

PBO – I am aware of certain “in fighting” during the course of their very thorough and tireless investigative process.

CS – Mr. President, it’s hard to label this type of friction as “in fighting” or make the irresponsible leap to “thorough,” when the evidence I insist you examine regarding 6 of the 10 members are statements of fact.

(At this point one of Obama’s senior aides approaches the President and whispers into his ear. Obama glances quickly at his watch and nods as the aide resumes his post at the doorway, directly behind me.)

PBO – No disrespect Mr. Sheen, but I have to ask; what is it that you seem to be implying with the initial direction of this discussion?

CS – I am not implying anything Mr. President. I am here to present the facts and see what you plan to do with them.

PBO – Let me guess; your ‘facts,’ allegedly supporting these claims are in the folders you brought with you?

CS – Good guess Mr. President.

(I hand the first folder of documents to the President)

CS – Again sir, these are not my opinions or assumptions, this is all a matter of public record, reported through mainstream media, painstakingly fact checked and verified.

(the President glances into the folder I handed him)

CS – You’ll notice sir on page one of the dossier dated August of ‘06 from the Washington Post, the statements of John Farmer, senior council to the 9/11 commission, his quote stating, “I was shocked how different the truth was from the way it was described.”

PBO – (as he glances down at the report, almost inaudible) …. um hmm….

CS – He goes on to further state “The [NORAD Air Defense] tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years….”

(the President continues to view the documents)

CS – On pages two and three, sir, are the statements, as well, from commission co-chairmen Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, commissioners Bob Kerrey, Timothy Roemer and John Lehman, as well as the statements of commissioner Max Cleland, an ex-Senator from Georgia , who resigned, stating:

“It is a national scandal. This investigation is now compromised. One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9/11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up.”

He also described President Bush’s desire to delay the process as not to damage the ‘04 re-election bid. They suspected deception to the point where they considered referring the matter to the Justice Department for criminal investigation. Mr. President, this information alone is unequivocally grounds for a new investigation!

PBO – Mistakes were clearly made but we as a people and as a country need to move forward. It is obviously in our best interest as a democratic society to focus our efforts and our resources on the future of this great nation and our ability to protect the American people and our allies from this type of terrorism in the coming years.

CS – Sir, how can we focus on the future when THE COMMISSION ITSELF is on record stating that they still do not know the truth??

PBO – Even if what you state, might in some capacity, begin to approach an open discussion or balanced debate, I can’t speak for, or about the decisions certain commission members made during an extremely difficult period. Perhaps you should be interviewing them instead of me. Wait, don’t tell me; I was easier to track down than they were?

CS – Not exactly sir, but let’s be honest. You’re the President of the United States, the leader of the free world, the buck stops with you. 9/11 has been the pretext for the systematic dismantling of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Your administration is reading from the same playbook that the Bush administration foisted on America through documented secrecy and deception.

PBO – Mr. Sheen, I’m having a difficult time sitting here and listening to you draw distorted parallels between the Bush/Cheney regime and mine.

CS – Mr. President the parallels are not distorted just because you say they are. Let’s stick to the facts. You promised to abolish the Patriot Act and then voted to re-authorize it. You pledged to end warrantless wire tapping against the American people and now energetically defend it. You decried the practice of rendition and now continue it. You promised over and over again on the campaign trail, that you would end the practice of indefinite detention and instead, you have expanded it to permanent detention of “detainees” without trial. This far exceeds the outrages of the former administration. Call me crazy Mr. President, but is this not your record?

PBO – Mr. Sheen, my staff and I authorized this interview based on your request to discuss 9/11 and deliver some additional information you’re convinced I’d not previously reviewed. Call me crazy, But it appears as though you’ve blindly wandered off topic.

CS – Sir, the examples I just illustrated are a direct result of 9/11.

PBO – And I’m telling you that we must move forward, we must endure through these dangerous and politically challenging years ahead.

