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August 2, 2009

Summers outlines the truth behind Obama’s Stimulus Plan

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This morning on Meet the Press, Larry Summers, spilled the beans. With regard to the 2.5 million job losses, since obama took office, His excuse is that the economy was worse than they thought. Sounds good, but Summers was in support of the bush,paulson,bernanke, nonsense in the summer and fall of 2008. If in fact the economy was as bad as they say it was and is, then it should be no surprise to Summers, or anyone else in DC. 
The truth is, the economy was bad because of bad government, meddling in the private sector, and the corruption on Wall Street, involving foreign investors that without no doubt, demanded their investments in phony bonds be reimbursed or else, someone was going to die, And since Paulson was the former head of Goldman Sachs, his name was certainly at the top of the hit list, In my opinion of course. 
Having said that, there is no question that the obama administration inherited a political, fiscal, mess created by bush. Bush will go down in history as the dumbest, worst president in the history of the country. 
Summers made very clear the direction that the obama administration has taking regarding the stimulus money. Summers made it very clear that their focus was directed towards “Teachers,cops,and government employees, federal of course,. The question you have to ask yourself, what do all these jobs, including GM, government motors and Chrysler have in common.  ” Union Jobs” “Unions.” Why, the answer is simple, Unions vote democratic. Because Union Labor, is income dependent on taxpayers, vented thru government. Its only natural that a socialist would support government and union labor over private enterprise. Should be no surprise to anyone. But who do we blame obama? bush did exactly the same thing, We criticized Clinton for having consensual sex on a desk. But he did cut government and we had a budget surplus when he left office. Let be honest here.  obama is a totally different breed of politician. 
Just look at two numbers.  The Stimulus was 756 Billion dollars, he has spent less than 7% of those dollars.  If he really wanted to stimulate the economy, and do whats right by the taxpayers, Give them back all the taxes, I mean everydime, plus the amount that the dollar has lost since the bush administration took office, and adjusted for inflation. Return those dollars to the actual taxpayers of the country. So for roughly, say 200 million, im just picking a number, and its probably high, but for 200  million dollars he could instantly turn the country around, solve the economy, put another 200 million in HSA’s, for every American citizen in the country, Interest bearing savings accounts at banks no more than 100 miles from the home address of the account holder. that would instantly make money available for private enterprise, business startups, home mortgages, with legitimate underwriting. Create a law that says that the banks cannot sell those loans, period.  Then return the rest of the tarp to the treasury, Pass Ron Pauls bill 1207 and audit the Fed and find out where all that fiat paper went, that he refused to tell Congress two weeks ago as to where he sent it. 
If Obama would do take these three or four steps, He would be the hero of the world, He would set the example for positive economic growth world wide. But will he. Nope, he is a socialist, he thinks big government is the way to go, He must control the votes. And he will going forward by bribing the under and middle class, keeping the privilege class, that is union and government employees in toe. 
The result, keeping or stifling innovation, free enterprise, killing the entrapenural spirit.  
So America, there is only one solution, Shut down the District of Columbia, Kill the power of the party elites, Stop funding the RNC or the DNC, Get behind a third Party candidate. Get be hind a Small business person. Someone that has made a payroll, provided jobs for Americans, Someone that has made it possible for employees to buy homes, feed their families, gave bonuses for performance, Someone that has seen failures and then picked up their boot straps and tried again, What many fail to recognize is that even when a business fails, you must look at the revenue that business provided to employees, state and federal coffers while it existed. 
Its time to take the power away from the RNC and the DNC, My solution is to De Register until the campaigns are almost over. Personally, I will never vote again for anyone in the two party system. For me its over, done, kaput,finished,out of here, Im a Conservative, and the only party that rings my liberty Bell is the Conservative Libertarian Party, As is stands right now I am not registered to vote, I will not register until absolutely necessary, And if no Strong Conservative Constitution Candidate steps up. I will not vote period, I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. 
“The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite” This is as true to day as it was the day, Thomas Jefferson said it.
In my words, ” do you want to be the Master of your life, or do you want a Master to control your life.” 
I turn 65 next Feb, I am not going to enroll in Medicare, If Blue Cross and Shield decide to drop me as a result, So be it.  I am not going to tie myself to a program that adds to the debt of my children and grand children, I take my SS, because I paid it, Its not worth what I paid in. So be it, Bottom line, all of these schemes are nothing more than bribes for votes, or better said ponzi schemes. To keep the elite class at the head of the table. And you piss ants down the hall where you belong.
Social Security, Medicare,Medicade,the Federal Government, foreign and domestic policy has destroyed millions of dollars of wealth that America spent 200 years building, And they did in 8.5 short years.  The idea of America is dead. Have Americans already given up. I was with a group of locals at a cook out yesterday, All except three of us were former union employees, They were dead, they had nothing going for them, All they could talk about was medical conditions, doctors, benefits and so on. This is the America we have to look forward to if we dont wake up. One lady there was having hip trouble. In serious pain, I told her of a similar problem I had in Jan, I cured it by going to the swimming pool,… Here is what she said “I would have to have a prescription from my doctor,” I thought my head would explode.  We certainly have a shortage of brain in this country.
Sign the petition take your freedoms back:
Have a great day folks, Im outa here!

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