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July 23, 2009

s Well Glenn , Lous got one up on ya,.. hes wrong, but

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Well. Glenn we tried to move you but it looks like Lou beat you to the punch. Tonight and last night, Lou Dobbs, finally took up the eligibility issue pertaining to Barry Soetoro aKA Barrack Hussein Obama,.. Althought Lou is wrong, he at least is getting the issue on the air.  He is just covering his backside, you know he is on CNN. You know Communist News Network.
Roland Martin, became unglued over the birthcertificate issue.  Why, Simple, because he knows obama was born in Kenya.  His grandmother has even said as much.  Ted Poe has introduced legislation that going forward a candidate will have to produce a BC.  At least that will keep Obama from 8 years in the White House.
The fact of the matter is. it is the final affect of World Net Daily . com and other grassroots, organizations,bloggers, and the American people that have finally gotten the attention of Lou Dobbs. Its too bad they didnt listen before the election, we could have saved 1.3 trillion dollars of additional debt, not to mention all the time and energy wasted on trips abroad, apologizing for America, not to mention all this angnst over Crap and Tax, and National illegal health care nonsense.
I had a dream last night,. In the dream, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin were in the White House,. They were closing our bases all over the world. Bringing all our troops home,. They were building the Fence that bush promised to build on the border,. They were tracking down terrorist cells that are here recruiting and training for their next event,.
They Ron and Sarah. are opening up oil fields and drilling rigs were going up 3-4 per day.  They encouraging congress to fund 20 nuke powerplants in the next 10 years.
They terminated the IRS. Cut all government agencies by 60 percent. And by executive order canceled all government paid for health care for politicians and employees,.  By executive order Ron terminated Cafta and Nafta.  And placed tarraffis on all imports from china,India, etc,. Stopped the transfer of all technology to anywhere outside of America.
I know it was just a dream. But it was nice to wake up to a dream , rather than the nightmares Ive been having since Jan 20 th. 
Better pay attention Glenn, Lou’s got one up on ya.  

Obama Shows his true Colors, Is HRied looking more stupid?

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Dont miss the letter below, NOW:  And Democrats ask Pelosi to step aside,down what ever just get out of the way.  Stay tuned to this one!!!
 Ok, Im not gonna rehash last nights BS speech, but just want to point out that obama, last night showed his true colors,. He dropped the presidential ire for his actual beliefs. That his job is to keep racism alive and well. And he did that , by taking on the Henry Gatesissue. A known racist professor at Harvard. 
Obama, is using the health care issue to make whitie pay for poor black Americans health care,. And to control our lives . He throws in the hispanic issue to make sure that hispanics, stay faithful to voting left, rather than voting RIGHT. Make no mistake about it, obama could care less about Hispanics. But he needs their votes and is willing to bribe them to get them.  Health care is about government control , not about health care.  Pay attention folks. Read the bill::
Pelosi says she has the votes, but the Blue dog Dems say she doesnt.  The Senate is done until after the August recess.  The senate is our best hope for killing this, idea of insurance for all. America can not afford more massive debt or government control.
Now the real story. Go back to the campaign, Obama goes to Nevada, and rasies millions of dollars, black and hispanic support for his campaign. Even after the election he goes to Nevada, in fact Las Vegas, and has a fund raiser for Yep Harry Ried.  But obama has just stabbed Ried in the back in his own back yard.  
But now obama does the expected. He stabs a state that helped him win the election. He has instructed all government agencies and more to stay away from Nevada. Las Vegas ie Nevada is  off limits to the Federal Government or Corporations , agencies doing business  witht the federal Government.  That has got to put a bit of a sting in the britches of Harry Ried. If it doesnt he’s even dumber than I think he is.
I just spent a weekend in Vegas. Unemployement is 10-12 percent. If you leave the strip, the streets are littered with trash, and street people. Hotels, are closing and many are boarded up. Foreclosures are thru the roof.  Construction on new casino’s at least two that I paid attention has stopped.  Interesting point, one new casino/hotel, being built looked like a upside down pyrimid. Due to available real estate foot print available.  But the most interesting thing I noticed was the people,.. I couldnt help but notice that the majority of the people, by a enormous margin, were  first hispanic, gang bangers,middle eastern,Indian, and african,Asian,. Even the majority of employees were not Anglo European. Las Vegas is does not look American,. Im not sure what it looks like.  But is shows what can happen when you dont enforce the borders and immigration laws.
So its odd that obama would put Las Vegas off limits, because the very people that he says are being persecuted in America,. What does he do,. he stabs them in the back.  
The question for me is , would I ever go back,.. NO!
One more point,. If you think, having the government involved in Corporate Business,  check the stock price today for GM. “.46” Government Motors sales are down 15% for the quarter,.. However here is some good news for Government Motors union labor.  I saw a new Silverado quad cab this morning with a U.S Government license tag, being driven by a fella in a camo uniform. So like I said in a earlier blog, Obama has his buyers built in.  On the other side of that coin I was talking to a young lady , about this truck  , she told me that her husband had difficulty locating a fuel filter for a 2000 chevy pickup.  The supplier told him that GM, Government Motors parts were getting difficult to find.   Hmmmm.
And dont fall for the latest nonsense from Chrysler,. They were yapping about 9-12 off before the obama 4500 was announced, now Chrysler is yapping about matching, the obama,kickback.  In my math that should work out to 18-24 off.   Nope I checked this morning.  Want to save money on your next vehicle.  go to,.  Stay out of the Government Sales office.

