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August 3, 2009

Obama, whats he hiding, whats he afraid of? = the truth.

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Among the key documents that Obama continues to shield from the public:

• Obama released just one brief document detailing his personal health. McCain, on the other hand, released what he said was his complete medical file, totaling more than 1,500 pages.

• Obama refused to offer his official papers as a state legislator in Illinois. Nor did he produce correspondence, such as his schedules of appointments or letters from lobbyists, from his days in the Illinois state Senate.

• Obama did not release his client list as an attorney or his billing records. He maintained that he performed only a few hours of legal work for a nonprofit organization with ties to Tony Rezko, the Chicago businessman convicted of fraud in June 2008 but did not release billing records that would prove this assertion.

• Obama ignored requests for his records from Occidental College, where he studied for two years before transferring to Columbia University.

• Obama’s campaign refused to give Columbia, where he earned an undergraduate degree in political science, permission to release his transcripts. Former President George W. Bush and presidential contenders Al Gore and John Kerry all released their college transcripts.

• Obama did not agree to the release of his application to the Illinois State Bar, which would have cleared up intermittent allegations that his application may have been inaccurate.

• Obama did not release records from his time at Harvard Law School.

• During the presidential campaign, McCain’s campaign released a full list of all online donors. Obama’s campaign still has not released the names of those who donated at least one-third of the $750 million he raised.


Ironically, Obama accused the Bush White House of being “one of the most secretive administrations in our history,” and chided then-Sen. Hillary Clinton for not releasing her White House schedules.

 It wont be long now!!

WND has reported on dozens of legal challenges to Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen.” The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

Some of the lawsuits question whether he was actually born in Hawaii, as he insists. If he was born out of the country, Obama’s American mother, the suits contend, was too young at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to her son under the law at the time.

Other challenges have focused on Obama’s citizenship through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born.

Complicating the situation is Obama’s decision to spend sums estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to avoid releasing a state birth certificate that would put to rest all of the questions.

WND has reported that among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes his kindergarten records, his Punahou school records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles, his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, his passport, his medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records.





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  • Obama, Born in Kenya, Birth Certificate Found and Released

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     Orly , you will go down in history as the person that saved America from Marxism.   

    The Fraud perpetrated by the Political and Buearcratic establishment in Washington D.C. Will now crumble under global, disgrace. This is the Document that will finally destroy , the RNC,DNC, and all those agencies whos responsibility to vet the ligitimacy of Barry Sotero.  This is the document that will disgrace the left wing media, CBS,ABC,CNN,NBC,MSNBC,. Hopefully,this is the Document that will end the tyranny of all Americans by the Political elites,. The Fraud is over.  Prayers are being answered. Maybe now the country can now rid itself of the scurges such as AKORN, LaRaza.  The Truth will set us free.   We can hope and pray that this document is real and can be verified.  Read the following: and go to the links:


    And then there is this:!9118791428895678!1150.entry

    California attorney Orly Taitz has released a copy of a birth certificate that purports to show Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, which if authenticated would plunge the United States into a constitutional crisis and potentially herald a catastrophic loss of confidence in the legitimacy of the government.

    Shocking New Birth Certificate Proof Obama Born In Kenya? Moves For Authentication Of Kenyan Birth Certificate


