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August 11, 2009

Americans taking the advice of Hillary Clinton

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Finally after 40 years, Americans are waking up. And we owe it all to:
 Obama,Imanuel,Axelrod,AKORN,Pelosis,Ried,Kennedy,Mccain,Graham,Biden and most of all Hillary Clinton: Hillary told Americans that its proper to question an administration and government. And they are listening.   The Marxist plans put forth by this current administration are continuations of the bush administration.  We are seeing this current administration follow the lead, of the bush administration.  The failure of bush to uphold the constitution has set the stage for Barry.  When bush made the statement that the “Constitution was only a piece of paper”,.  When he failed to secure our borders allowing millions of illegals from all over the world enter this country.  And now obama wants to give them health care, the same as said so yesterday in Mexico.  Obama is only a continuation of the bush agenda.
We now know that obama, is working everyday, to undermine America, he is attempting to finish the destruction of the Constitution that bush started. The plan is to convert America to a two tier country. Those that have, and those that have nothing.  The plan is to turn the middle class into a slave class.
Nafta,Cafta, under bush senior finalized by Clinton was the beginning of the end for our manufacturing base,
The federal government is the cause of every problem America faces today.
There are three ways to solve the problems created by the federal government and unions.
First:  States must step up and enforce their Constitutional rights via the 10th Amendment. Citizens in all states, must pressure their legislative bodies to sever ties with the District of Columbia.
Second:  As citizens we must end the Republican/ Democrat rule.  Americans must move their voter registrations to a Conservative Libertarian Registration.   Bush / McCain have destroyed the Republican brand, Kennedy,Pelosi,Ried,Clinton,Obama have destroyed the Democrat Brand.  We can no longer allow these political elite’s to run amuck in Washington.  
Third:  We must keep up the pressure on these people in Washington, we must then remove every politician that is up for re election in 2010.  We must recruit candidates that will vow to cut and slash all these programs, agencies, and laws that have been passed in recent years, We must elect candidates that will vow to close all these bases around the world, We must elect candidates that will vow to stop all foreign aid, and end funding the United Nations.  We must elect candidates that will vow to end financial support for the World Health Organization, and World Trade Organization.  We must end affirmative action.  Affirmative action has become a tool used for reverse discrimination.  This cash for clunkers boondoggle is just that ,. It is driving up the cost of used cars that are needed for students, lower income folks. Its having the reverse affect on the people that can least afford it.  As a former used car dealer, I can tell you , used car trade in sales are vital to consumers. This is just one more issue that will back fire on obama supporters,. You can be sure, that millions of lower income voters voted for Barry Soetoro.  This is good going forward for our country,. Screw me once  shame on you , Screw me twice shame on me.
 Bottom line:   Get the Federal Government out of the way.  The Federal Government has no busines fooling with health care, social services, education. Remove all federal laws related to health care insurance companies let the free market system work.  Turn the regulation of Insurance companies over to the states,.  We have Insurance commissioners in all states,. tell them do their jobs. 

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