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August 14, 2009

Congradulations America, this is your President

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Congratulations Amerstoyka, this is your president.  this agenda that obama is into will drive America into financial oblivion.  We say we do not want socialized medicine,.. Ok , lets be honest, what is Medicare, What is Medicade.  Its socialized health care, and it is broke. Why , government spending on stupid wars, and the growth of government.  We waste billions of dollars every day on stupid programs and projects.   We have got to elect a business man to the White House,. We are never going to get this deficit spending under control until we do.

                    What is sad is that the FBI, NSA,CIA,Army,Navy,Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, the House and Senate , in fact the entire District of Columbia , with the election of this fella , has  been turned into the largest terrorist organization in the history of the world. Think about it, if the president is illegal, and all these agencies do his bidding, isnt that terrorism?  Like a Military Officer told me the other day, He is our Commander In Chief we have to follow his orders.  I asked him if that included orders that were unconstitutional.   When you idiots that voted for this fraud are standing in soup lines, look back,  remember when you were drinking the koolaid, remember the aftertaste. It was real.  As I said to the military officer,. You took a oath to the Constitution not to some fool in the white house.  I have a few friends in the Bureau, and I know they must be pulling their hair out having to serve this empty suit.  They know though that eventually the truth about this fella will surface.  And when it does , the American legal Citizens will demand his removal from the White House.

Tomorrow Barry will be in Phoenix , speaking to the VFW,… As a two time vet, Im gonna pay close attention to what my fellow vets do. It will be interesting to see , how they treat a President that goes to foreign countries and apologizes for America.  How will they honor all those men and women that have died in fields, buried in the oceans around the world, shot out of the air during combat.  How will they greet this man that has dishonored each and every one of them.

He is in Montana today, talking about insurance issues that in fact do exist, and do need to be fixed, unfortunately the real agenda here is not health care it is government control over your lives,.. To flat line your lives,.  Do you want proof , look at who he has surrounded himself with. That says it all.  In watching the liberal Bozeman crowd, its obvious they have drank the koolaid. The one issue he touched on in Montana that he was dead on , was the Prescription drug program that bush put thru,,,, he did not pay for it, he just added it to the debt,. like everything else bush did just added billions to my grandkids debt.   If obama, wanted to truly fix health care, he would take the federal government completely out of it.  Premiums would drop, every aspect of health care would drop overnight.  The only regulation that we need is to by state law, eliminate the preexisting clause from all policies.

Here is what they should demand tomorrow in Phoenix,… Demand that Obama produce a Birth Certificate,. If he fails to do that they should turn around in the hall and give Obama their back.  If you want to be President prove that you are legitimate.

Demand that he resolve this issue .

States You must Prepare:  view  the following video.

A lot of noise has been made over the past few weeks, regarding the lack of spending of the remaining  TARP money.  A light just came on,.. Here is why this fraudulent administration has kept the money.  They are saving it for their agenda going forward, The CZARs will be spending the money on projects that promote dependency and loyalty by bribes.  They plan to give it to groups like , Organizing America, AKORN, SEIU, Muslim socialist groups working to undermine local community and state governments.  You watch, its gonna happen.

All Americans want to know that their President , is honest,truthful,and not trying to undermine their freedoms and the Constitution.  This fella in the WH has surrounded himself with criminals,taxcheats,admited Communist and so one.  He has stabbed his own administration in its back.  Why would you do that unless you had some nafarious agenda, makes no sense.

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