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August 13, 2009

Conservative Rep and Dems need a place to go

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For the past 4 plus decades. The Federal government has been moving further and further away from the Constitution.  The question is were do we as Americans go from here.  Well, the Republican party was destroyed under bush/mccain. My emails leave no doubt.  The Democratic party under Soetoro/Pelosi is being destroyed as we speak. The disrespect that the democratic leadership and its members are showing Americans.  Will drive Democrats, Conservative Democrats away from the party over the next 18 months. 

To look at the up side here is easy.  These town halls and the unconstitutional programs being proposed. Are going to be the vehicle that will lite the fire under the third party movement.  Its time, long over due, but positive moves take time. So here we are.

I have a suggestion for Strong Conservatives currently in office, And I know that there are at least 40 or more that read my blog.  Here is the suggestion.  If you want to show your support for your country, your constituients,the constitution, and conservative values. You should dump the log chain that is preventing you from being who you really are,.  Be bold,brave, join the Conservative Libertarian , or the Constitution Party,.. Lets see if the following platform appeals to you. Seven Principles of the Constitution Party are:


  1. Life: For all human beings, from conception to natural death;
  2. Liberty: Freedom of conscience and actions for the self-governed individual;
  3. Family: One husband and one wife with their children as divinely instituted;
  4. Property: Each individual’s right to own and steward personal property without government burden;
  5. Constitution: and Bill of Rights interpreted according to the actual intent of the Founding Fathers;
  6. States’ Rights: Everything not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal government, nor prohibited by the Constitution to the states, is reserved to the states or to the people;
  7. American Sovereignty: American government committed to the protection of the borders, trade, and common defense of Americans, and not entangled in foreign alliances.



The Libertarian Platform:

ibertarian Platform:

Fiscal Policy: Very right-libertarian. The Libertarian Party opposes taxation in pretty much all forms, and deals with the revenue loss by opposing entitlement programs in pretty much all forms. This means that people keep more of what they earn, but it also means that there is no social safety net. And ambitious new proposals–such as universal pre-kindergarten and universal health care–are obviously not compatible with this objective.

Corporations: Eliminate all federal subsidies to private corporations, as well as all antitrust laws.

Public Services: Eliminate the Postal Service. Transfer all government services, from public schools to landfills, to private ownership.

Property Rights: Would restrict public domain to immediate public use, and sell or give away most public property to private owners.

Criminal Justice: Would eliminate all antidrug laws and legalize prostitution. Would end random police roadblocks.

Free Speech: Would abolish the FCC and allow private ownership of broadcast frequencies. Opposes all restriction of free speech, including free speech restricted in the name of national security.

Church and State: Calls for reduced IRS regulation and monitoring of tax-exempt churches.

Second Amendment: Strongly opposes all gun control, as well as regulation of alternative weapon technologies (mace, Tasers, and so forth).

The Draft: Calls for the abolition of the Selective Service System and amnesty for any citizen who has ever resisted the draft.

Reproductive Rights: Pro-choice, but opposes all federal funding of abortion and most federal entitlements for women who choose to carry their pregnancies to term, including the child tax credit. Opposes involuntary or fraudulent sterilization.

LGBT Rights: Opposes “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Believes that marriage is a private contract, and should yield no government benefits regardless of the gender of the partners.

Immigrants’ Rights: Argues that borders should be open but surveilled–everyone who does not pose a threat to public health or national security should be allowed to enter the country legally. Would eliminate all federal benefits to undocumented immigrants.

Regardless of which one you choose, either are better than what we have, We must take the power away from the R&D brands. We are facing disastrous times unless we act and act now.  We do not have time to wait until 2012.  You elected folks have take a oath to the Constitution , not to a party,.. Prove it.

Fox is reporting that Soetoro’s polls are dropping like a rock. Now the polls are showing that 53% are opposed to this administration.  Nobody has ever polled me, so I suspect this is east coast polling ,,,,, In the Midwest, Im betting that WH approval is actually already below 35%.

So its time to tell the voters were you stand, because if you dont, bloggers are going to encourage candidates to run against the two dying  parties.

America, lets make a Star out of this Scar on our Country.

Like the woman told Spector yesterday, The Sleeping Giant, the American People have woke up, Union leaders, AKORN<SEIU,Corporation sell outs, government employee union members,CZAR’s your days are numbered.







Finally the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gets it, No Obamacare

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Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON — If President Barack Obama wants to take the measure of his opposition, he only has to glance across Lafayette Park from the White House. There, behind 10 massive Corinthian columns, is the headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – a leading critic of the administration’s health care and banking overhaul plans.