CS – Mr. President, we cannot move forward with a bottomless warren of unanswered questions surrounding that day and its aftermath.

PBO – I read the official report. Every word every page. Perhaps you should do the same.

CS – I have sir, and so have thousands of family members of the victims, and guess what; they have the same questions I do and probably a lot more. I didn’t lose a loved one on that horrific day Mr. President and neither did you. But since then I, along with millions of other Americans lost something we held true and dear for most of our lives in this great country of ours; we lost our hope.

PBO – And I’d like to believe that I am here to restore that hope. To restore confidence in your leaders, in the system that the voting public chose through a peaceful transfer of power.

(An odd moment of silence between us. Precious time ticking away).

CS – Mr. President, are you aware of the number of days it took to begin the investigation into JFK’s assassination?

PBO – If memory serves I believe it was two weeks.

CS – Close. Seventeen days to be exact. Are you aware sir, how long it took to begin the investigation into Pearl Harbor?

PBO – I would say again about….two weeks.

CS – Close again sir, eleven days to be exact. Are you aware Mr. President how long it took to begin the investigation into 9/11?

PBO – I know it must have seemed like a very long time for all the grieving families.

CS – It was a very long time Mr. President – four hundred and forty days. Roughly 14 months. Does it bother you Mr. President that it only took FIVE HOURS for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld after the initial attack to recommend and endorse a full scale offensive against Iraq?

PBO – I am not aware of any such purported claim.

CS – I have the proof Mr. President, along with scores of documents and facts I’d like you to take a look at. Here.

(I hand him another file – much thicker than the first)

PBO – I see you came prepared Charlie.

CS – No other way to show up Mr. President. When in doubt over prepare I always say.

PBO – Now you sound like the First Lady.

CS – That’s quite a compliment sir.

PBO – As you wish. Please continue.

CS – Sir, I’d like to direct your attention to the stack of documents in the folder I just handed you. The first in from the top is entitled “ Operation Northwoods“, a declassified Pentagon plan to stage terror attacks on US soil, to be blamed on Cuba as a pretext for war.

PBO – And I’d like to direct your attention to the fact that the principle draftsman of this improbable blueprint was quickly denied a second term as Joint Chiefs chairman and sent packing to a European NATO garrison. Thank God his otherworldly ambitions never saw the light of day.

CS – I wouldn’t be so certain about that Mr. President.

PBO – I could easily say the same to you Charlie.

(the President checks his watch)

Charlie Sheen writing 20 Minutes with the President. Photo by Alex Jones.

featured stories   Twenty Minutes with the President  
soylent green featured stories   Twenty Minutes with the President

CS – The next document reads “Declassified staged provocations.” Now, Honestly Mr. President I wish I was making this stuff up. I’m certain you are familiar with the USS Maine Incident, the sinking of the Lusitania, which we all now know brought us into WW1, and of course the most famous, the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

PBO – Of course I am familiar with these historical events and I’m aware that there’s a measure of controversy surrounding them. But to be quite frank with you, this is all ancient history.

CS – Mr. President, it has been often said; “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” And I concede to you sir, these events are the past.

PBO – A vastly different world young man, shouldering a radically disparate state of universal affairs.

CS – No argument sir, I’m merely inviting you to acknowledge some credibility to the pattern or the theme. Case in point; the next document in your folder. It was published by the think-tank, Project For a New American Century and it’s entitled “ Rebuilding Americas Defenses“, and was written by Dick Cheney and Jeb Bush. To quote from the document sir – (the President interrupts)

PBO – “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

CS – Touche, sir. Your thoughts on this statement Mr. President?

PBO – I would call this a blatant case of misjudgment fueled by an unfortunate milieu of assumption. For some, the uninformed denial of coincidence.

