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August 27, 2009

Obama, AKORN, SEIU Buses are running, Where’s the money coming from ?

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We learned today that Obama,Akorn and Seiu are launching Buses to townhalls of their own. This is an obvious sign that Obama and the Unions, are concerned that Americans have woke up and are not interested in the Government, this administration, AKORN,  and Seiu controlling their lives.
Here’s the question, where is the money coming from? It comes from you and I, Why do we tolerate this?  If it weren’t for taxpayers, AKORN SEIU, wouldn’t even exist.  So doesn’t it just thrill you to know that our money is being used to work against us.
We also need to keep in mind, That AKORN and SEIU are not new Unions, they’ve been around for several decades and we have been funding them in Republican and Democratic administration, Why, why in the hell do we do this. And the bigger question is why Conservatives in Congress are not just rasing all kinds of hell over the funding of these groups, LaRaza included.  
But the up side of all this is important, Obama, AKORN, SEIU , Bushky, MCCAIN, Kennedy, Holder, Gonzales, Sutton, the list is endless have rallied Americans, Independents,Republicans,Democrats, and Libertarians. And everyday that this administration , with a fraud in the White House is allowed to continue the more the opposition to it will grow.
Here are more union members entering the country illegaly:
We are winning, folks, but we must keep up the fight,
Will these Union Buses be given a military escort?
Speaking of unions, the UAW has received a 10 Billion dollar taxpayer bailout for their pensions,… Folks this is really stupid,..  get ready folks more coming.

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