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August 11, 2009

Americans taking the advice of Hillary Clinton

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Finally after 40 years, Americans are waking up. And we owe it all to:
 Obama,Imanuel,Axelrod,AKORN,Pelosis,Ried,Kennedy,Mccain,Graham,Biden and most of all Hillary Clinton: Hillary told Americans that its proper to question an administration and government. And they are listening.   The Marxist plans put forth by this current administration are continuations of the bush administration.  We are seeing this current administration follow the lead, of the bush administration.  The failure of bush to uphold the constitution has set the stage for Barry.  When bush made the statement that the “Constitution was only a piece of paper”,.  When he failed to secure our borders allowing millions of illegals from all over the world enter this country.  And now obama wants to give them health care, the same as said so yesterday in Mexico.  Obama is only a continuation of the bush agenda.
We now know that obama, is working everyday, to undermine America, he is attempting to finish the destruction of the Constitution that bush started. The plan is to convert America to a two tier country. Those that have, and those that have nothing.  The plan is to turn the middle class into a slave class.
Nafta,Cafta, under bush senior finalized by Clinton was the beginning of the end for our manufacturing base,
The federal government is the cause of every problem America faces today.
There are three ways to solve the problems created by the federal government and unions.
First:  States must step up and enforce their Constitutional rights via the 10th Amendment. Citizens in all states, must pressure their legislative bodies to sever ties with the District of Columbia.
Second:  As citizens we must end the Republican/ Democrat rule.  Americans must move their voter registrations to a Conservative Libertarian Registration.   Bush / McCain have destroyed the Republican brand, Kennedy,Pelosi,Ried,Clinton,Obama have destroyed the Democrat Brand.  We can no longer allow these political elite’s to run amuck in Washington.  
Third:  We must keep up the pressure on these people in Washington, we must then remove every politician that is up for re election in 2010.  We must recruit candidates that will vow to cut and slash all these programs, agencies, and laws that have been passed in recent years, We must elect candidates that will vow to close all these bases around the world, We must elect candidates that will vow to stop all foreign aid, and end funding the United Nations.  We must elect candidates that will vow to end financial support for the World Health Organization, and World Trade Organization.  We must end affirmative action.  Affirmative action has become a tool used for reverse discrimination.  This cash for clunkers boondoggle is just that ,. It is driving up the cost of used cars that are needed for students, lower income folks. Its having the reverse affect on the people that can least afford it.  As a former used car dealer, I can tell you , used car trade in sales are vital to consumers. This is just one more issue that will back fire on obama supporters,. You can be sure, that millions of lower income voters voted for Barry Soetoro.  This is good going forward for our country,. Screw me once  shame on you , Screw me twice shame on me.
 Bottom line:   Get the Federal Government out of the way.  The Federal Government has no busines fooling with health care, social services, education. Remove all federal laws related to health care insurance companies let the free market system work.  Turn the regulation of Insurance companies over to the states,.  We have Insurance commissioners in all states,. tell them do their jobs. 

Obama is losing the Support of the Military

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J. B. Williams: Obama Media Machine Rushing to Derail Treason Charges as More Military Officers Revolt  and if they dont :
The massive effort to force Barack Hussein Obama to become “transparent” about his birth place and circumstance, his college years and his passport records is gathering steam. Despite a million dollars in legal fees aimed at keeping Obama’s entire life history Top Secret, a relentless pursuit of the mystery messiah not only persists,—its going viral on the web and main stream in the press…


CNN news anchor Lou Dobbs put his career on the line by even mentioning the topic of Obama’s apparent constitutional ineligibility for the office of Commander-in-Chief. After almost two years of reports and law suits regarding Obama’s secret past, the pursuit of truth is finally reaching critical mass among American voters and the mainstream press is being forced to address the matter.

But don’t get too excited just yet. The Obama media machine is spinning around the clock to derail all efforts to smoke Obama out into the open, where he may soon have to answer the questions he has spent years and millions dodging. Is he a “natural born citizen” eligible to hold the office of president, or is he the greatest political fraud ever perpetrated on the American electorate?