CS – Interesting angle sir. Nevertheless, Vice President Cheney didn’t stop there. In early 2008, Pulitzer prize winning journalist  Seymour Hersh and  MSNBC, both reported that Cheney had proposed to the Pentagon an outrageous plan to have the U.S. Navy create fake Iranian patrol boats, to be manned by Navy Seals, who would then stage an attack on US destroyers in the Strait of Hormuz. This event was to be blamed on Iran and used as a pretext for war. Does any of this information worry you Mr. President? Should we just ignore it, until these realities can be dismissed years from now by our children, as ancient history as well?

PBO – Of course this information worries me, yet it’s not nearly as worrisome as you sitting here today suspiciously implying that 9/11 was somehow allowed to happen or even orchestrated from the inside.

CS – Mr. President I am not suspiciously implying anything. I am merely exposing the documents and asking the questions that nobody in power will even look at or acknowledge. And as I stated earlier, I voted for you, I believed in your message of hope and change. Mr. President I have come to you specifically hoping for a change. A change in the perception that our government has not yet made itself open and accountable to the people. These are your words Mr. President not mine. The lives of thousands were brutally cut short and those left behind to suffer their infinite pain are with me today Mr. President. They are with me in spirit and flesh, and the message we carry will not be silenced anymore by media fueled mantras insisting how they are supposed to feel. Deciding for them, for 8 long years, what can be thought, what can be said, what can be asked.

PBO – And I appreciate your passion, I appreciate your conviction. In spite of your concerns, in spite of what your data might or might not reveal, what you and the families must understand and accept is that we are doing everything we can to protect you.

CS – Mr. President , I realize were very short on time, so please allow me to run down a list of bullet points that might illuminate some reasons why we don’t embrace the warm hug of Federal protection.

PBO – We’ve come this far. Fire away.

CS – Please keep in mind Mr. President everything I’m about to say is documented as fact and part of the public record. The information you are holding in your hands chronicles and verifies each and every point.

PBO – You have five minutes left. The floor is yours. Brief me.

CS – Thank you Mr. President. Okay, first; On the FBI’s most wanted list Osama Bin Laden is not charged with the crimes of 911. When I called the FBI to ask them why this was the case, they replied: “There’s not enough evidence to link Bin Laden to the crime scene,” I later discovered he had never even been indicted by the D.O.J.

CSNumber 2; FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, was dismissed and gagged by the D.O.J. after she revealed that the government had foreknowledge of plans to attack American cities using planes as bombs as early as April 2001. In July of ‘09, Mrs. Edmonds broke the Federal gag order and went public to reveal that Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and the Taliban were all working for and with the C.I.A. up until the day of 9/11.

CSNumber 3; The following is a quote from Mayor Giuliani during an interview on 9/11 with Peter Jennings for ABC News. “I went down to the scene and we set up headquarters at 75 Barkley Street, which was right there with the Police Commissioner, the Fire Commissioner, the Head of Emergency Management, and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. And it did collapse before we could actually get out of the building, so we were trapped in the building for 10, 15 minutes, and finally found an exit and got out, walked north, and took a lot of people with us.”

WHO TOLD HIM THIS??? To this day, the answer to this question remains unanswered, completely ignored and emphatically DENIED by Mayor Giuliani on several public occasions.

CSNumber 4; In April 2004, USA Today reported, “In the two years before the Sept. 11 attacks, the North American Aerospace Defense Command conducted exercises simulating what the White House says was unimaginable at the time: hijacked airliners used as weapons to crash into targets and cause mass casualties.” One of the targets was the World Trade Center.

CSNumber 5; On September 12th 2007, CNN’s ‘Anderson Cooper 360′, reported that the mysterious “white plane” spotted and videotaped by multiple media outlets, flying in restricted airspace over the White House shortly before 10am on the morning of 9/11, was in fact the Air Force’s E-4B, a specially modified Boeing 747 with a communications pod behind the cockpit; otherwise known as “The Doomsday Plane”.

Though fully aware of the event, the 9/11 Commission did not deem the appearance of the military plane to be of any interest and did not include it in the final 9/11 Commission report.

