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July 21, 2009

Obama,is in over his head, and the Russians know it

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Obama, is in over his head,and the world knows it.

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This morning , the socialist Waxman has pulled the health care markup. So America, now more than ever get on the phone, faxes, and emails to your legislators in Washington,  put the heat on them ,  we can not afford to have obama and the socialist destroy our country and our grandkids future,.. The world knows that obama is a fraud, his programs are a fraud,gietner is a fraud, as was paulson and bush,. Now is the time to show these traitors that the Constitution Stands, and we are going to shove it down their throats.

You must see the video below,.  Its tells anyone with a brain that  the Russians know that Obama is a fraud.  They refused to shake the hand of treason, Russians have more respect for our Constitution than many in our own country.   The health care , and cap and trade are not only bad for Americans  they are bad for all countries around the world and the G8 leaders know it.  


Any attempt to quantify obama, comes up short,.  For someone that has studied and supposedly taught Constitutional Law. Its obvious that this phony currently in subsidized public housing is in over his head,.  Someone is obviously writing his speaches,..  India and china have already snubbed obama and gores agendas.  Watch the following video, even the Russians know better than to shake the hand of the devil. ::

The communistic health care fiasco and this simply put , tax and crap fiasco bills are dying at the vine.   Just the idea that these elected clowns in Washington are expected to sign something with out reading is a disgrace to even the basic pricipals of responsibilitys.

We now learn that this idiot Commerce Secretary Gary Lock , goes to China and says that Americans should be paying for the polution china is spuing into the atmosphere.  Hillary C, goes to India and apoligizes for American success. 

Heres a thought folks, do what Ive been telling you for years, ” Walk into the store , pick up a bunch of items, if it says china on the bottom , put it back,,, I promise you the Walmart cameras are watching you, and will get the message,.. Stop buying China products!!!!! Are we stupppppid or what.

Its almost like these traitors were hiding under a rock during the campaign , now that they have lied their way into office, their true, socialist , marxist colors are coming out,.. All you women that were all up in the air over the “abuse that the DNC ” gave to clinton, how do feel about this “B” now.

One thing is for certain, if you allow idiots to vote, you will get idiots elected. 

Obama , go back to Kenya where you belong.

Oh, theres a bill that just got passed to provide contraceptives to wild mustangs,.  If there was ever an agency that needs to be terminated its the U.S. Forest Service.   There is just no cure for stupid.

Heres a really nice video, we thank the Kenyas Ambassdor, really a nice fella: – Kenyan Amabassador.


There is only one solution to this nightmare that obama,pelosi,ried, democrats and republicans have given us.  Are you ready.   All 49 states have got to step up and tell Washington DC, to , Dont call us, we’ll call you , Ok .   Seriously , we the states have got to sever our relationship with DC. Period. End it.  Its simple,  turn off the utilities to all federal facilities in our states, tell them to leave,.  Thats were we are headed we may as well get it over with.

Whats he hiding, what is he afraid of , the TRUTH!!!!

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