—– Original Message —–
From: virginia brooks
To: Virginia Brooks
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 10:33 PM
Subject: This is the second report I have had of this happening, so beware next week. Virginia Brooks

Also included below: a letter to Obama, that a 4th. grade teacher, and she is fed up with his stupidity, one thing she does not mention is he is not our president but a miserable traitor in sheeps clothing, pretending to be our president. VB


Locked and Loaded

Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:23pm
Next week starts the big FEMA exercise. Steve Quayle says he has an eye witness, a doctor, who saw the military engaged in road block training; draggging motorists out of their vehicles at Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania.

Last night, sometime after 7PM, we had two C-130’s do a low level over our house. One made a direct pass over the house, the other passed over the exact spot where I stopped the census taker a few months ago. Coincidence? They were so low, it looked like they brushed the trees that surround our place. I happened to be walking toward the house from the garden when they came.

Best advice; avoid all road blocks next week. If you can safely do it, get pictures and post them. It may help to wake up the sheep. Talking and posting doesn’t seem to work.

    This 4th grade teacher has said it all, and she was brave enough to
    attach her name to it.
     April 17, 2009
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington, DC  20500
    Mr. Obama:
    I have had it with you and your administration, sir.  Your conduct
    on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that you are not an
    adequate representative of the United States of America collectively
    or of me personally.
    You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the Muslim
    world that you have abdicated the responsibilities of the President
    of the United States of America. You are responsible to the citizens
    of the United States.  You are not responsible to the peoples of any
    other country on earth.
    I personally resent that you go around the world apologizing for the
    United States telling Europeans that we are arrogant and do not care
    about their status in the world.  Sir, what do you think the First
    World War and the Second World War were all about if not the
    consideration of the peoples of Europe?  Are you brain dead?  What
    do you think the Marshall Plan was all about?  Do you not understand
    or know the history of the 20th century?
    Where do you get off telling a Muslim country that the United States
    does not consider itself a Christian country?  Have you not read the
    Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United
    States?  This country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and the
    principles governing this country, at least until you came along,
    come directly from this heritage.  Do you not understand this?
    Your bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia is an affront to all
    Americans.  Our President does not bow down to anyone, let alone the
    king of Saudi Arabia.  You didn’t show Great Britain, our best and
    one of our oldest allies, the respect they deserve yet you bow down
    to the king of Saudi Arabia.  How dare you, sir!  How dare you!
    You can’t find the time to visit the graves of our greatest
    generation because you don’t want to offend the Germans but make
    time to visit a mosque in Turkey.  You offended our dead and every
    veteran when you give the Germans more respect than the people who
    saved the German people from themselves.  What’s the matter with
    you? I am convinced that you and the members of your administration
    have the historical and intellectual depth of a mud puddle and
    should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you.
    You are so self-righteously offended by the big bankers and the
    American automobile manufacturers yet do nothing about the real
    thieves in this situation, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Frank, Franklin Raines,
    Jamie Gorelic, the Fannie Mae bonuses, and the Freddie Mac bonuses.
    What do you intend to do about them?  Anything?  I seriously doubt it.
    What about the U.S. House members passing out $9.1 million in
    bonuses to their staff members on top of the $2.5 million in
    automatic pay raises that lawmakers gave themselves?  I understand
    the average House aide got a 17% bonus.  I took a 5% cut in my pay
    to save jobs with my employer.  You haven’t said anything about
    that.  Who authorized that?  I surely didn’t!
    Executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be receiving $210
    million in bonuses over an eighteen-month period, that’s $45 million
    more than the AIG bonuses.  In fact, Fannie and Freddie executives
    have already been awarded $51 million, not a bad take.  Who
    authorized that and why haven’t you expressed your outrage at thi s
    group who are largely responsible for the economic mess we have
    right now?
    I resent that you take me and my fellow citizens as brain-dead and
    not caring about what you idiots do.  We are watching what you are
    doing and we are getting increasingly fed up with all of you. 
    I also want you to know that I personally find just about everything
    you do and say to be offensive to every one of my sensibilities.  I
    promise you that I will work tirelessly to see that you do not get a
    chance to spend two terms destroying my beautiful country.
    Every real American
    P. S.  I rarely ask that emails be ‘passed around’.
    It’s past time for all Americans to wake up!
    Ms Kathleen Lyday:  Word is now that this person did not author this letter, however who ever did , expressed the views of millions of Americans. Let hope that in fact it made it to the White House,.. I suspect that millions of letters like this one have been sent to the White House,..The end of last nights speech made clear, the racisim in the mind and heart of obama.  He would have been wise to have kept his mouth shut.  
    Fourth Grade Teacher
    Grandview Elementary School
    11470 Hwy. C
    Hillsboro, MO 63050
    (636) 944-3291 Phone
    (636) 944-3870 Fax
    *This woman may lose her job for this letter..  I believe we owe it
    to her for expressing the outrage that we feel but fail to address.
    Please pass this on.*

Did Obama convince anyone you know?

