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August 9, 2009

Harry Ried, meet your replacement in 2010

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Harry Ried , Meet your Replacement in 10


… Those Politicians Say the Darndest Things!!

Economic Impacts from Social Agendas


Freedom & Liberty – Core Documents and Values

Health Care – Socialized Medicine

Links with Common Values

Time to Replace Harry Reid

It’s About…

This campaign is about restoring “We the People”. Our Federal government is not a group of elected officials in Washington D.C.; rather it is the entirety of our citizenry.The people of Nevada, like many across our great nation, are angered that Nevada’s elected officials are no longer representing the interests and values of our State.Even worse; their agenda is driving our nation down a path of collectivism and implementing socialistic programs that threaten to destroy the very foundation of our country. We, our children, grand children and future generations will be enslaved by the tremendous debt that those same elected officials in Washington have saddled our great country with. They have used the national treasury to bribe the populace with “Free Money”; money they have borrowed from foreign governments that are not friendly to the United States, and can rescind those loans at their pleasure.  Elected officials even contemplate subordinating our National Sovereignty to International Courts and Organizations chartered by the United Nations. This must not stand.

As Nevada’s newest Senator in 2010, I will work to bring the following objectives to fruition:

  • Restore literal interpretations of the Constitution and the controls it places on the Federal Government – Those powers not specifically cited to the Federal Government, reside in the States and the individual citizen
  • Restore States Rights and return Usurped Powers and Responsibilities back to the individual States
  • Impose stringent reviews on Judicial Appointments to ensure that they will not legislate from the bench and modify the Constitution by personal fiat
  • Take required action to call for and execute the removal of Federal Judges that fail to honor their oath to the Constitution
  • Dramatically Reduce the size of the Federal Government
  • Slash the Federal Budget in conjunction with restoration of States Rights
  • Remove all unfunded Federal Mandates affecting the States
  • Implement the Fair Tax, Repeal the 16th Amendment, and abolish the IRS
  • Remove the Federal Government from Education
  • Defeat or repeal any Treaty or Legislation that contains the potential to subordinate the U.S. Constitution, our laws, or our Trade and Security interests to Foreign Powers
  • All Western Lands held by the Federal Government and not immediately required for National Defense, or reserved by Treaty for Native American Tribes,  are to be surrendered to the individual States at no cost
  • Over turn the Socialist “Reform Agenda’s” that have been legislated in 2009 and 2010

Upcoming Events

Archived Position Papers


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I am Bill Parson, a candidate for U.S. Senate and I approve this message.

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