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August 16, 2009

The Ponzi Scheme of the Federal government Obamacare exposed.

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The Ponzi Scheme, otherwise titled the Federal
Government is over, and so called health care is the
This morning on Meet the Press, I learned something, that I did not know.  And I will get into that later. 
This health care bill in my view is not about health care. This debate is not about health care.  This debate is about more and more government intervention in our lives, It is about unbelievable amounts of deficit spending sending our country into financial abyss. And seniors are aware of what that burden will do to their kids and grandkids, and how it will affect not only their financial freedom lives but also their freedom from government.
The liberal left media is all up in arms over the increasing ranker among the Conservative Right in these townhalls.  Senator Coburn is absolutely correct, If the Liberals fail to stop attempting to push these government involvement in our lives, the heat from the Conservatives will get a lot hotter.  We are sick of this Federal Government, We want them out of our lives.  They the left are excited with the fella that showed up with his piece strapped to his side, Folks that why we have the second amendment, The second amendment is to stop government tyranny.  And this fella was sending that message, and they got it, loud and clear.
Now having said that.  The problems with health care, are real. But they should be settled at the state level. Not the Federal level.
And here is how they could do that, Lets look at the Concealed Carry laws that have been established at the state level.  Many states have reciprocal agreements with other states, recognizing Concealed Carry License Permits granted by neighboring states,
We “States” should do exactly the same thing regarding the ability to buy insurance across state lines, Instantly creating competition with in the Private Insurance Carriers. 
Here is what I learned this morning from Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and Chairman of He said that when Medicare was passed in 1965, a provision in that bill requires all citizens once they reach the age of 65 , they by law must enroll into Medicare.  Now what is wrong with Medicare. First it is broke. Just as is Social Security, because the Federal Government has been spending citizen contributions thru tax policy to those programs on BULL _ _ _ P.  And rather than invest those dollars in sound equity based investments they wasted those dollars on fraud policies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Corporate Farm Loans, phony wars, foreign aid, federal meddling in education, and the list goes on,
Further more, once you turn 65 if you dont enroll in Medicare, as per the 1965 legislation, you lose your social security benefits.
Now Dick Armey is suing the federal government over that issue. So here again, we have since 1965 forced citizens into a program, that reimburses doctors 30-35% below costs of service’s provided only to be made up by over charging the private insurer’s 30-35% to make up the difference, which is what cause’s the business’s that provide employee health insurance and the individual’s premium to be at these unsustainable prices. 
Im a former small business owner, I can tell you flat out, I always told my employees that if they wanted health care insurance, they would have to pay for it out of their salaries, As an employer I am not and was not responsible for their health care, My position was that the federal government has no business telling me that I owe someone health care. 
Now having said that, I can tell you that if this Obamacare were to pass , and frankly Im betting that it wont,. If there is a Public option in the bill, I would do one of two things, I as a small business owner would either pay the fine 8%. And eliminate all the federal bureaucratic paperwork nonsense that would plague my company or I would simply, let everyone go, and bring in part time workers, for 20 to 25 hours per week.  Which is exactly what I did during the last 10 years of my business ventures.  I saved  my customers thousands of dollars every year. And from a competitive standpoint I stayed way ahead of many of my competitors,. That policy, plus customer service I eliminated most of my competition.
The bottom line here is the idea of health care in America, is nothing more than government control, If they truly wanted to lower the cost of health care and insurance premiums they end federal government involvement, and send it to the states. States would stop sending the trillions of dollars to the federal government, which would instantly stop the billions of wasted dollars spent on nonsense, and bureaucracy inside the beltway.  It would also force the politicians in Washington dc to do what the Constitution requires of them. 
On the panel, this morning, they had Daschel and Rachell Madow, What a joke, Madow said that “government is not responsible for the anger demonstrated by American,” She is just a blathering idiot.
Daschel couldnt argue specifics, only generalalities. 
Bottom line, there is no bill in the Senate that is anywhere near a vote.
Over the next few weeks and months, We as Conservative Americans must keep up the fight to stop ObamaCare.  Additionally we need to find a way to join Dick Armey and join him in his lawsuit against the federal government over the “Medicare or lose your SS” issue.
I have decided that I will not enroll in Medicare, My children and grand children are not going to payfor my healthcare.  When Social Security was established there was no requirement to sign on to Medicare, The federal government had no right to add this mandate after the fact, Social Security was a flawed system in the first place, it made Americans lazy, Millions of Americans live today completely off of SS, It was never set up as a complete retirement source of income.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce finally has come out on the right side of an issue, for a change. Odd because they are in favor of hiring illegal aliens, which is a horrific cost to health care in our country for legal American Citizens.  But here they are, in complete contradiction of previous public policy’s they are having to eat those policy’s because of their hypocrisy.
Gregory had tax cheat Charlie Rangle on, he asked him how Obama was going to pay for his Obamacare, Rangle danced until Gregory got tired of the BS.
Heres’s the question:  If every business large and small in America, said tomorrow, we are no longer going to offer health insurance premium assistance to our employee’s, What would happen to the cost of health insurance and doctor and hospital visit cost. 
Health care is a business, like any other, It is Capitalism at its finest, if the government got out of the way, Competition in health care just like in, Credit Cards, Automobiles, Steel Fabrication, whats left of it, groceries, even labor, is affected by competition in those markets.
The only reason, Daschel , Obama , Pelosi and all the liberal left want government health care options is to eventually wind up with a government controlled single payer program. Which then gives them filter between the patient and the doctor.
Wake up America, Dont let this ObamaCare, decide the number of days you get to live.  That decision is yours.
The up side of all this is good.  Americans are finally seeing, the methodical, long range goal of converting America from a Free society to an Organized Government Controlled Society.  One that can decide in Washington, at the desk of some 25 year old liberal arts major, whether or not your worth keeping around.
One more issue , personal responsibilty,. Get off the twinkies,. If you want to sit on the couch and suck up a six pack, go ahead, but dont expect me to pay for your dibeties, or heart attack,. If your gonna be stupid, dont make your problem mine,. Because your SOL with that .
I see men and women and kids walking around that are bigger around than they are tall.  Talk about Dumb and Dumber,..  Study the SafeWay and Whole Foods model.  The point they are makeing is that your fat folks,.  Health is a personal responsibility, just like planning for retirement.  State governments , are going to have to bail out of health care for retirees,.. Its to expensive and the working class can no longer afford to pay for it.  Business’s are leaving the country , to avoid, legacy costs mandated by governments.  If we are going to save the country , from this fiscal nightmare that governments and unions have caused and created,.  It has to stop.
Dr. Milton Friedman, said ” When a private enterprise fails, it is closed down. When a government enterprise” Medicare, Medicade, Social Secruity,” fails it is expanded.    The Ponzi scheme called the Federal Government has been exposed , its over,. There are 77 million Americans over the age of 55,.. Over half of them are former government employees and union employees, of some type.  They will never give up the ponzi scheme benifits they imposed on the rest of Americans.  So its up to the 35 plus million Americans to stand up , scream at the top of their lungs, and use every Constitutional God given right to stop the tyranny called ObamaCare.

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