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August 12, 2009

Obama, gives award to a Capitalist. That must have hurt!!

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Barry Soetoro has a problem with the facts. In fact this fella has a problem with truth in general.  This so called health care debacle is not about health care, Its is simply about, what Soetoro promised during the campaign, In fact, he said as much to Joe the plumber.  This Marxist in the WH has one agenda, And that is redistribution of wealth.  Soetoro wants to straight-line Americans. The reason we have seen the massive growth of government, the reason we have seen, bush and soetoro bailout corporations with union labor, is simple. The reason soetoro went to Mexico was to entice illegal mexicans, that once he gives them all amnesty, they will vote for these socialist,facist agendas that are the underpinning of obama and his CZAR’s.  Soetoro is a suck up in public, but he and his Czar’s are working everymoment behind the backs of this countries citizens.
Soetoro is an Empty suit, which is why he has surrounded himself with CZAR’s, He knows the direction he wants to take the country. But he needs the ideas from these CZARS because he cant come up with his own. But we can all be assured of one thing. He wants to finish undermining the destruction of American Capitalistic Production that George Bush Sr, Bill Clinton,Bush 43 , put in to motion starting 40 years ago.
These two issues, mis direction issues if you will, called health care reform, and cap and trade, are nothing more than a vehicle to be used to change/destroy, the culture and freedoms that Americans have fought and died for.
We must not underestimate Soetoro, He and his CZARS will do everything, use every tactic, to pursue these agendas,
So here is what you must do, get off the couch, join groups, go to community meetings, and make sure your voices are heard.  The days of going home and watching American Idol are over if you want to save this nation for your kids and grandkids.
Today one of my readers, sent me a link to another group that is fighting to serve and protect the Constitution. I have no interest in this group other than I just joined myself.  I will support any organization that is working to make sure that the Constitution once again becomes the Law of the Land.
It is vitally important that we stand with Americans and the America that we and our fathers and forfathers and mothers fought and died for. We cannot let them down. We cannot let this userper, undermine our founding fathers,and the laws set forth in the Constitution.
I was talking to a fella the other night at a meeting, He said this to me, “When the wall came down in Berlin. The Communist went underground in America, They ran for office in local, county, state and federal positions,.They grew in numbers larger enough to elect a Marxist for President.  Now they have surfaced, and are blatantly working to make America,  the U S S A. or The United Social States of America.  We cannot let that happen.”
Conservatives are the back bone of the Contitution.  We must show the liberal socialist our SPINE!.  The war of words is about over.
Today at the White House, Soetoro handed out several Medal of Freedom awards,.. The most striking to me was a man from Bangladesh, He worked aggressively to make credit available to small business’s in his country.  Allowing Capitalism to take hold and lift thousands of good but poor out of poverty.  Soetoro, you should take note of the method Muhammad Yunus , used to bring properity to his county, You sir, are among a long list of presidents that have worked to destroy Capitalism in America.  Some day if we fail to stop you , we will again be looking for our Muhammad Yunus.
Giving out this award to Yunus must have given you gas!!!!
My Governor was on Cavuto today:  She says she is going to cut taxes and spending, she is going to have a balanced budget.  Im impressed, she heard the Conservatives in the legislature.  My hats off to those in the legislature, like Rep Judy Burges that stayed true to Conservative values. Low taxes, smaller government, cut spending and social programs.  Arizona may be the poster child for Conservative State Budgets. This shows that public pressure on liberal members of legislature to get their act together works.  Governor Brewer , Ive been very hard on you.  Maybe I should unpack, at least I will bring my bags back into the house.
You have given  me hope.  Now lets pass legislation bailing out of any federal health reform . 

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