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August 4, 2009

Obama, why dont you just fess up , its good for the soul!

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Today , the web was saturated with news of Obama’s BirthCertificate, .  Is it real ? Well we are gonna find out.  My gut tells me, it is.  And here is why,… When he and McCain were asked duing the debates, where they were born,. McCain said Panama, Obama said Krypton, and he was Superman?  Then there are all the lies he told duing the campaign,. You know the ones , so I wont get into them.  Anyway its safe to say that he is a liar.  Then there is the Czar issue, even Bob Byrd is upset.  And look at the Character of each one of them,. My guess is George Washington , Ben , Thomas, James are all spinning in their graves,.. But here is the good news. 

The truth and facts have a way of floating to the surface.  My postition is that obama or what ever his name is , will turn out to be good for America.  Why, simple,, America is waking up.  Americans will never sit still for an imposter, or a fraud . There are dozens of men and women in the Senate and the House that now see BO for what he is. And are rasing questions. He has already stabbed Montana in the back, and Nevada,and Im sure more that Im not aware of right now,. Now we learn that the administration is looking into all these computers related to cash for clunkers,. Im sure that the buyers , put their email address’s on the application.

Orly Taitz will go down in American history as a hero,. She will be known as the woman that saved our Republic.

Its a good day, things are looking up.

Here’s the question,:    Is this why Sarah stepped down,. Are she and McCain already aware of the on coming Constitutional Crisis,… How soon will the Secretaries of all the States step forward and declare the Presidential Election or2008 invalid.  When Sarah announced she was stepping down,. The first thought that came thru, was , she knows, and to make the move easier, she gave up the reigns to Alaska,..  If Im right, you can say you heard it here first. ::((

I will bet you that they are scrambling in the White House tonight,.  We now know you were not born on Krypton.

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