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August 31, 2009

Winning the War one Battle at a time USFS vs Citizens of the West

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Well, folks, it looks at least at first glance that we have won a battle.  Not the war but at least a battle, As many of you know we spent the better part of 07 and part of 08 fighting the Forest Service Travel Management Rule, If Im interpreting the paper correctly we have stopped them at least for the time being.  And it appears that the Department of AG is not going to appeal the ruling.
This is a very positive for rural American Communities in the west.
So at first glance, I am certain that all those letters, emails,from all the communities in the White Mountains of Arizona,   and of course the efforts of CMLUA, Doyle John, Jim and the membership over in Springerville and here in Overgaard and Heber, then there was  , Senate Bill 1264, that Senator Karen Johnson sponsored for me,  didnt hurt, The day that bill was heard in the Senate Committee, it instantly went to the weasels in Washington. And after the Bill made it thru the Governors Veto, Senator Johnson Drafted a letter, that clearly stated that although she had vetoed the bill, she did however confirm that the Law that we were bring forward, did exist and that Arizona had in the past and may in the future use that law to the benefit of Arizona. That Law is refered to as RS 2477.  
Once I received that letter from Senator Johnson, now unfortunately retired, I took that letter to the Montana Governor, and the Wyoming Governors office for their review and information. I was told both states had been following the bill.
So, its not time to go to sleep, we have to stay on top of what these weasels in Washington will do next, We know the will try again to draft a Rule that will close these forests off to American Timber industries, hunters and campers. 
My hats off to the judge in California that finally pulled the trigger on this idiotic Travel Management Rule that the weasels in Washington were trying to shove down our throats.
But remember what they are doing with one hand, may not be what they are doing with the other.
Congratulations Americans, you won one for the Gipper!!!

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