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August 30, 2009

Obama , has been sent out to play in the school yard

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Since obama has been playing in the White House, Its seems like he has surrounded himself with a bunch of old grade school buddies, First we learn that he can read really well, but if the situation changes, he gets really mad breakes his teleprompter ,and wants the other school children to just, you know, shut up and go away, Its like he wants to play the game, but, all by himself, with no opposing team, It seems to me, you can’t win if your not in competition will someone.
So far in every inning, he has come up short, foreign policy, cap and trade, health care, deficit spending, and the list goes on, How many more innings must the country go thru before this sorry _ _ _ game is over. Or someone calls a time out.
But maybe we are in for a break, obama has been on recess for what the past 30 days, What has happened? Has AKORN and Seiu told him to get out of Dodge? Is  he’s messing things up for the communist.  One thing is certain, he cant remember from one town hall to the next what he says, So I can see why they sent him to recess.
Lets talk about this idiot in the Justice Department. What is it with Attorney Generals anyway,… When’s the last one that was worth a dam, gonzales was sure a dud, and McKulsky  was just a patsy.  And now this Holder fella wants to undermine what little national security we have left by destroying the moral and energy of the CIA, I think we need a new policy, Before we appoint another dam fool AG, lets demand that he or she spend some time abroad on CIA missions, And lets also make certain that he or she has never met or had a beer with who ever is in the White House, This buddy buddy system, really is crazy.  Maybe if I get elected I can work on that.
I hope Leon Panetta, tells holder to put it where the sun dont shine, I hope Panneta tells holder that no member of the CIA will cooperate with any special prosecutor, Hey we should be used to that policy, After all Dick told them to shove it, why shouldn’t Leon. The interesting thing is Panetta being a bit of a socialist himself is getting a butt load of liberal foolishness, that can do nothing but hurt this country and the folks that are trying everyday to protect it.
God Save the Queen.  I guess that would be Michelle.

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