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July 31, 2009

Democrats say no, AZ gov stabs her own legislature&state in the back

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Last night, in the government run health care committee hearing. The republicans offered up a bill, that would require the president, congress and all government employees, including post office, fricking forest service, sign on to the same program that is being shoved down the American peoples throats.
In Short the communist democrats would have no part of it.  It makes blood shoot out of my ears. Watching this Dam fool bunch of overpaid clowns in Washington is almost, enough to make one go out in to the forest and blow ones brains out.  Watching this joke is democrats covering their own interest.
The democrats claim that this amendment to force the president, congress, and all federal employees to sign on to the same program and Americans is not Germane to the committee, Its is just insane some of these crazy objections to sanity that the democrats come up with.   
Is there anyone that knows of a way to melt a glacier and send the water to the District of Columbia and flood it with, say 100 feet of water. And please do it in the middle of the night, the democrats like to do things in the middle of the night.
Watching this committee, makes it even more clear, of the damage that the RNC has done by allowing mccain to win the nomination in 08.  We have lost our country because of this idiot, that promoted amnesty and mccain finegold. The Republicans in this committee have their hands tied behind their back, because of the 08 election results. The only fix that is out there is to elect as many Conservative Libertarians as we can in 2010.
Can someone please explain to me why we send our tax money to this “Charlie Fox” administration and government.
I also learned last night from a good friend in the Az legislature that this dental assistant Governor, is going to back fill, with the sales tax revenue, assuming the voters approve of it. Rather than apply it to the deficit.  Where, please God, tell us where do these idiots come from?  The legislature has made great strides in cuts in government spending, just to have it all undermined by backfiling lousy government spending this is Napolitano all over again. Which just kicks that problem that the state has now down the road,  The fools we put in these top jobs is just mind shattering. 
Maybe we should just, relax and go out to the fricking garden and have a Bud Lite. 

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