A Charge of “Treason”
If Obama is what so many Americans assert, an unconstitutional fraud, then the appropriate charge for his actions, and the actions of those who have “aided and abetted” the fraud, would be no less than “treason.” A crime punishable by death. The implications are extraordinarily serious!


On June 10, 2009, I released ”Is Obama Guilty of Treason?” – in which I report the events surrounding Retired Navy Commander Walter Fitzpatrick’s criminal complaint against Barack Hussein Obama. In response to the resulting leftist character attacks on Commander Fitzpatrick that followed, I released ”Why Commander Fitzpatrick Is NOT Guilty of Mutiny!” ‚Äì on June 14th.

Leftist attacks on Fitzpatrick continued, intended to defame and derail the Commander’s claims, seem to have ignited a firestorm of reaction from other members of the US Military who share Commander Fitzpatrick’s concern for the US Constitution and a nation under siege by Obama’s Chicago Cabal. But Commander Fitzpatrick no longer stands alone…

Division in the Ranks
Since then, active duty and reserve unit soldiers have begun to challenge Obama’s constitutional authority to issue military orders as Commander-in-Chief.


On June 25th I released ”What Difference Can One TRUE Patriot Make?” discussing the growing number of American patriots who are joining the chorus of dissenting soldiers increasingly concerned with the potential consequences of an unconstitutional Commander-in-Chief who continues to refuse to prove his legitimacy for the highest office in our land.

By July 17th, I wrote about the growing military backlash in ”Do YOU Fear Obama?”

Today, I report that four more have filed “treason” charges against Obama, similar to that filed by Commander Fitzpatrick last March.

Richard M. Keefner of Illinois, retired Marine Gy Sgt. Bob Pinkstaff, retired Marine Sgt. Phillip Wolf and retired Marine Colonel Edward Schriber, have all filed formal criminal charges of “treason” against presumed president Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. Copies of their charges can be viewed here:

An increasing number of soldiers are refusing Obama orders for recall and deployment. Obama is indeed losing control of the US Military. Above all other Americans, the men and women who volunteer and proudly take an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution by serving in the US Military, have a right to know without any doubt, that their orders are legal and constitutional.

But the Obama administration sees no need to become the “transparent” president he promised to be during his campaign, and they remain steadfast in their efforts to keep Obama’s life Top Secret.

Meanwhile, the heated divisions bubbling up within the ranks became so vicious on,  discussion board last week, that the publication removed all reference to the matter from their web site before America’s fighting men and women came to blows.

Flight Surgeon, Lt. Col. Dr. David Earl-Graeff felt the need to send a letter to Sec. of Defense Gates on the matter, stating the following‚…

“Enough is enough! You must be aware at this point of the tempest brewing among the Rank and File. I am writing you in an effort to appeal to your sense of concern for the Military; a concern we share not only for the Military as a whole but for each and every individual who wears the Uniform in the Service of our Country. I am in this regard specifically asking you for your help. I implore you to not wait until the “pot boils over” and we find ourselves in total disarray.”

Grand Jury Indictments
Rise up for America has convened citizen grand juries across the country, presented evidence of Obama “treason” to the jurors and issued grand jury indictments against Barack Hussein Obama in multiple jurisdictions.


Tenth and Second Amendment Legislation
The Tenth Amendment Center is leading state legislators across the country to restate their sovereign state rights and erect legislative walls of defense at state borders, to protect their citizens against a runaway Fed hell-bent upon bankrupting the nation.


Obama Digs in for Long Winter
But as Obama’s approval ratings plummet and the multiple initiatives to reign in the Fed and reinstate the US Constitution grow, Obama and Co. dig in for a long cold winter.


The Obama Media Machine is working around the clock to run interference on the issue of eligibility, proclaiming the entire subject a “dead issue” without ever investigating the charges or the absent records behind them.

Obama forces are trying to shut up Lou Dobbs and get him fired for even bringing up the subject, even though Dobbs is a sucker for the parade of leftist Obama birth cert excuses. The Los Angeles Times is stating that “the Obama birther story is dead,” following the lead of CNN President Jon Klein, who told staffers at the cable news network that “the supposed controversy regarding the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate is a dead story.”

