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August 24, 2009

Come On Americans, get with it, Obama is on a Roll!

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This morning when I opened my mail, it was full of emails from Americans all excited over this news about their Social Security, It was in the papers, and on the radio and TV news that there will be no COLA “Cost of Living Adjustments” for the next two years.  Folks are furious, that they’re not going to get another $25 to $35 per month, in their social security checks. 
What is wrong with you people, Dont you understand what obama needs to do to Change America?  For Pete’s sake, how do you expect obama to travel the world, spreading his message, how do you expect him to take lavish vacations, introducing his wife and children to the ridicules life styles of rich capitalist.  How do you expect him to spend fun filled get aways at Martha’s Vineyard, experiencing first hand the terrible, life styles of the rich and famous, capitalist? The rental was only $50,000.00 per week of your capitalist taxpayer dollars. The whole week only cost you a couple of million dollars,.  But he has a plan to turn this sorry vacation spot into a government stimulus, cash cow, and here is how.
There is no doubt that obama will sic one of his CZARs on the housing problems that face America, We must tear down all of these homes on Martha’s Vineyard and build public housing.  Rumor has it that the administration has already developed plans to build a bridge to Martha’s Vineyard, This ferry wont handle the thousands of illegal immigrants that will want to move into those public, high rise, one room apartments, that we can build, on the island. Lookie here, they are already headed for the island,
 Think of all the jobs we can create. 
In more good news from the POTUS, he is developing another intelligence CZAR. They will be investigating terrorist groups inside the United States.  that will work under the direction of the FBI, and this is interesting, they will be following the UCMJ, Uniform Code Military Justice, and the Army Field Training Manual.  Hmmm?  Does this sound like the beginnings of Obama, Civilian Security Force,  Veterans, do you see a problem here?
I guess the question I have is, will there be an oath involved and to whom????? Now here is a Marine that intends to keep his oath to serve and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic:  Do you stand with David or will you lay down for Obama?
One more issue: This morning we got a letter from Michael Steele, now personally I have always been a fan of Michael, But I have to tell you, after reading this letter and looking at the questions he asked. I felt sorry for him.  Some of the questions were ok, but some were just stupid,
Here is my suggestion for Michael,    Get out of the Beltway,, go to rural American,  visit coffee shops,  set up your own town halls,,
What is it with these people in politics, they think they can send out a questionnaire, to determine their platform, Michael, America is way beyond, the political nonsense in your questionair.
They think they can set up a party meeting, put a bunch of speakers in front of people, that just spew out the same old party line, crapola. And go home thinking they’ve made a difference.
If I knew how to contact Steele I would, But by the time I would get thru the filters, I would be so ticked off, I would just hang up.  Not much different from the nonsense you get from these Congressional staffers,
By the way, watch Glenn Beck tonight, hes going to tell you, I think, who the people are that wrote the health bill,… Prediction:
The people that wrote the health bill, are a bunch of liberal arts, college trained, graduates, that are still wet behind the ears, have never had a job in the private sector, have never created one dimes worth of capital gains, and never will.
Heres a question for you liberals that read this babble.  If Capitalism is such a bad thing and you think we need to do away with the private sector, and Capitalism,.. Why dont you eliminate capital gains taxes, and treat it as normal income.  Or since you are so interested in fairness, and equalization of all Americans, Since taxes have already been paid on the investments that create Capital Gains, Why dont you eliminate the tax on that income altogether??  
On the positive side, since Im not going to be receiving any increase’s in my Social Security Bribe Checks. Im looking into going back into business for myself.  There are millions of trees that are dying in the West, due to over growth and the bark beetle. Brought on by the failure of the Forest Service to properly manage State owned lands.   So we are going to make an offer to the Department of Ag, to take down those trees and cut them up for obama’s next stimulus program.
CASH 4 CASKETS.  Now dont get to excited, we are going to have to build our plant in Mexico, Thats right, the cost satisfying all the agencies in Arizona, to start a business, it would take us 5 years before we would ever make a profit, And by going to mexico we won’t have to provide the employees with health care.  The question comes up though, will we be able to use illegal aliens from state side border communities, since most of the mexicans have already moved north of the border.
And some sad news, the seret service delivered, some end of life guide lines yesterday to the Kennedy compound,. the obama administration is already working on how they can spend the money that the government will save , if Kennedy will just pull the plug early.
Oh: by the way, obamas polls show him down to 43% ,  my prediction  of  35% favorability by Christmas is a no brainer,,  Someone said he will be at 15% by Christmas,,, I think they are spot on. 

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