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August 6, 2009

Clinton pulled the diplomatic rug from soetoro

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This recent trip to North Korea by Bill Clinton, is very telling. Fact or Fiction, who knows, But we all know that Bill Clinton has a lot more going for himself topside than obama. And Bill Clinton with out question has more influence with North Korea, and probably every nation around the world than obama, obama has proven to be a dud, not just in domestic policy, which is a disgrace, but also in foreign policy. 
Heres the point: I believe that Bill Clinton, took off in a private jet, on his own, with no contact with this fool in the WH. Flew to North Korea, and retrieved those two, very stupid reporters.  I came to that conclusion after, AL Gore, went livid over the trip and, made a lot of noise about, so called negotiations that supposedly took place between, obama,gore,and Kim Jong ll. We all know there is no love lost between the Clinton’s and Al Gore. And we all know where Al Gores loyalties lie. 
On Monday we learned from news sources inside the beltway , that the Clintons are working to undermine and make certain that obama, never sees a second term. Bill and Hillary are furious and frankly I dont blame them, obama lied his way into the White House. He ran as a moderate, almost conservative candidate. But once elected he has shown his true communist, Hitler style policies.
So, President Clinton, my hats off to you, what ever you can do to keep the rug pulled out from under soetoro, keep it up.
The question for me is what I wouldnt give for a Clinton administration vs, what we have.
Here’s a question for Rush, Who would you rather have in the White House, Bill and Hillary, or Soetoro or what ever his name is.
Obama’s poll ratings will be in the mid 30’s by Christmas.,  He will resign or be thrown out by March. Earlier than previously predicted. He is and is surrounded by fools. 2010 elections will change the senate dramatically, Democrats will lose, 10-15 seats because of the Sotomayor vote today,.. Also the six RINOs that voted for her will be removed,..So Conservative Libretarian Candidates need to get ready to run for those RINO Seats.
Last night we had a meeting of Conservatives R,D,and Libs,. Trust me there were no Brooks Bros, suits there. obamacare,sotomayor,2nd amendment,crap and tax dominated the discussion. America is waking up. Rinos and so called Blue Dogs, are toast.  

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