Klein then sent an e-mail to staffers of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” just as the program went to air, informing them that CNN researchers had determined that “Hawaiian officials discarded all paper documents in 2001.” – “A long-form birth certificate with details about the doctor who delivered Obama no longer exists,” they reported. “The shorter Certificate of Live Birth noting Obama’s birth on Aug. 4, 1961, that has been made public is the official record.”

[Obama has offered three different COLB’s as his proof, and named two different hospitals as his place of birth, neither of which will confirm that he or his mother ever entered the doors of their facility.]

The Absolute Inescapable TRUTH
But the American press wants it all to be a “dead issue.”


That’s because contrary to US media propaganda on the matter, the real truth actually does exist and it most likely exists in Obama’s official birth, adoption, college and passport records, all of which remain under lock and key, under Obama’s orders.

The truth is inescapable… Nobody works this hard to hide the simple truth kept in his personal records, unless that truth in some way threatens his current standing.

The 25-28% of American voters, including most members of the US press who desire a “New Amerika” run on the principles of Karl Marx instead of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, couldn’t care less whether or not Obama meets Constitutional standards because they couldn’t care less what the Constitution says about anything.

But the people who took an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, have a very different view of the subject. Sooner or later, one way or another, the nation and the world is going to know the truth about the mystery messiah.

The longer it takes to smoke Obama and his cohorts out of their secretive moonbat cave, the more expensive the fraud and the solution.

Obama Can End the Debate Anytime He Wants
As the truth is simple and easy to prove one way or another, and Obama holds the key to his locked-up history, he alone can end all debate on the matter anytime he chooses by simply becoming the “transparent” resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that he promised to be.


I had hoped that he would be the “transparent” president he promised to be. I still hope he will make his life “transparent” before this story spins completely out of control. But, I don’t look for him to do this anytime soon, or even until he has run out of room to run, places to hide, and minions to carry his water in the press.

You see, people don’t hide or run from the truth unless the truth presents a threat of some sort. Whatever it is in Obama’s files, it’s clear that it presents a threat greater than all of the damage being done by the secret.

For trust to exist in any relationship, secrets cannot exist. And in this case, secrets of this magnitude with implications so far reaching, the secret itself threatens the stability of the entire federal government and its command of men and women who have taken an oath to protect and preserve the US Constitution and the free republic.

The issue of Obama eligibility is NOT going away; it is coming to a head. I sincerely hope that Obama will become the president he promised to be, before this powder keg blows…

When a news reporter from Australia is forced to write the following sentence, the US press should be too ashamed to even respond… They should just correct the problem!

“I seriously long for the good old days, when if a reporter or CNN President said something, there was a better than 50% chance it was true.¬† Unfortunately, regarding the “birth certificate issue” most reporters today are intentionally misstating the facts.”

Americans Take back your government!!!!

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    • August 1, 2009

Conservative Americans Take back their Parties!

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Conservative Americans step up to take back their Parties!

