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August 7, 2009

Public vs Home Schooling,, Even obama shuns public schools

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In the previous post I mentioned that last night we had a meeting of like minded Conservatives, One of the speakers, Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen, was going on about the budget issues that exist here in the state.  She mentioned that in a compromise, with this Dental hygienist we have for a Governor, they agreed to put a one cent sales tax on the ballot come November, She also mentioned that they, that is the legislature had made several cuts both in employees and agency expenses, Percentage wise they are about 35% short, my numbers not hers.  Anyway the rumor is that if the voters pass this one cent temporary sales tax , (Temporary in government is 50 years or more) , I guess Ive never seen one rolled back and Im 64. Anyway, the gov is going to use that money to backfill these cuts that were just made, Now is that the dumbest idea, you’ve ever heard, Why would you even make the cuts if your gonna just come back in and plow new money in a failed government in the first place.  She, Allen, goes on to say that 1/3 of the money was going to go into Education, , I thought the room was going to explode. Once again, we have to ask ourselves how in the world do these people rise to the top of state or federal governments. I felt like throwing the anchor overboard and jumping in after it to see if I could catch it.
Now, heres the real deal, Ive been reading this book, Its about this fella over in Nevada, A small businessman, however sounds like to me hes got 10 irons in the fire at all times. I know been there done that.  Well anyway it turns out that he and his wife, have been home schooling their kids, The success of home schooling for these folks is mind boggling, Im not going to go into them,. your gonna have to read the book,.. and trust me, once you start reading, if your a Red White and Blue, Conservative American like I am your not gonna put it down til  your finished.
Bottom line here is this, these states have got to tell the Department of Education to take a hike,..I suggested that last night and “Allen” said well we would have to give up the money, The feds match 3-1 of everystate dollar spent on education, I say, dont send them the money in the first place, That’s for another post. But good riddance, You are never going to solve the public education system problems until you get this Teacher Union out of our hair, This union along with a lot of other problems are bankrupting states, Its time for some real leadership at the state levels, These Union supported legislatures need to be called out exposed for what they are and voted out of office, or side stepped by the Chairmen of committees in other words, send them out for coffee and donuts.
Now for a teaser, I want you to go to this link, watch this young lady, and while she is speaking, remember this, this young 16 year old is being home schooled.  . Now ask yourself, do you know anyone that has a 16 year old, that could get up infront of this many folks and give a speech like she did?  Dont thinks so, I would be willing to bet there is not one 20 year old let alone a 16 year old that could do what she did.
Now for that book I mentioned<. Its just been release the first of August. Title: The Conscience of a Libertarian, its on Amazon, Author : Wayne Allyn Root.  Yep I know what your thinking, but your wrong, Ive met Wayne Allen, listened to him for over an hour, then had a couple of short chats afterwards,.. By the end of the day , I could see the Stars and Strips being raised, I could hear the Star Spangled Banner being played in the distance,. I called my wife and told her to turn on the computer, get it ready , cause Im comin home and Im ready to go to work.  We’ve got a shot, the question is will we take it.
One more issue:  There are 55 million Americans under the treat of Obamacare,. That segment of society must stand up. They are the only segment of society that understands what facisim , marxism, and communism is all about,. They are the only segment of society that truly knows what it means to be free.  So in the up and coming elections, 55 million Americans have a chance to put our ship of state back on track.  We have lost the 18-30 year old university students, we have lost the 30-45 year old yuppie starbucks crowd. So u’all its up to ussens”.
Here is your challenge, each of you need to buy that book, read it, share it with your friends and neighbors, Then get on the internet, tell everybody in your address book, that they have got to get that book read it and share it with their friends and neighbors, your gittin the idea.
We can save this country for our kids and grand kids the key is to make sure they understand what we did and why we did it. That is up to each of you.  Lets Roll Americans.  

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    Comment by Warren Ogren — August 7, 2009 @ 2:28 am

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