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July 29, 2009

Whats up with South Carolina, Lindsey Graham????

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There is no doubt, that the Senate is fundementaly screwed up.
Lindsey Graham , the mccain suck up,RINO, Mel Martinez,Susan Collins,Richard Lugar,and Snow,. Really should just face it and change their party affiliation to Democrat.  Sotomayor is with any question a Racist. She was appointed by a Racist, and undoubtedly will be confirmed by a bunch of spineless, traitors to the Constitution. 
But in a way this is a good thing,.. It will help put fire in the bellies of legal Americans,black,white,brown,yellow,green and red.
The hatred for this fella in the WH is climbing higher everyday.  A friend of mine inside the Beltway told me today , that the only way we are going to save America, is to shut down the District of Columbia. He’s Right!!  Which is what I have been advocating for years. States are slowly figuring it out,. They like Texas, Tenn, and Montana, realize that if they are going to remain soverign states, they are going to have to act. 
America, you must take advantage of the August recess, you must let these bubble heads know that “your mad as hell and your not going to take it anymore”.
If Graham,Snow,Lugar,Collins,like mcCain,and Voinovitch (R) from Ohio they have gotta go.
Hey Barry , whats changed since 2004?

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