    From Orly Taitz, Esq

    Motion For Rogatory Discovery To Authenticate Kenyan Birth Certificate Of Barack Hussein Obama
    August 2nd, 2009
    8:09-cv-00082-DOC-AN Ambassador Alan Keyes PhD, et al v. Barack Hussein Obama, et al
    Notice of Electronic Filing
    The following transaction was entered by Taitz, Orly on 8/1/2009 at 10:08 PM PDT and filed on 8/1/2009
    Case Name: Ambassador Alan Keyes PhD, et al v. Barack Hussein Obama, et al
    Case Number: 8:09-cv-82
    Filer: Alan Keyes PhD
    Document Number: 34
    Docket Text:
    NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION to Expedite authentication, MOTION for Issuance of Letters Rogatory for authenticity of Kenyan birth certificate filed by Plaintiff Alan Keyes PhD. (Attachments: # (1) Appendix Photocopy of Obamaâ¤s birth certificate from Kenya)(Taitz, Orly)
    8:09-cv-82 Notice has been electronically mailed to:
    Orly Taitz
    8:09-cv-82 Notice has been delivered by First Class U. S. Mail or by fax to: :
    The following document(s) are associated with this transaction:
    Document description:
    Dr. Orly Taitz
    Orly Taitz Law Offices
    26302 La Paz, Suite 211
    Mission Viejo, California 92691
    Telephone: (949) 683-5411
    Captain Pamela Barnett,
    Lt. Colonel Richard Norton Bauerbach
    Captain Robin D. Biron
    Colonel John D. Blair,
    Mr. David L. Bosley,
    Ms. Loretta G. Bosley,
    Captain Harry G. Butler,
    Representative Glenn Casada, Tennessee
    Jennifer Leah Clark,
    Representive Timothy Comerford, NH
    Charles Crusemire,
    Representative Cynthia Davis, Missouri Civil Action No.:
    Chief Warrant O. Thomas S. Davidson SACV09-00082-DOC (Anx)
    Matthew Michael Edwards,
    Lt. Jason Freese,
    Mr. Kurt C. Fuqua,
    Officer Clint Grimes,
    Representative Casey Guernsey, Missouri
    Julliett Ireland,
    D. Andrew Johnson,
    Israel D. Jones,
    Timothy Jones,
    Alan Keyes, Ph.D.,
    Commander David Fullmer LaRoque,
    Gail Lightfoot,
    Lita M. Lott,
    Major David Grant Mosby,
    MSGT Steven Kay Neuenschwander,
    Representative Frank Niceley, Tennessee
    Retired Senator Jerry Oâ¤Neil, Montana,
    SFC E7 Robert Lee Perry ,
    Representative Larry Rappaport, NH
    Colonel Harry Riley,
    Sergeant Jeffrey Wayne Rosner,
    MSGT Jeffrey Schwilk,
    Captain David Smithey,
    Lt. Commander John Bruce Steidel,
    Cmdr. Douglas Earl Stoeppelwerth
    Thomas J Taylor,
    Representative Eric Swafford, Tennessee
    Captain Neil B. Turner,
    Richard E. Venable,
    LCDR Jeff Graham Winthrope, and
    Lt. Colonel Mark Wriggle,
    Barack Hussein Obama,
    Michelle L.R. Obama,
    Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State,
    Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense,
    Joseph R. Biden, Vice-President and
    President of the Senate,
    28 U.S.C. 1781(a)(2)-(b)(2)
    The undersigned counsel for Plaintiffs has acquired possession of a color copy of one certain document (attached as Exhibit A to this motion), regarding which there are no ready means of authentication except by recovery of the original document As should be apparent from the nature and content of the document, if authenticated, and shown to be genuine, the contents of this document will significantly narrow and shorten the discovery and pre-trial litigation period necessary in this case, and might lead to an early resolution by settlement or transfer of these proceedings to the United States House of Representatives and Senate according the procedures outlined in the Constitution.
    It is also apparent (and hearsay evidence available to Plaintiffs⤠counsel aggravates her concerns) that political pressure may be brought to bear to destroy all relevant evidence, whether such evidence exists within or outside the borders of the United States of America.
    It would appear to the undersigned counsel that either 28 U.S.C. 1781(a)(2) or 28 U.S.C. 1782(b)(2) or some combination of these statutory authorizations outlines the procedures by which to transmit letters rogatory and other requests to the proper authorities abroad in Kenya and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
    For two classes of evidence at issue here, namely all requests for relevant passport materials and other documents existing within the United States of America, as well as all requests to be made through diplomatic channels to foreign tribunals, Defendant HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON is the Secretary of State of the United States of America, and accordingly, Secretary Clinton is the first and primary proper target of letters rogatory to be submitted pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1781(a)(2).
    FIRST, Plaintiffs pray that this court authorize Plaintiffs to issue a special subpoena for deposition duces tecum to Secretary HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON be cited to appear within 21 days pursuant to (or in the letter and spirit of) Rule 27 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (even though this action has been filed and served, many months will pass before the Rule 26(f) Conference can be held to plan for discovery among the parties).
    The purpose of Rule 27, even though designed for pre-filing discovery, is fulfilled and relevant here, in that some (above-noted) hearsay evidence exists that an individual involved in the examination of passport files at the United States Department of State relating to and involving certain 2008 Presidential candidates may have been killed in relation to such inquiry. Last year it was announced by former secretary of State Candoleeza Rice that there was tampering with the passport records of three major presidential candidates and it was investigated by the inspector general. Lt. Querl Harris was one of the suspects in passport tampering scandal. Washington post has announced that he was cooperating with the FBI and shortly thereafter he was found dead, shot in the head, sitting in his parked car. This case remains open and unresolved. Under such circumstances, â¤perpetuation of evidenceâ¤ù becomes a more and more significant and time-sensitive issue.