A fortress for the business community, the chamber has emerged as a multitasking, multimillion-dollar defender of the private sector against presidential initiatives. As lawmakers spend time at home during their August vacation hearing from constituents, the chamber is adding its own heat to the season.

There’s a $2 million campaign against Obama’s proposals that would make the government a competitor in the health insurance market. It’s trying to make the case for insurers, which oppose a government-run insurance alternative but want to work with the White House to mandate coverage for all.

The chamber also has become a pointed critic of a White House plan to create a consumer finance protection agency and is assembling finance sector trade groups to push for a delay in legislation.

With 3 million members, the chamber is working with local and regional affiliates on letter-writing campaigns to lawmakers and plans to track their public appearances to make sure they hear the chamber’s point of view.

The summer effort is just a start.

The group also is readying an ambitious $100 million campaign to advocate for businesses and a free enterprise system, which chamber officials believe is under attack. The chamber is putting lawmakers on notice: the issues campaign will be timed to lead into the 2010 congressional elections.

“You’ve got an administration pushing the federal government into a bigger and bigger footprint,” Bruce Josten, the chamber’s chief lobbyist, said in an interview. “CEOs start to get concerned when they see that. We felt we needed someone to step into this space.”

Critics point out the chamber objects to government interference in the private sector even though it supported federal efforts to rescue the financial industry with hundreds of billions of dollars and to bail out struggling automakers. What’s more, the chamber is setting itself up as a foil to the administration on health care while insurers and the health industry seek to negotiate with the White House.

As part of its health care effort, the chamber is running newspaper and online ads against a government-run insurance option that are targeted to moderate Democrats and Republicans in five states. On banking rules, it recently organized the financial industry to call for a delay in legislation that would set up a consumer protection agency.

The chamber stands out for the bluntness of its criticism.

A trade group representing drug manufacturers, for instance, is running an ad broadly supporting health care changes. In a reversal, the ad features a fictional couple, Harry and Louise, who appeared in ads by the insurance industry in 1993 opposed to President Bill Clinton’s health plan.

The insurance industry opposes a government-run alternative to private insurers. But instead of criticizing, America’s Health Insurance Plans is running ads encouraging universal coverage and calling for “bipartisan reforms.”

“We’ve been focusing on what we’re for,” said Robert Zirkelbach, the group’s spokesman.

Wary of having the chamber identified as an uncompromising opponent of health care change, Josten caused a stir recently with a letter to the Senate Finance Committee urging action on a bipartisan proposal before the August recess. Republican leaders have demanded that the pace of deliberations slow down. But Josten said “the business community vitally needs better policy alternatives to be proposed by Congress.”


Conservative Americans take back your country, here’s how

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Greeting Everyone:  Conservative Americans its time to take back our parties and our country. Doesnt matter if your Republican,Democrat,Libertarian,Green.
An American Demands an apology from Senator Mckaskill:
The few times I have mentioned this on the web, I have received dozens of emails in favor so we decided to go for it.   And here is how.
 The Internet was the vehicle that this fella in the WH used to lie his way into the WH.  Well lets turn the tables, not just on him but on the RNC and their Sister organization the DNC.  The idea is to get 10 -20 million Americans to call their county elections office and De register, Thats right,De register. Then re register as Conservative Libertarian two weeks before the election.  By doing that we will take the predictability of our votes away from the two parties, the pollsters, and campaign managers and their staffs.  Having looked at running for office myself and studying the tools they use, We can totally upset the applecart. In fact we can dramatically affect the outcome of state and fed elections, by forcing the frauds out of office. It will also tell the candidates that Americans are not going to be taken for granted. We will then be in control  of our destiny. We still have some freedoms left. Lets use this one effectively while we still can.  And the best part is you can do it all online.  Now , what we are going to ask of you is to sign the de registration petition at:
I know many of you are thinking , No lets fix the party , well hows that been working for you so far.  They all tell you what they want you to hear during the campaign, then the go to Washington or your state capital and raise taxes,create more debt, and you sit and watch american idol, thinking you did your part,.. Well, its time to pull our heads out of the clouds, get down to earth and return this country to the basics,follow the Constitution, reduce the size of government,reduce taxes, stop foreign aid and intitlment programs that are nothing more than bribes for votes. And we wind up with a bloated,goverment, state and federal.
Thanks for getting involved.  This will drive the leadership in  the DNC and RNC up the wall.  And take away their power over the platforms and candidates.  It is also our plan that if this takes off, we will be able to share the numbers only with Conservative groups in states around the country. 
We are also looking for ideas, beyond ours to make this project more affective.
So click on :  and get involved.  And forward to all your friends and family .
Also if you want , you can email us at, but besure and put petition in the subject line, so we dont lose it in our spam filter. 
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