CSNumber 6; Three F-16s assigned to Andrews Air Force Base, ten miles from Washington, DC, are conducting training exercises in North Carolina 207 miles away as the first plane crashes into the WTC. Even at significantly less than their top speed of 1500 mph, they could still have defended the skies over Washington well before 9am, more than 37 minutes before Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon, however, they did not return until after 9:55am.

Andrews AFB had no armed fighters on alert and ready to take off on the morning of 9/11.

CSNumber 7; WTC Building 7. Watch the video of its collapse.

CSNumber 8; Flight 93 is fourth plane to crash on 9/11 at 10:03am. V.P. Cheney only gives shoot down order at 10:10-10:20am and this is not communicated to NORAD until 28 minutes after Flight 93 has crashed.

Fueling further suspicion on this front is the fact that three months before the attacks of 9/11, Dick Cheney usurped control of NORAD, and therefore he, and no one else on planet Earth, had the power to call for military sorties on the hijacked airliners on 9/11. He did not exercise that power. Three months after 9/11, he relinquished command of NORAD and returned it to military operation.


  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
  • efoods

CSNumber 9; Scores of main stream news outlets reported that the F.B.I. conducted an investigation of at least FIVE of the 9/11 hijackers being trained at U.S. military flight schools. Those investigations are now sealed and need to be declassified.


CSNumber 10; In 2004, New York firefighters Mike Bellone and Nicholas DeMasi went public to say they had found the black boxes at the World Trade Center, but were told to keep their mouths shut by FBI agents. Nicholas DeMasi said that he escorted federal agents on an all-terrain vehicle in October 2001 and helped them locate the devices, a story backed up by rescue volunteer Mike Bellone.

As the Philadelphia Daily News reported at the time, “Their story raises the question of whether there was a some type of cover-up at Ground Zero.”

CSNumber 11 – Hundreds of eye witnesses including first responders, fire captains, news reporters, and police, all described multiple explosions in both towers before and during the collapse.

CSNumber 12; An astounding video uncovered from the archives shows BBC News correspondent Jane Standley reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11. Tapes from earlier BBC broadcasts show news anchors discussing the collapse of WTC 7 a full 26 minutes in advance. The BBC at first claimed that their tapes from 9/11 had been “lost” before admitting that they made the “error” of reporting the collapse of WTC 7 before it happened without adequately explaining how they could have obtained advance knowledge of the event.

In addition, over an hour before the collapse of WTC 7, at 4:10pm, CNN’s Aaron Brown reported that the building “has either collapsed, or is collapsing.”

CSNumber 13; Solicitor General Ted Olson’s claim that his wife Barbara Olsen called him twice from Flight 77, describing hijackers with box cutters, was a central plank of the official 9/11 story.

However, the credibility of the story was completely undermined after Olsen kept changing his story about whether his wife used her cell phone or the airplane phone. The technology to enable cell phone calls from high-altitude airline flights was not created until 2004. American Airlines confirmed that Flight 77 was a Boeing 757 and that this plane did not have airplane phones on board.

According to the FBI, Barbara Olsen attempted to call her husband only once and the call failed to connect, therefore Olsen must have been lying when he claimed he had spoken to his wife from Flight 77.

CSNumber 14; The size of a Boeing 757 is approximately 125ft in width and yet images of the impact zone at the Pentagon supposedly caused by the crash merely show a hole no more than 16ft in diameter. The engines of the 757 would have punctured a hole bigger than this, never mind the whole plane. Images before the partial collapse of the impact zone show little real impact damage and a sparse debris field completely inconsistent with the crash of a large jetliner, especially when contrasted with other images showing airplane crashes into buildings.

CSNumber 15; What is the meaning behind the following quote attributed to Dick Cheney which came to light during the 9/11 Commission hearings? The passage is taken from testimony given by then Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta.

During the time that the airplane was coming in to the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, “The plane is 50 miles out.” “The plane is 30 miles out.” And when it got down to “the plane is 10 miles out,” the young man also said to the Vice President, “Do the orders still stand?” And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said, “Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?”

