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July 28, 2009

Campaign for Liberty Event @Valley Forge PA

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Hi folks,,, I just went to one of these in Vegas,,, it was great, informative,,, Note: If you feel like your all alone out there fighting to save our country and freedoms.  Go to this,, you will never find your self in the company of so many like minded Americans.   The following are some videos that you’ll find useful, please forward to all you know.  We have got to shut down obama/akorn. ‘  obama BC  RL   obama BC  MS  obama on Alito Confirmation, something odd here.  obama bc  LD

It happening folks,,, thousands everyday are finding out that obama the great is not a legal Naturalized American Citizen , and the lack of a Birth Certificate is just one element in that fact.

Ron Paul needs to address this at their event in Penn.

Over the Congressional vacation, All America needs to let these idiots know that we know that we are putting up with a fake, a fraud , and that they are committing treason by letting it go on.  Com on America, Lets Roll.


Dear Friend of Liberty, Campaign for Liberty is proud to announce that Congressman Ron Paul is confirmed to attend the Northeast Regional Conference, Constitution Day weekend, September 17-19, 2009 in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. From our previous regional conferences, to our challenge of the establishment at CPAC, Campaign for Liberty has taken steps to network and train liberty minded individuals from across the nation. I believe the Northeast Regional Conference will top them all! Activities at the conference with Congressman Paul include a private “Diamond Reception,” a “Breakfast Discussion” and the first ever public book signing of his new title, End the Fed. A three-day pass to the Conference is only $76. This includes grassroots training, exclusive access to high-profile speakers, and lunch Friday afternoon. Held at the Valley Forge Convention Center, C4L has a special room rate available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Click here for hotel details. Visit the Northeast Regional Conference page for a current event schedule, registration, travel, and hotel information. Receive a free gift when you register using promotional code “Franklin.” I truly believe this upcoming Conference will be the largest and most successful event of the year. The Northeast Regional Conference will strengthen your understanding of history and the foundational principles necessary to maintain liberty. You will also network with fellow freedom fighters in your region and learn how to build your local organization. Never before have our liberties faced so many threats, but never before has our movement been so strong. Our Northeast Regional Conference will motivate and train you to achieve the goals of reclaiming our Republic and restoring our Constitution. In Liberty, John Tate President P.S. Don’t miss your chance to meet Ron Paul and get your copy of End the Fed autographed. Space is limited and sure to fill fast. Reserve your spot today using promotional code “Franklin” and receive your free gift!

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