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August 19, 2009

Mayor Declares Martial Law?

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Today in a surprise move, the Mayor of Washington DC declared martial law. This news has blown the minds of Americans all over the country.  For years American citizens have been expecting martial law, But it never occurred to them that it would happen in the nations capital.  The question now is how did this happen?
Well, it turns out that every supplier of goods and services, All small business’s, have stopped supplying goods and services anywhere inside the belt way. For a number of reasons. First there was the obamacare health reform act, that the democrats ran thru using the reconciliation trick, Requiring the small business, to pay for health care insurance or pay 8 % fine.  Then there was the additional taxes, levied on all S Corps, And people making less than 250K, whoops how did that one get by the White House. Plus the addition cost of the tax and crap legislation that was also passed with the reconciliation trick.  All of these cost put all these small business’s that supplied the District of Columbia to simply go out of business.  The result is that there is no food, gasoline,fuel,bottled water,(you cant drink tap water in the district of Columbia), aviation fuel, even the utilities have shut down, due to the lack of goods and services, even the bath houses that cater to some of the Congressman have had to shut down, bottom line if is was owned or operated by a small business it is closed.  
Fortunately however, the states are fine. Because they recognized that the federal governments tyranny was getting out of hand. So for the last many months they have been withholding tax revenues from the federal government so they have the resources to keep these small business’s running while they undo the costs of doing business levied by the federal government. 
Instantly the states removed the 43cents per gallon federal highway taxes, They cut all federal taxes on liquor and tobacco, soda pop, and orange juice.
While all this good news is going on in the states, In the District of Columbia, the crime rate has quadrupled, The murder rate in DC itself has gone up 500%. Because only the criminals have guns, They at will go to anyone’s house and shoot their way into their homes, looking for food.  The District of Columbia is in total chaos.
The president, and family, have moved to Air Force One, trying to get a tanker out of the Azores to bring in some fuel.  The House and Senate have left their offices and are trying to thumb a ride back to they’re districts, The last time anyone heard from the Vice president, he was headed for the Amtrak Station, not sure why, the trains arnt running.  Air travel has ceased in to National,Dulles, and Baltimore International, There is no fuel.  Congressmen that own aircraft that had their aircraft fueled when they landed where able to get out before martial law was declared.  The air traffic controllers have left their posts, because there is no electricity and the generators are out of diesel.
 All the hospitals are closed and the patients are screaming for Nancy, Harry, Rahm, Ezekeil to save them. Screaming at the top of their lungs, “You Promised”
In an emergency meeting of all Governors, they concluded that with in a few months they will all be able to once again balance their budgets due to the federal mandates that they will no longer be paying for. Like subsidizing, AKORN,LaRaza, Planned Parenthood, no child left behind, head start, Social Security payments, Medicare, Medicaid and all those Community organizing groups that no one has ever heard of.
One governor spoke up and said you know what, health care for our citizens will dramatically drop.  People will once again be able to afford insurance or simply pay cash for care.
Another Governor, spoke up and said finally our teachers will be making more money because they wont have to shelling out to the teachers union anymore.
Another Governor spoke up and said that he just heard on Fox, that Washington, DC was on fire.  Apparently it started on K Street, the word  is some lobbyist accidently started his cash drawer on fire.  There are no fire trucks because there is no water or fuel. He said I was channel surfing, the only news that is available is coming from Fox News, and Major Garrett.  He said that CNN,NBC,CBS,and NPR, had pulled the plug and were nowhere to be found.
Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck have retired
Oh, my, I just woke up, wow what a dream that was.
Or was it??  I cant wait till tonight maybe I can pick up where I left off. 
 Forecast: Sometime before the 2010 elections the dead fish will be flushed down the Potomac.
The reality is , the obama administration is just about over.  It is literally falling apart.  The empty suit, has revealed itself.

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