As the plane was not shot down, in addition to the fact that armed fighter jets were nowhere near the plane and the Pentagon defensive system was not activated, are we to take it that the orders were to let the plane find its target?

CSNumber 16; In May 2003, the Miami Herald reported how the Bush administration was refusing to release a 900-page congressional report on 9/11 because it wanted to “avoid enshrining embarrassing details in the report,” particularly regarding pre-9/11 warnings as well as the fact that the hijackers were trained at U.S. flight schools.

CSNumber 17; Top Pentagon officials cancelled their scheduled flights for September 11th on September 10th. San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, following a security warning, cancelled a flight into New York that was scheduled for the morning of 9/11.

CSNumber 18; The technology to enable cell phone calls from high-altitude airline flights was not created until 2004, and even by that point it was only in the trial phase. Calls from cell phones which formed an integral part of the official government version of events were technologically impossible at the time.

CSNumber 19: On April 29, 2004, President Bush and V.P. Cheney would only meet with the commission under specific clandestine conditions. They insisted on testifying together and not under oath. They also demanded that their testimony be treated as a matter of “state secret.” To date, nothing they spoke of that day exists in the public domain.

CS – And finally Mr. President – Number 20; A few days after the attack, several newspapers as well as the FBI reported that a paper passport had been found in the ruins of the WTC. In August 2004, CNN reported that 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah’s visa was found in the remains of Flight 93 which went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

At least a third of the WTC victim’s bodies were vaporized and many of the victims of the Pentagon incident were burned beyond recognition. And yet visas and paper passports which identify the perpetrators and back up the official version of events miraculously survive explosions and fires that we are told melted steel buildings.

(The Senior aide appears again beside the President whispering in his ear. He then quickly moves off).

PBO – Well Charlie I can’t say this hasn’t been interesting. As I said earlier you’ve showed up today focused and organized. Regardless how I feel about the material you’ve presented, I must commend your dedication and zeal. However, our time here is up.

(the President rises from his chair , I do the same).

CS – Mr. President! One more second!

(The President starts towards the door – I follow him quickly step for step).

CS – Mr. President, I implore you based on the evidence you now possess, to use your Executive Power. Prove to us all Sir, that you do, in fact, care. Create a truly comprehensive and open Congressional investigation of 9/11 and its aftermath. The families deserve the truth, the American people and the rest of the free world deserve the truth. Mr. President –

(He pauses. We shake hands).

CS – Make sure you’re on the right side of history.

(The President breaks the handshake).

PBO – I am on the right side of history. Thank you Charlie, my staff and I will be in touch.

(I watch as he strides gracefully out of the room, the truth I provided him held firmly by his side; in the hand of providence.)

Twenty Minutes With The President 080909sig


A comprehensive bibliography containing all of the evidence presented above can be viewed at

 Get this interview in PDF format here.

Author’s Note: What you have just read didn’t actually happen… yet.

This is an open letter to the President requesting a new investigation.

Charlie Sheen.

Change you can believe in:

Obama Trial Update,, lets see him lie his way out of this one.

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My favorite part…………..   The parties shall comply fully with the letter and spirit of Rule 26(a) and thereby obtain and produce most of what would be produced in the early stages of discovery,   Yes, let the games begin!!!
—– Original Message —– From: Neil Turner To: Neil Turner Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2009 8:59 PM Subject: REPORT FROM ORLY TAITZ IN D.C. 12 Sept. 2009

Following discussions with Orly Taitz (she in Wash. D.C.) today, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009, I would like to make the following announcements:

  1. The Government attorneys LIED to Judge Land in court (in Columbus, GA) on Friday when they told the judge that the Flight Surgeon, Capt. Rhodes, who is the plaintiff refusing to obey orders for deployment until they can be proved to be ‘lawful orders’, just failed to show in Court, when they knew that she was ordered to remain on base back in Kansas (?).  At this point, Orly produced a notarized statement from the plaintiff (that had been scanned and then emailed to her) stating the facts of the matter.  Perjury, pure and simple. And, needless to say, the Judge was ‘PISSED’ (Orly’s words – in English, and in Russian, I believe).  Orly will be back in Court with Capt. Rhodes in GA on Monday (following a few hours stopover back in California to organize the following):
  2. Orly IS proceeding with ‘DISCOVERY’ based on:
    1.  Judge Carter’s words in Court to proceed in a timely and expeditious manner;
    2. the Government’s (Cardona) Application for Stay: “This court should stay … with the exception of any discovery which Plaintiffs can demonstratethat they need in order to counter said motion (to dismiss).” It is arguable that the original hospital birth certificate is absolutely essential to demonstrate that dismissal is not appropriate in this case;
    3. and the actual COURT ORDER by Judge David O. Carter setting a Scheduling Conference for October 5, 2009 (CASE NO. SA CV09-0082-DOC(ANx) in the Case of BARNETT et al v. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA et al., especially lines 3 – 6 (page 2): the Court encourages the parties to begin discovery before the Scheduling Conference. The parties shall comply fully with the letter and spirit of Rule 26(a) and thereby obtain and produce most of what would be produced in the early stages of discovery, because at the Scheduling Conference the Court will impose tight deadlines to complete discovery.

Let the subpoenas and the servings begin.


Best regards,

Neil Turner

September 11, 2009

Congressman Joe Wilson, a Great American steps up

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Congressman Joe Wilson a great American, steps up. Well maybe, not so fast, it turns out that he voted to give taxpayer funds to illegal aliens for health care,…

Finally frustration over truth , respect for the American people, anger over the fraud put over on the American people , erupted Wednesday night in the House of Representatives Chambers.

When Congressman Joe Wilson, could no longer contain himself, he shouted out “You Lie”. Over comments made by Soetoro regarding the health care of illegal aliens,.. The truth is the bill gives health care to illegal aliens,. Just on of the 5 lies Soetoro made in his speech to the Joint Session of Congress. Congressman Joe Wilson displayed the anger, the frustration that 10’s of millions of Americans were feeling as Barry Soetoro, AKA Barak obama, was reading his teleprompter. Spewing complete fabrications and utter lies related to the Governments plan to control health care. Face it folks the guy is a liar.

Congressman Wilson is being criticized for showing a lack of respect of a President and the House of Representatives as a Body of Government,. The truth is the House of Representatives is the perpetrator of a lack of respect for the American People and this Country. They the House of Representatives as a Body of Government and the Senate have allowed a illegal alien to occupy the White House under false representation. Both of these bodies are a joke. Congressman Wilson knows it.

When Congressman Joe Wilson, blurted out “ YOU LIE” my reaction was that it is about time that someone stood up to this fraud. No one not even a President should be allowed to address the House , the Senate, and the American people and intentionally lie ,mislead, and infact promote an agenda completely at odds with the American values. He, Congressman Joe Wilson should have never apologized. Although I understand politically why he did so. Sometimes the truth hurts, but America, the truth is going to set us free of this fraud on our country.

As for Respect for the institution of the House of Representatives. They have lost the respect of the American people. With out question the American People have lost any respect for the House of Representatives, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi.

The problems facing America are all the result of the Federal Government and administrations over the past 50 years,. Every administration brings forth more and more issues that are to the decline of our country,. As States we must get a handle on this.

If we want to control the behavior of the Federal Government and administrations, we have the power to do just that. But we will need strong leadership in the individual states.

Today is 9/11. Like all of you , I remember where and what I was doing when it happened. I was sitting in a restaurant in Oklahoma having breakfast with the morning crew,.. I remember the thoughts that were going thru my mind. Americans are standing up today like those on Flight 93 to save the institution we call America. God Bless America!

