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July 23, 2009

s Well Glenn , Lous got one up on ya,.. hes wrong, but

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Well. Glenn we tried to move you but it looks like Lou beat you to the punch. Tonight and last night, Lou Dobbs, finally took up the eligibility issue pertaining to Barry Soetoro aKA Barrack Hussein Obama,.. Althought Lou is wrong, he at least is getting the issue on the air.  He is just covering his backside, you know he is on CNN. You know Communist News Network.
Roland Martin, became unglued over the birthcertificate issue.  Why, Simple, because he knows obama was born in Kenya.  His grandmother has even said as much.  Ted Poe has introduced legislation that going forward a candidate will have to produce a BC.  At least that will keep Obama from 8 years in the White House.
The fact of the matter is. it is the final affect of World Net Daily . com and other grassroots, organizations,bloggers, and the American people that have finally gotten the attention of Lou Dobbs. Its too bad they didnt listen before the election, we could have saved 1.3 trillion dollars of additional debt, not to mention all the time and energy wasted on trips abroad, apologizing for America, not to mention all this angnst over Crap and Tax, and National illegal health care nonsense.
I had a dream last night,. In the dream, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin were in the White House,. They were closing our bases all over the world. Bringing all our troops home,. They were building the Fence that bush promised to build on the border,. They were tracking down terrorist cells that are here recruiting and training for their next event,.
They Ron and Sarah. are opening up oil fields and drilling rigs were going up 3-4 per day.  They encouraging congress to fund 20 nuke powerplants in the next 10 years.
They terminated the IRS. Cut all government agencies by 60 percent. And by executive order canceled all government paid for health care for politicians and employees,.  By executive order Ron terminated Cafta and Nafta.  And placed tarraffis on all imports from china,India, etc,. Stopped the transfer of all technology to anywhere outside of America.
I know it was just a dream. But it was nice to wake up to a dream , rather than the nightmares Ive been having since Jan 20 th. 
Better pay attention Glenn, Lou’s got one up on ya.  

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