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August 26, 2009

Obama , just keep doing what your doing!!!!

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By now we all know who and what obama is ,and who and what obama is not.  One thing is certain.  If we ever wanted a president to self destruct, this fella is working double time to turn the entire country against him.  Even the democrats in the house and senate have got to be saying to themselve.  What the hell have we got here.
Today ,  POTUS nominated Ben Bernanke for another 4 year  term as Fed Chairman, you know he’s has done such a fantastic job. Really folks how hard can it be to print money and throw it at all your friends. Its got to make you popular at all the nicest, restaurants in upper Manhattan.  I wonder if those restaurants are owned by socialist or capitalist.
 Unemployment numbers are out but they are up over 10% in filings but the true numbers are over 18% .  And the deficit over the next 10 years expected to double to 20 trillion dollars,.. How many zero’s is that?  The question is , is that number considering the business’s that will be leaving over the next 3.5 years.  
Isnt it odd that the treasury runs around auditing banks , but when Ron Paul wants to audit the fed he gets all this blow back from Bernanke, Bernanke wants to remain completly independent,. Independant my _ _ _ .  Where did all those trillions of dollars go that Congress has been asking about.  Sounds like a payoff to me.
And now we are going to investigate the CIA,,. Who is running the justice department, Obama or Holder,.. This is really good news though, because once again, this will tick off not only more and more Americans out and about , but it will really tick off folks inside that agency and the beltway. This will work against the obama, agenda going forward,.. This is good, because , eventually someone in the agency or the FBI is going to go forward regarding obama and the birth certificate, and records issues. 
Oh, and by the way,  one of my readers sent me a youtube of some fool on MSNBC, saying that all these socalled birthers are racist.  Bubba , I could care less that obama is half white. 
Here’s a question for obama,.. lets say that someone learned of a threat towards obama or some member of his family,.. And lets say , that the CIA, captured a paticular member of the group doing the threat,.. What would be the limits in place to protect the first family??????????
Today, John McCain, wantabe conservative, held a town hall in Sun City AZ,.. He had his talking points down pat,. But one lady, threw him a curve and the true mccain was exposed,.. This lady told mccain that there was no way , any health bill would be passed all long as there were previsions for illegal aliens to receive health care,.. He did’nt like that at all , . Fact: mccain supports the idea of sending Social Security checks to mexicans  living in mexico including their families.  His pandering expression on his face was directed towards all illegals and mexico. I didnt vote for mccain, I would never vote for mccain,.  I have zero respect for John Amnesty McCain.
obama is doing everything he can to turn the country against him,. Even the union employees at Chrysler and Government Motors are going to be riled up when they learn that the Cash for Clunkers, money went to more foreign auto makers than to them.  Its going to be interesting  to see what happens the last quarter of the year, in Detroit.
By this time next year, employment will hit 18% in filings, and the actual numbers will be pushing 30 %.  So remember this prediction.  obama over the next 6 months will be driving more and more industries out of the country.
Would this work? If obama, hired say 100 million government employees,, would they just send those of us that used to work, checks,, so would the rolls reverse,.  Would Government workers  be supporting Americans, rather than Americans supporting government workers,..  Hmmm,, need to think about this some more,. Would the government create a “Life Choices” booklet for all of us useless citizens?
More and more Americans are waking up everyday,. bush started it, and obama is gonna finish it. The trick is going to be finding a Conservative Libretarian that will run and put up with all the BS involved. 
We are going to have to find the icon to brand the next president. 
to make the point watch this great  iconic video:

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