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August 25, 2009

this is a must read Glenn Beck, who’s writing these bills??

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Glenn Beck: Who is writing Dems massive bills?


August 24, 2009 – 13:14 ET

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GLENN: Yeah. So anyway, the thing that I did tweet about was the healthcare, and everybody said, “Oh, look, he’s given up on healthcare. They’re going to go back and retool.” And I wrote, “Do not party. Don’t celebrate this.” Nothing they’re going to come back now and they are going to try to compromise. Nothing. Where’s the audio? “You shall not pass!” We must be like Gandalf and nothing, nothing can be allowed to pass.

GANDALF: You shall not pass!

GLENN: Tonight you will understand why because I’m going to show you what wrote the bill. It was not Nancy Pelosi. It wasn’t Barney Frank.

Do you remember, do you remember I said back in February, this is too outrageous, it’s too big, it’s too complex. Who’s writing this stuff? “Oh, well, you don’t understand Rahm Emanuel.” This isn’t Rahm Emanuel. “David Axelrod.” It’s not David Axelrod. This is much, much bigger. Well, it has taken me months to track it down, but it is the Apollo Alliance. Let me just give you a few of the people that are part of the Apollo Alliance. These are bios from the website. Phil Angelides has made his mark in California. Oh, I bet he has. Former California state treasurer from 1999 to 2007 and Democratic nominee for governor of California in 2006, Mr. Angelides has been a leader in the movement for sustainable economic progress. Keyword that you must learn: Sustainable economic progress. Why is “Sustainable” important?

STU: That’s usually in conjunction with green. Usually “Sustainable energy.”

PAT: All during the Seventies

STU: It’s expensive.

PAT: everything was not sustainable. The progressive movement of the Seventies was, oh, we can’t sustain this population, we can’t sustain this economic growth.

GLENN: It is sustainable development is code language for and if you look at the history of it, it’s been population growth Zero Population Growth. It has been zero expansion. It is code language, and this is why, if you understand this one concept, then you will begin to understand why these things are being done because the people behind them, the progressives are zero development, Zero Population Growth people.

PAT: And look how effective they are.

GLENN: I know. Well, I mean, he’s been a leader in the movement for sustainable economic progress and he was the state California California state treasurer from 1999 to 2007. Who better to understand sustainable economies than the guy who was the treasurer of California? He mobilized investors across the nation to usher in a new era of corporate, social and environmental responsibility.

Then you have Frances Beinecke or something, president of Natural Resources Defense Council. She has been instrumental in curbing global warming, she is a member of the boards of the Wilderness Society, China U.S. Center For Sustainable Development and the New York League of Conservation Voters. Just giving you some of the highlights here.

Robert Borosage, president of Institute For America’s Future. He writes widely on political, economic and on national security issues for the nation. He has served as issues advisor to progressive political campaigns including Carol Moseley Braun, Barbara Boxer and Paul Wellstone. He also was a senior issues advisor for Reverend Jesse Jackson. Then on the board of the Apollo Alliance, these are the people that wrote the stimulus package: Leo Gerard, United Steel Workers of America. He is developing strategies to inject the rights of workers into trade agreements. Gerard is a driving force behind Heartland Labor Capital Funds, a network in creating conceptual, financial and educational tools for capital strategies that will inject the welfare of workers into the investment priorities.

Then you have the Executive Vice President of SEIU, Gerald Hudson. Founded the School For Social Change. He’s a long time champion of environmental justice. Key words, environmental justice. He has served on the board for Redefining Progress.

We have Mindy Lubber, the president of Ceres, I think, and I have to look that back up. I looked it up last night and it’s frightening stuff. She was senior communications director for Mike’ Dukakis. She held for a decade a position with a Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group.

We have Nancy McFadden. She was vice president of public affairs of PG&E. She has served eight years in the Clinton administration to chief deputy deputy chief of staff of President Al Gore. Let’s see. She’s a Bay Area native. She has was appointed to the California state Senate and two governors to serve on the California Medical Assistance Commission.

We have the president of LIUNA, the Laborers’ International Union of North America, Terence O’Sullivan. He is the innovator among the newest generation of labor leaders designed to aggressive and sometimes radical approaches designed to increase the power of working people in the 21st century. He began with more than 500,000 collective bargaining members of LIUNA, the foremost labor movement, reshaping the union, one of the fastest, most aggressive and progressive unions in North America. This is a North American international labor union.

Do I have anybody’s attention yet? How about Carl Pope? He was the executive director of the Sierra Club. He served on the boards of California League of Conservation Voters. The National Clean Air Coalition, the California Common Cause. Public Interest Economics, Inc. and Zero Population Growth. He was also the political director of Zero Population Growth.

Dan Reicher, Director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives for Google’s venture called He makes investments in advanced policy in the areas of climate change and energy development and global health.

Joel Rogers co founded the Apollo Alliance and served as its first chairman. He is a professor of law, political science and sociology at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

I mean, I’ve got pages and pages and pages and pages of these people. The field director, Ron Ruggiero, field director, he has joined in 2008. He was 15 years organizing, representing and negotiation experience in the labor movement. He comes from SEIU. Most recently as staff director at SEIU, Local 49.

We have Shanelle Smith, a recently named 2009 Ohio political leaders fellow by the Center for Progressive Leadership. We have Joel Thomas. He was Missouri Jobs with Justice. He was with Missouri Campaign for Change. Do you see?

PAT: You are just about to get to the people from the Heritage Foundation here, who served in the Reagan administration? Maybe the first H. W. Bush White House?

GLENN: Now, if you have play John Conyers again from the audio vault where John Conyers says, why should I have to read the bill?

CONYERS: I love these members that get up and say, “Read the bill.” What good is reading the bill if it’s 1,000 pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?

GLENN: This is not incompetence. This is not arrogance. This is, why do I have to read it; I know who wrote it; I trust them; they know better than I do. That is progressive thinking. You leave it to someone else to administrate. You just play your role. Pass it. Why read it?

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