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August 23, 2009

Obama’s Birth certificate, is it a fake,prove it? Has anyone seen Cindy??

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Well, is this the real deal? This video shows a certified copy of Barry Soetoro’s birth certificate, This morning World Net Daily. Com put this video out, but raises some questions about its authenticity.
Well, lets take a little different position, Lets say that this is the real birth certificate for Barry Soetoro, How can we say that, Well its easy, Barry Soetoro has not produced one himself, Fact is he has spent over One Million dollars keeping his personal records and documents secret.  Why would anyone do that, unless, you had something to hide, We all know that this fella is a fraud, he is not an American Citizen, in fact he is an illegal alien, 
You say, Im wrong, Prove it.
This fella , Apparently was able to do what a man in a suit was unable to do. I suspect, the officials in Kenya , had more trust in a young man in a plan cotton shirt that someone in a suit and tie, 
Until someone, can prove that this latest document is false, we have no choice but to assume it is authentic. 
Now, here’s another question, has anyone seen Cindy Shehan.  She was supposed to go to Martha’s Vineyard and protest obama’s Afghan war. You know the war that he said he was going to end, shut down.  Where is FOX, more to the point, Where is CBS<NBC<ABC<MSNBC,NPR,  Why arent they covering her this weekend, where is she, did the Secret Service keep her from getting on the ferry, What ever is happening she is not being covered by anyone, as far as I can tell. 
Odd isn’t, she was harassed by all the media for opposing bush’s phony Iraq war, and now that she is fired up over obama’s failure to end the 8.5 dead end war in Afganistan,.No one will cover it.  The Russians couldn’t wipe them and they are right there in the region, We are just wasting troops, and our national treasure, sticking our nose in the business of other countries, We should be protecting our own borders, ports, and air terminals from terrorist.  No, that would make to much sense. 
One thing is certain, 300 million people in the United States is going to destroy this country, At a minimum there are 100-150 million that need to find their perfect country in some other part of the world, All of these people sit around and want to change the culture of this county, Why, why not just go home, 
Look at some numbers, the media has been yapping about 12 million illegals for the past 6 years, The true number is now 40 million plus or minus a couple of dozen.
Muslims, they want to take over this country and make it a muslim country, Why do they bother, why not just load up your camels and go back to where ever the hell you came from.  I just dont get it, I have no desire to go to any other country, stick my nose in their culture and convert it to Conservative Libertarian values.
If we dont pull our heads out, By the time obama is either arrested for being a imposter, or the next election comes about.  This country will look like Baghdad, or Kabul, or Bombay, or Mexico , pick your city. 
The one good thing about $4.00 gasoline, is that all those, dead beats that settle in Philly,Chicago,New York, Los Angles, Houston,Dallas, OKC, Tulsa, Denver,Minneapolis, cant afford to drive to rural America and start trashing it.
One more point, A lot of left wing noise has been made about the fella that showed up at a town hall with his 2nd amendment rights on his shoulder.  Most on the left and right condemned him. But here is the truth, folks, everyone that went to those townhalls should have been sporting their 2nd amendment right, Americans, you need to tell this federal government and state governments that tyranny will not be tolerated, and that we as a civil society will use what ever means necessary to prevent government tyranny.
The governments, fed and state need to be reminded that they work for us, not the other way around.
My 2nd amendment is just like my American Express. I never leave home without it.  
Are you interested in killing your self,.. This VA phamplet will tell you how,.. Obama would like for you to save your country, money,..
Apparently obama, wants you to”Ask not what you can do for your country, Rather Ask what the government can do for you.”   Dont you just love this federal government, they’re always thinking of us.

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