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Greeting Everyone:  Conservative Americans its time to take back our parties and our country. Doesnt matter if your Republican,Democrat,Libertarian,Green.
An American Demands an apology from Senator Mckaskill:
 During the past year, I have been bouncing an idea off of friends, family, and this web site.  Only one person has reared  up in opposition to the idea. That person is a friend, but so buried in the RNC, that they cant see the possibilities thru all the mucky muck he has absorbed over the past 55 years,
The few times I have mentioned this on the web, I have received dozens of emails in favor so we decided to go for it.   And here is how.
I just thank God and Al Gore for the Internet. The Internet was the vehicle that this fella in the WH used to lie his way into the WH.  Well lets turn the tables, not just on him but on the RNC and their Sister organization the DNC.  The idea is to get 10 -20 million Americans to call their county elections office and De register, Thats right,De register. By doing that we will take the predictability of our votes away from the two parties, the pollsters, and campaign managers and their staffs.  Having looked at running for office myself and studying the tools they use, We can totally upset the applecart. In fact we can dramatically affect the outcome of state and fed elections, by forcing the frauds out of office. It will also tell the candidates that Americans are not going to be taken for granted. We will then be in control  of our destiny. We still have some freedoms left. Lets use this one effectively while we still can.  And the best part is you can do it all online.  Now , what we are going to ask of you is to sign the de registration petition at:
I know many of you are thinking , No lets fix the party , well hows that been working for you so far.  They all tell you what they want you to hear during the campaign, then the go to Washington or your state capital and raise taxes,create more debt, and you sit and watch american idol, thinking you did your part,.. Well, its time to pull our heads out of the clouds, get down to earth and return this country to the basics,follow the Constitution, reduce the size of government,reduce taxes, stop foreign aid and intitlment programs that are nothing more than bribes for votes. And we wind up with a bloated,goverment, state and federal.
We are looking at numbers only, when you fill out the petition, your email address will not be forwarded to any outside party and will remain only in our data base for tally purposes.  Now , having said that, we will be using the tally numbers , to promote the idea,by informing other sites and news outlets, such as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs.  In your comment section please use that to address, paticular issues that you are concerned about.  We are also going to tally, numbers related to specific issues.
Thanks for getting involved.  This will drive the leadership in  the DNC and RNC up the wall.  And take away their power over the platforms and candidates.  It is also our plan that if this takes off, we will be able to share these numbers with Conservative groups in states around the country. 
We are also looking for ideas, beyond ours to make this project more affective.
So click on :  and get involved.  And forward to all your friends and family .
Also if you want , you can email us at, but besure and put petition in the subject line, so we dont lose it in our spam filter. 

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Your Sheriff, The Balance of Power opposing the Federal Government

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Americans below, will be extremly improtant for all to know going forward.  Suggestion, get to know your Sheriffs, make sure he knows his Constitutional powers .  Do not overlook this gift from our founders.  Your going to need it,  problaby sooner than later,. You need to know what these Sheriffs will do if they are called upon to stand up to the Feds, to protect the citizens of their counties,… Remember they work for you.

The Balance of Power

In the United States, the government’s sole and primary purpose, as laid out in the Constitution, is to defend and protect the God-given rights of its citizens, but ask the people around you, and they will very likely tell you that they received their rights from the government. Unfortunately, if a government may give you your rights, it may also take them all away.

For this reason, the framers created a Constitution that gave the government no authority or power outside of a few specific functions. The framers understood that people were already created with rights and that government must not be allowed to control these rights. To reassure the states, the framers expressly denied the federal government’s authority in specific ways by creating a series of amendments to the Constitution — the Bill of Rights.

  • Amendment 1: “Congress shall make no law . . . .”
  • Amendment 2: ” . . . the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”
  • Amendment 4: ” . . . against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, . . . .”

Limiting the government’s power was not the only brilliance displayed by the framers, the Checks and Balance system was also implemented to ensure that no one branch of government could get out of control. As long as at least one branch of government kept it’s primary goal as liberty, it could stop encroachments on the freedom of the people by the other branches.

But, what would happen if all three branches of government changed their agendas from freedom to power and coercion? Well, there was a check and balance for that as well. The framers knew that a law is only as good as it’s enforced. Imagine the suffering that could have been averted if Hitler’s laws and edicts were ignored by law enforcement. If German law enforcement had just simply refused to enforce such outrageous infringements on people’s rights, we would have a much different world today.

Fortunately, our system of government gives the power to the County Sheriff to either ignore or enforce Federal law. The President of the United States cannot tell the County Sheriff what to do in his own county. Neither can Congress. Neither can the Supreme Court. The County Sheriff is not the Gestapo of the federal government. Quite the opposite. The County Sheriff is elected by the people – not employed by any branch of the government. He takes an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Therefore his loyalty is towards protecting freedom.

Ultimately, the County Sheriff is the check to balance any overreaching authority of the federal government. He decides which laws are Constitutional and will be enforced and which laws violate his citizens’ rights and will be ignored. And for the choices he makes, he will answer directly to the citizens of his county – not the federal government.

Obviously, it is imperative that every citizen knows who their Sheriff is and what he believes in. Remember, in our country, the People are the highest authority and have the ultimate responsibility.

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A Lawman Speaks for Liberty

Border and National Security, Private Property rights, Removing Federal agencies from the states,American Energy Policy, Constitutional Conservative