    SECOND, Plaintiffs pray that this court will send a request for letters rogatory pursuant to 28 U.S.C.1781(a)(2) to Defendant HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON and other relevant officers in the United States Department of State to issue and transmit letters rogatory through proper diplomatic channels to the following foreign offices of public record and vital statistics:
    For the Republic of Kenya:
    The Principal Civil Registrar
    Dept of Civil Registration
    Office of the President
    PO Box 49179
    Tel: 227461
    Office of the Principal Registrar
    Deputy Registrar
    Births, Deaths, and Marriages for the
    Coast Province of Kenya
    (or its modern successor, equivalent jurisdiction) in and for
    (formerly British East Africa)
    Kenya High Commission
    45 Portland Place
    London W1B 1AS
    Tel No. 020 7636 2371
    General Register Office
    Certificate Services Section
    General Register Office
    PO Box 2
    PR8 2JD
    Tel: +44 (0) 845 603 7788 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 9am to 4pm).
    THIRD and in the alternative, Plaintiffs pray that this court issue and transmit letters rogatory and requests directly to each of the above-and-foregoing listed foreign offices or agencies (or to the relevant tribunals with appropriate jurisdiction in the relevant countries) without the intervention or assistance of Defendant HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON and/or other officers of the Department of State and/or the Department of Justice of the United States of America.
    It is urgent that this request be prosecuted prior to the normal onset of discovery in this case, again, according to the general letter and spirit of Rule 27 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regarding the perpetuation of testimony. There has never been a constitutional challenge to the identity and eligibility of a sitting President of the United States and so there are no direct precedents regarding this matter, but it is fairly safe to say that the potential consequences and fallout from this present filing being made public will be severe and significant, even though the undersigned counsel makes absolutely no pre-judgment or prediction regarding the actual authenticity of the document of which only a color copy taken by a camera at an odd angle, which is attached herein as Exhibit A.
    For all of the above-and-foregoing reasons, Plaintiffs pray that this court will grant leave to the Plaintiffs to conduct the aforementioned special discovery immediately and prior to the normal Rule 26(f) Conference, pursuant to Rule 27 and all or some subset of the procedures authorized in 28 U.SC. 1781(a)(2)-1781(b)(2). Although the urgency of this request cannot be overstated, 21 days is the normal time for service of such a request as this under Rule 27 of the Federal Rules, and the undersigned counsel reminds the Court that she will be out of the United States from August 2, 2009, to August 24, 2009.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Saturday, August 1, 2009
    Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. (SBN 223433)
    Attorney for the Plaintiffs
    26302 La Paz, Suite 211
    Mission Viejo, California 92691
    Telephone (949) 683-5411
    I the undersigned Charles Edward Lincoln, being over the age of 18 and not a party to this case, so hereby declare under penalty of perjury that on this Saturday August 1, 2009, I provided facsimile copies of the Plaintiffs⤠above-and-foregoing
    LETTERS ROGATORY PURSUANT to 28 U.S.C. 1781(a)(2)-(b)(2)
    to all of the following non-party attorneys whose names were affixed to the STATEMENT OF INTEREST who have appeared in this case in accordance with the local rules of the Central District of California, to wit:
    FACSIMILE (213) 894-7819
    DONE AND EXECUTED ON THIS 1st day of August, 2009
    Charles Edward Lincoln, III
    Tel: (512) 923-1889
    Exhibit A:
    Unauthenticated Color Photocopy of
    Certified Copy of
    Registration of Birth from the
    Coast Province of Kenya
    District of Mombasa
    District Registry Office
    Office of the Principal Registrar
    Republic of Kenya, issued on the
    17th day of February, 19
    Orly Taitz DDS Esq
    26302 La Paz ste 211
    Mission Viejo Ca 92691
    29839 S. Margarita Pkwy
    Rancho Santa Margarita Ca 92688
    ph. w 949-586-8110 c-949-683-5411
    fax 949-586-2082 

    Obama’s New Board Game

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    Even more telling, apparently the government can’t run an auto rebate program!

     Check the link for Obama’s newest Government Monopoly Board Game , get yours while they still last,. If your a government employee, or politician, sorry , you dont qualify.   Let see , is it my turn yet?






    If anyone thinks and feels that this healthcare plan will serve the citizens better and is harmless, more expedient, or is cost savings effective, study the flow chart very carefully.


    Congress has exempted themselves from this legislation applying to them if it passes into law, as they do not want their healthcare requirements limited or rationed by it which this plan can do and most likely will do to cut costs.

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