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If obama thinks that his speech tonight convinced anyone to vote for this fool health care bill,. Its sure isnt me.  All I heard was a bunch of gobblygook.
Listen folks , this idea that everyone is entitled to health care is a bit of a stretch. If you want it you better figure out a way to get it paid for. Because expecting me to pay for your health care in any way other than thru insurance premiums is going no where.  It boils down to personal responsibility.  If you been out there, buying new boats, houses you cant afford, blonds, and brunettes, instead of saving or investing in your own future , well it sucks to be you.  And if you a illegal alien, before I will see my premiums going for your health care, I will cancel my own insurance,.. I made sure thru my deductable that there would be no way I would be contributing to any illegal or dead beats health care. Medicade is a joke, and medicare made millions of Americans lazy and dependent on the Government.  For those folks they deserve to have the government own their home. Like obama says, if you cant make the payments, dont worry, you can rent it from the Government.  He’s no fool folks , hes gonna give you everything you want , and then he will be able to take it away from you .
If you give obama enough time , he will have everyone in America working for or living off of the government.  The American spirit will be history. Sounds a bit like the Former Soviet Union. I knew a woman years ago in St Petersburg, Russia. At one time she worked at a bank. When the Soviet Union crashed, she was living in a government apartment, supporting 4 kids,and her mother on 40 rubles permonth her government stiepend.  You let this continue here and thats were we will be. Oh, she also had a college degree.  
Unemployment is 10 to 20 percent depending on where you are.  So far this year 1.5 million homes have been forclosed on. And another 1.5 in the works. Commerical property loans are failing and roll overs or renewals have no place to go.  Small business are laying off and or closing down. Americans have decided to stop spending money,.. I have been calling for that for the past two years.  I forcasted 30 barrel oil a year ago and some now are predicting 20.00 sounds good but under obama, he will put a tax on oil which will drive it down even further.  Remember the 70s.  The good news is they are starting rigs off the coast of Santa Barbara, I heard today.  California may have pulled their head out and stopped the spending insanity.  Now they must seal their borders. until they do the hemmorage will not stop.
Arizona , your next, stop the spending insanity, and seal your border.
Lets all think back , to the campaign, remember the blather that obama was spewing.  Much of the time he even sounded like a Conservative, Promising this, and that. 
Can you imagine what all the college grads that votes for this fella are thinking. Not one thing he said during the campaign has any meaning now that hes in the WH.  Where are all the jobs he was gonna create or save. All that money that has been paid by parents,and borrowed by the students themselves,. For what? Going to work at Circle K?  Now watching obama, do everything he can with socalled Health Care Reform,Crap and Tax. Which will  destroy any chance for a decent job.
They better find a job, because im getting old and obama is gonna let me die. Does that tick anyone off but me. Probably not.  Guess I better keep taking my vitamins.
This presidency is closing in around obama’s neck.  His mission to fundamentally transfer America to facisim is going to be the rope that he hangs himself with. 
Congress is going to have to stop the funds going to the White House, for these CZARS.  Glenn reported today that this latest CZAR says that a child up to the age of 2 years, can be aborted. Yes that’s right two years old, snuffed out with a green light from obama. See Glenn Beck, 7/22/09.
He also believes that animals have the right to file lawsuits.  The white house has become an insane asylum.  The White House is full of nuts. 
In short order, people that voted for this clown are going to be jumping out of cars at 70 miles per hour. Probably will be an easier death than waiting around for a MRI.
Here’s the real deal: My prediction, not the first time, but more convinced than ever.  Obama will be forced out of office , or will resign, sometime in the 90 days before the 2010 elections. His own party will be handing him his pink slip.
The question is this : why would a president do the things, this fella is doing, unless he wants to totally control every aspect of your lives. Will he succeed, NO, and here is why, There are millions of Americans that are waking up. Even democrats, can you imagine all those farmers in Iowa that voted for change, They dont have a clue as to the changes that the Dept of Ag , have instore for them.
Under the obama regime, a cow will have more rights than a Veteran. 
I hope all America watches BHusseinO deliver someone’s speech tonight, Watch him carefully, look for the contempt this fella has for Americans and the success’s they’ve enjoyed.
The vehicle that will ultimately take obama down will be AKORN.
A Congressional committee has finally produced a report, suggesting that AKORN is a criminally organized Corporation, Obama’s connection seems clear. Birds of a feather flock together.
A vote of no confidence will be and is the order of the day. Everyone needs to pressure their Representatives on two fronts, Eligibility, and Confidence.
Well I watched the speech, didnt do a thing for me.  But then he never has.

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