 Congressman Mike Rogers on idiotic health care reform:

Obama,,,the fraud is about over for America

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Get Ready Sarah,,, your about to become our Vice President!!!! The Stars are all lined up.   :::(((


She has 2 good news items that she is very busy with right now:


1.   Judge Carter is ‘giving her expedited discovery – immediately’.


2.   Judge Land will allow her to present before the court in GA.  She is leaving now to fly to GA to appear before Judge Land at the Federal Building in Columbus, GA at 2:00 pm tomorrow (Friday, 9/11/09). 

She would like as many military supporters to be there as possible.  I called Carl Swensson (, and he will see what he can do.  If you have any contacts there, please advise them.



September 9, 2009

Gov Brewer is no Manager, shes only making matters worse!!!

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Arizona voters in LD-5,,,, if you want more proof that the Conservatives need my help , here it is::::


(This was originally sent out on Sept. 4th but, due a computer issue, some people apparently didn’t receive it.  So, I’m resending it.  S.A.)    

Governor Raises Taxes & Increases State Deficit





Today Governor Brewer passed four of the budget bills but vetoed the Revenue Bill and parts of the Education and DES (Dept. of Economic Security) bills.


The Revenue Bill contained the repeal of the “Property Equalization Tax.”  That the Governor vetoed this repeal means that property taxes will go up, and tax revenues to the state will be an additional $250 million dollars this year.  This repeal was lobbied hard for by the Democrats.  In fact, it looks like the Governor (with this and by her actions of putting money back into education and DES) has granted them what they wanted.


The only problem is that this increases our state deficit and makes our finacinal situation more difficult. 


Senate President Bob Burns reported the following in a letter sent to me this afternoon:


Dear Members:


Today the Governor took action on the remaining budget bills. As we understand the details currently (and this is subject to change), her actions are as follows:


 – Veto of HB 2007 (General Revenues) which included the repeal of state equalization tax, reduced assessment ratio for business property, sweep of VLT monies from the cities, Rio Nuevo modifications, and approximately $200 million in a various non-tax revenue enhancement (i.e. accelerated unclaimed property).


Line item veto of HB 2006 (General Appropriations Act):

 – Entire DES budget. This restores the DES Budget to the line-itemed budget as of 7/1/09.  The impact is that the FY09 and FY10 cuts to the agency are restored.

 – Basic State Aid line for K-12.  This action restores the K-12 budget back to the 7/6 budget. The impact is $100 million in new spending above FY2009 levels and no reductions in FY2010.

 – Line item vetoes of HB2011 (K-12 BRB) — allows the 2% inflation for education to be funded in FY 2010 and restores the $180 million in reductions to school districts and charters.





Million of dollars in reductions we made to state government in order to bring down our state deficit will be put back in.  We have now gone backwards.  Governor Brewer will use the $250 million in new property taxes to cover some of this, but it won’t cover all and so, my dear friends, we are in one big mess. 


Jan Brewer has always claimed she is a conservative, but her actions show she is not.  She has done the worst thing she could to our state and to our hard-working families. 


Where will we get the money to maintain this level of spending?  Oh, by the way, can you believe this?  She stills wants her tax referral to go the ballot for the sales tax increase!!




Last night I went to Congresswoman Kirkpatrick’s town hall.  She controlled the crowd  by only allowing written questions. 


I was curious to understand the spin she would put on it and here it is.


  • You are responsible for your health – you must eat right, etc… However, healthcare is a “right,” so Government must provide healthcare.  This is “Social Justice.”
  • She couldn’t answer the question on how we will pay for it, but said she was worried about that.
  • Insurance companies need competition, so Public Options will be good.  In other words government will compete for your business. 
  • She said that there is NO rationing of care outlined in the bill, even though right now in Medicare and AHCCCS there is already rationing of care going on.
  • She kept saying that people need to solve the problems, but said the government was the only way to solve healthcare problem.


We can’t afford our government healthcare programs in Arizona right now, so what makes us think we can afford a national healthcare program?  The way they will have to fund it is through higher taxes – there is no other way.

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